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#900 In order to improve your oral skills, you need to put them into practice. Try finding a native partner to talk with.

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Ya bitch!


#901 I've heard about a pub in my neighbourhood where people go to speak in other languages...

Well, I'll go next thursday (they day I heard erasmus go) and I'll see... xD
who knows... maybe I'll meet a pretty girl wich wants to learn spanish xDDD

PS: I don't speak english since I started my career, 5 years ago... sorry about the mistakes xD

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#903 Don't get loose and focus on improving your oral skills (you choose WHICH ONE you want to improve though :D)


#903 What city do you live in?

I'm looking for a pub like those in Barcelona.

But I think that I have to learn more English before to practise with native people. xDD

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#905 I live in Cádiz !! :P

We have a lot of erasmus students over here, so it's easy to find someone to talk with.
Dont worry about make mistakes, look at me, you should have heard me speaking english drunk... xDDDD




Hey hey, I forgot to tell here that I've been selected for the eurobeca scholarship. 7 weeks working in Dublin, living with a family :)


thatŽs a shit

#910 now I edit so if you have reported me then there will be no reason for punish.


Three witches watch three Swatch watches. Which witch watch which Swatch watch?

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#910 One withe knigth in the nigth try to say fast two times


Whats going on here?

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#912 they gonna collide! they gonna collide!

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oh fuck, I feel like an idiot...


I like fish.
You don't like carrots.


Hi all! i need advises too.

I'm an korean language learner and i want to be in a student exchange with one korean university the next year. But one of the requirements are clear: the classes are in english, not korean, so i must have got the b2 certificate in order to stay there.

I haven't studied nor practice english for a year or more and due to the korean, i've forgotten so much... do you think it's possible to obtain b2 certificated before November? i've seen exams questions of the b2 exam and many are very easy (others not so) but the most complicated part on english is the fact that it's difficult for me to make sentences and i have to write texts with 150 words...

What can i do? should i try to do a level test in my university languages academy, matriculate in the b2 course and try to obtain the certificated from there?

Thanks for reading and please forgive my mistakes.

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#917 i think it's fairly possible. As i read you, you seems to have at least b1 level. So, ¿why not?


#917 I think "advice" is uncountable so you should've written "a piece of advice".


#917 hmm where did u study korean? thatŽs quite a strange language, do u live in Barcelona or Madrid? cause in other places that language is not avaliable I think, and why did u studied that? did u learned (a bit) korean for yourself maybe?

for the b2... donŽt worry, its quite a simple test

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for those of you who want to know whats this all about:

this is 10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrate the power of will, 5% pleasure, 50% pain, and a 100% reason to remember the name

#922 u mean 15m lol

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#921 nice song xD

Guys, what do you think about Kony?

I mean... I saw the film (30min) and I've also read a lot of articles...
But... some people think that Invisible Children is like 11M movement, a false identity with other purposes...
Do you really think that could be possible?

I can't imagine great corps using that methods...
I want to believe that's true...

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#920 Well... i live in Málaga, where a new degree has started: Studies of East Asia. One of the most important subjects is the korean language. The university began and at the same time i enrolled in a language academy to study more.

And this is why i've forgotten all the mechanics and words, i've focused on korean, not on english haha.

Thanks for reading and for the advise, i hope that it be easy too.


#917 It's possible, of course. You seem have at least b1, so I think that it might be easy for you to reach b2 level before November. You need practise intensively, but if you practise every day and work hard, i think you will reach b2 level.


WOW! nice post! my english is so rusty.

13 días después

I am too old to this stuff


Could someone please say me what is this? i'm novice and i don't know what that means.
thank you :)

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#927 It's just a thread where you can practice your english :)

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Hello, motherfuckers I'm the fuckin boss here.

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#929 Nope, I dont think so.


Today I went to the dentist...
I hate dentists... the make me feel bad... :(

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