Roster de Roccat


A pesar de que ya se habia filtrado (gracias Rito), Roccat completa su roster.

ROCCAT‘s 2017 EULCS Roster:
Hren “Phaxi“ Ambroz
Nubar “Maxlore“ Sarafian
Felix “Betsy“ Edling
Petter “Hjärnan“ Freyschuss
Bae In “Wadid“ Kim
After a challenging 2016 EULCS season we are prepared to bounce back in 2017. Together with our coaches, we were able to start building our roster early. We held extensive tryouts to find the optimal team. Our main goal was to form a roster that plays well as a team and maintains a positive attitude toward not only the game, but as a general rule in life.
Resigning Betsy was our first step in assembling this roster. He is the only member left from the former roster going into the 3rd split with ROCCAT. We see a lot of potential in him, and his proven play at the highest level in Europe gives us confidence in his skill.
The next piece of the puzzle was Hjärnan. After taking a break last split, we are happy that he decided to join ROCCAT. He really wanted to compete alongside Betsy this split, and we were excited to make this happen. Hjärnan previously played for Vitality and H2k Gaming, and is one of the best AD Carries in Europe. Hjärnan‘s positive attitude and excellent all-around game knowledge stand out to us.
We finished up our roster core with Maxlore, one of the best up-and-coming junglers in Europe, who played a major role in the 3rd place finish of Giants! Gaming (2016 EULCS Spring Split). Impressed by his vocal shot-calling, he solidified his position in tryouts as our first choice for the Jungle and we are stoked he joined ROCCAT despite other offers.
Next up is Phaxi, who played for various teams in the last few years, and now calls ROCCAT home. His latest gig was with Dark Passage where he managed to win the qualifier for IEM Gyeonggi 2016. Our initial plan was to import a Korean Top Laner and Support player we already had our eyes on, but after tryouts with Phaxi, we knew we had to have him on our roster. He showed strong mechanical skills, and can put pressure on the entire map.
Our final member, hailing from South Korea, is Wadid. After trying out various European free agents we weren’t satisfied with the results, and began scouting anew. Wadid was one of the names that kept popping up, and we knew we had to see what he was made of. He was excited at the prospect of trying out for us, and his enthusiasm led us to fly him to Berlin for tryouts. Our coaches were extremely satisfied with what they saw. He communicated very well with the rest of the team, and the final straw in bringing him into the fold? Hjärnan insisted on having him join. We signed Wadid on the spot.
The team arrived in Berlin on January 4th and will begin practicing full-time. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for more information on the new team in the upcoming weeks and months.
We are ready to #SetTheRules in 2017!


Patxi nuse
Maxlore bien
Betsy meh
Hjarnan overrated, pero para Roccat bien
Wadid ayyy los coreanos random


Encuentra el pelo tintado xd


Solo me gusta maxlore , y hjarnan que es incógnita. igual juegan bien , habrá que ver, el phaxi este y wadid no los conozco asique ni bien ni mal


Pues igual que antaño nos encomendábamos a Jankos.. ahora toca Maxlore! De los demás.. pues tenemos a Hjarnan que viendo el mercado de los adc ni tan mal y a Betsy que me produce una indiferencia cojonuda, los otros dos no los conozco de nada.

Opiniones sobre top y supp?


Betsy pls.


Betsy haciendo el homenaje a Sickboy.

El roster me parece más que decente, veremos si Wadid, se adaptará o extrañara su tierra y se devolverá. Me pregunto que estará pasando en los tryout que el talento local no convence a contraste de los koreanos.

En cualquier caso el sub que tienen es Treatzz, así que algo habrá hecