Ronda de análisis de Metroid: Samus Returns


Gran acogida por parte de la prensa del remake para 3DS de Metroid II: Return of Samus (GameBoy) tras 7 años desde la última entrega, Metroid Other M para Wii, y realizado por el estudio español MercurySteam bajo supervisión de Nintendo.

OpenCritic - 88


Eurogamer - Martin Robinson - No Recommendation

Metroid returns with an enjoyable if underwhelming remake of a famously divisive game.

GameXplain - Unknown - undefined

Gert Lush Gaming - Jim Smale - 10 / 10.0

If this is the last great 3DS release then what a way to go out!

GamingTrend - Ron Burke - 100 / 100

If this sounds like a bit of a love letter, it is still underselling just how fantastic Samus Returns has turned out. Stunning animations, a fantastic soundtrack, and awesome cinematic moments come together to remind us of the amazing roots of this series, while updating it for a fresh audience. Metroid: Samus Returns is one of the best Nintendo 3DS games of all time, and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

USgamer - Kat Bailey - 5 / 5 stars

I was delighted by Metroid: Samus Returns. It hits pretty much every note you hope to see in a Metroid game, and MercurySteam's console background is evident in their flair for the dramatic— whether in their introductory cutscenes or their boss battles. Their dramatic reinvention reinvigorates the source material and strengthens the story's bridge to Super Metroid. In short: They nailed it.

Nintendo Life - Chris Scullion - 10 / 10

Don't be fooled by the connection to Metroid II: this game has been revamped, redesigned and rejuvenated to such an extreme degree that to all intents and purposes it's a brand new adventure. This is far and away one of the best Metroid games ever made, and one of the best examples of the entire Metroidvania genre as a result. Melee counters and free aiming have made combat feel fresh and exciting again, while the environments are incredible – especially when viewed in auto-stereoscopic 3D. It's a given that this is a must-buy for Metroid fans, but it's also essential for those who've never played a 2D Metroid and want to see what the fuss is all about. This is what the fuss is all about, and the wait was so, so worth it.

Game Informer - Ben Reeves - 9.8 / 10.0

A steady drip of upgrades and collectibles ensures that exploring the alien-infested planet of SR388 won't grow tiring anytime soon

NintendoWorldReport - Neal Ronaghan - 9.5 / 10.0

After beating Metroid: Samus Returns, my skepticism washed away, mostly thanks to the fact that this 3DS game pays a loving homage to the greatness of past entries while adding enough new elements to feel like a fresh and wonderful modern experience. With their powers combined, Nintendo and MercurySteam basically struck gold with this game. Samus Returns is a dynamite entry in the fabled series and deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as Metroid: Zero Mission and Super Metroid. If you've been waiting for a new 2D Metroid game from Nintendo for more than a decade, you owe it to yourself to play this game.

Hobby Consolas - Álvaro Alonso - Spanish - 93 / 100

Samus returns with an adventure that it's an example of how all remakes should be, respecting the original game, honoring the classics and adding a pinch from the latest games. Samus Returns is not only a great Metroid game: is also one of the best titles for the Nintendo 3DS.

GBAtemp - Christopher Otero - 9.1 / 10.0

Metroid: Samus Returns is one of the best games on the 3DS and it is def more than just a remake. A return to classic Metroid, it is a must play if you have own a 3DS.

Polygon - Russ Frushtick - 9 / 10.0

To call Metroid: Samus Returns a remake feels unfair. Remakes are old games with new coats of paint: an upgrade in resolution here, reworked artwork there. Samus Returns is far more than that. It's a top-to-bottom reimagining, bringing the bones of a game that's over 25 years old into the modern era with fantastic results.

Digitally Downloaded - Brad L. - 4.5 / 5 stars

Samus Returns could very well be one of the last big 3DS titles, but with games like this, I'm just not ready to let go of my 3DS just yet.

TheSixthAxis - Dave Irwin - 9 / 10

Metroid: Samus Returns shows why 2D Metroid is still top-tier. It's far from the perfection that Super Metroid had, but this takes my least liked 2D Metroid game and reimagines it so completely that it almost beats the remake of the original Metroid in my estimations. If someone at Nintendo can add the ability to switch control schemes, it would make a huge difference. This is the return we've been waiting for, though I want Nintendo to develop the “Next Mission” in 2D for the Switch themselves.

Metro GameCentral - GameCentral - 9 / 10

A superb remake of Metroid II and the best 2D entry since Super Metroid, that doesn't compromise at all in terms of challenge, complexity, or atmosphere.

GamesBeat - Mike Minotti - 90 / 100

Samus Returns has an appropriate name. It really does feel like a homecoming for a franchise that I love. It's great to be playing a new 2D Metroid.

But it doesn't just work off of nostalgia. Samus Returns's new ideas actually add improvements to the classic Metroid gameplay. It might have come a little later than I liked, but Nintendo proved that they can still make this franchise exciting again.

DarkZero - Ian Howarth - 9 / 10

Simply put – Samus Returns is the new benchmark against which all other games of this genre will be measured against.

Game Rant - Riley Little - 4.5 / 5 stars

Nintendo reimagines the Game Boy classic Metroid 2: Return of Samus for a new generation of handhelds, maintaining the series' challenge while giving it some much-needed polish.

Press Start - Steven Impson - 9 / 10

Metroid: Samus Returns is an outstanding reinvention of Metroid 2 and a great game in its own right. After all these years and missteps, Samus is back.

Gaming Gamma - Fireheart4560 - 9 / 10.0

Overall, this glorious return of Samus Aran is a must own for Metroid Fans. While there is a mild issue with the controls, once players adjust it’ll feel natural. The difficulty may not be newcomer friendly, but the game offers enough tools to help the player make it through the journey.

Cubed3 - Adam Riley - 9 / 10

This is right up there with Super Metroid in terms of sheer class, taking the spirit of Metroid II: Return of Samus and transforming it so wondrously for the modern day that it is barely recognisable, with a plethora of brand-new extras thrown in. Metroid: Samus Returns is no mere remake of a Game Boy classic; it is a love letter to the Metroid series, and a thorough reimagining of the core concept, adding in some favourite elements from later releases, and new content that fits hand in glove. Lay any concerns down, as this is top notch entertainment through and through.

GameSpot - Peter Brown - 9 / 10

Metroid: Samus Returns is a return to form and an exciting evolution of the series' beloved formula.

EGM - Evan Slead - 9 / 10.0

While Metroid: Samus Returns is technically a remake of a 90's GameBoy game, it's truly a rallying cry for Metroid fans to gather and enjoy how fantastic Samus' journeys can be. Despite a few hiccups, the fresh combat mechanics, addicting exploration, and wonderful cinematic tone make this one of the best Metroid games ever made.

M3 - Percy Oropeza - Swedish - 9 / 10

Metroid: Samus Returns is a must have for fans of the series. It has some really cleaver mechanics, together with a atmospheric world. It might not be best in the franchise, but close enought to make us forget both Other M and Federation Force.

Nintendo Insider - Jamie Ward - 9 / 10

Metroid: Samus Returns is a great remake of a game that quite frankly, needed an upgrade. MercurySteam has done a grand job at bringing a game that was made for a black and white 8-bit handheld, and completely recreate it from the ground up for a brand new generation to enjoy. If you are a fan of the 2D Metroid series then you know exactly what you’re getting. If you are new then it is a fantastic entry point to the series and it is more than worth a playthrough. It certainly isn’t the best Metroid game in my opinion, but it’s a fine one nonetheless. Samus has returned and it puts the series well and truly back on the map.

Easy Allies - Ben Moore - 4.5 / 5 stars

Metroid: Samus Returns reminds us how wonderful the legendary bounty hunter can be at her best. - Marco Mottura - Italian - 8.7 / 10.0

Metroid: Samus Returns is more than a brilliant remake of a relatively obscure cult-classic: it's a very significant moment for the whole saga, one that actually marks the rebirth of a beloved heroine after a troubled time.

Spaziogames - Gianluca Arena - Italian - 8.5 / 10.0

A lot could have gone wrong with this remake of Metroid II, since Mercury Steam's last work didn't impress and the franchise was dormant for far too long. Luckily, Samus Returns is a very good metroidvania and an honorable episode of one of the dearest Nintendo franchises.

Player.One - Phillip Martinez - 8.5 / 10.0

Anyone looking for their Metroid fix should look no further than Samus Returns. It's a great example of why this franchise has been around for almost 30 years with amazing environments and awesome gameplay.

God is a Geek - Nick Gillham - 8.5 / 10.0

An excellent reimagining of an age old title, it's great to see Samus back after such a long hiatus, please don't go away for so long again.

IGN Italy - Mattia Ravanelli - Italian - 8.5 / 10.0

Even if the exploration has been lightly dumbed down, Samus Returns is a great and engrossing game.

Nintendo Enthusiast - Shawn Long - 8.5 / 10.0

Metroid: Samus Returns is a great return to form after the Federation Forces debacle and should make fans of the series happy with the final product. Aside from a few presentation hiccups and difficulty curve, the improved visuals and added content make for a solid entry in the Metroid universe. We have been waiting for Samus to return for a little while now, but the wait has been worth it.

IGN Spain - Albert Manjón - Spanish - 8.5 / 10.0

A succesfull reimagining of an old classic that not only does what the original game did, but evolves its formula to show a more modern gameplay.

IGN - Samuel-IGN - 8.5 / 10.0

While it's been marketed as a remake of Metroid II: The Return of Samus for Game Boy, Metroid: Samus Returns is more of a much-needed reboot of the 2D Metroid games we know and love. It's a safe, modern take on Super Metroid, one of the greatest games of all time. Aside from some repetitive boss fights and hand-cramping controls, it's nearly everything I could ask for as a fan of old-school Metroids.

Gameblog - Thomas Pillon - French - 8 / 10

Metroid : Samus Returns is a powerful remake of the old Game Boy classic. By taking so much freedom from the original, Mercury Steam delivers a solid version, which still suffers from the structure of it. Much more narrowed than other games in the series, Metroid : Samus Returns only becomes a real blast through its last sections, but still offers a good run for every fan of the genre.

Stevivor - Ben Salter - 8 / 10.0

Samus Returns is my favourite 2D Metroid game since Super Metroid, and feels the best to play of any of them, but it's hard to evaluate on that front.

Attack of the Fanboy - Kyle Hanson - 4 / 5 stars

While this isn't Samus' greatest adventure, it is still a very good one.

IBTimes UK - Ben Skipper - 4 / 5 stars

MercurySteam takes no time at all proving it is the perfect fit for a series overdue a resurgence. Another studio may have recreated Metroid as it was, but the Castlevania veterans modernise the Nintendo franchise with new abilities, freer movement, quality animations and lush alien design brimming with mystery and the unknown.If this remake was a test to see if there's life yet in the franchise, it passes with flying colours, only let down by a lack of the memorable boss encounters the series is known for. Maybe in a sequel the MercurySteam team could address this. They've certainly earned the right to try.

FNintendo - Sérgio Mota - Portuguese - 8 / 10

Metroid: Samus Returns is a triumphant return to the 2D Metroid games, now taking the form of the series' renovated second game, which successfully adds new elements to the experience that feel just right and provides a marvelous audiovisual environment with a healthy lifespan. All this contributes to form an instant success and a very welcome addition to the Metroid saga.

Destructoid - Chris Carter - 8 / 10.0

Maybe the next 2D Metroid will take more chances, but Returns is far better than I expected it to be. The faux magic system, while shallow, adds some panache to the action, as do the combat animations that work within the confines of the engine.

TrustedReviews - Jordan King - 4 / 5 stars

Metroid: Samus Returns is a commendable re-imagining that has clearly been crafted with plenty of love and care by MercurySteam.


Ha vuelto!


Sorpresa por quien esta detras y sopresa porque 3ds va a tener otro exclusivo de calidad cuando deberia estar muerta.

No daba dos duros por esta mierda y hasta que no lo juegue no los voy a dar, pero me alegra que haya salido bien.


>de calidad


Cumpliendo como debe ser. Ahora que respondan las ventas!

2 respuestas

#5 Casí agradeceria que se la pegara fuerte en ventas...por aquello de que empiecen a vender el juego con todas sus DIFICULTADES sin necesidad de un DLC/Amiibo


Me alegra muchísimo ver que las notas no bajan del 8. Espero sinceramente que le vaya bien en las ventas y que tengamos más títulos de Metroid con mayor frecuencia. :)


Mercury Steam brau brau incompetentes brau brau


Por un lado me gustaría como han dicho arriba que se pegara una hostia enorme en ventas por lo que a hecho noentiendo con la dificultad via dlc. Por otro, espero que venda bien por aquello de que hagan más metroids, puta nintendo.


Espero que funcione bien y tenga repercusión positiva para Mercury

1 respuesta

Tenía miedo de que saliese rana, pero al final parece que lo han hecho bien. Es un metroid 2D con un par de adiciones (apuntar en 360º, el riposte, y las habilidades nuevas), y por lo visto el mapa es bastante grande

Eso sí, he visto ya más de un comentario criticando que el juego tiene controles incómodos en combate (apuntar + cambiar de arma + ripsote)

1 respuesta

Yo hasta que lo juegue no me fio ni un pelo. Pero bueno a pesar de que hay cosillas que no me agradan parece que hay esperanza.


#11 Me parece que esos problemas con el control son debidos al pad analógico. Estos juegos con perspectiva en 2D se juegan mejor con cruceta en mi opinión y la han utilizado para acceder rápidamente a las habilidades aeon por lo que he leido. Supongo que al final será cuestión de acostumbrarse.


#10 A ver si remontan con este porque Lawbreakeres tiene una mala pinta...


Pues yo opino como muchos de por aquí, que por una parte ojalá se la peguen por poner la dificultad por mierda de DLC's, por otra parte que ojalá venda bien porque Metroid se lo merece.


Sentimientos encontrados tras la guarrada que hicieron con am2r pero bueno. Que metroid es metroid y se jugará


#5 conforme está el mercado de los videojuegos últimamente veo tu comentario como una ofensa.


Todos esos que odian a Mercury Steam por ser Mercury Steam negar que va a ser un buen juego y dicen que no será de calidad.

Es precioso.


A mí es que odiar Mercuy Steam me parece tan lamentable...

Apoyándoles día 1 desde los tiempos de Jericho y Cía.


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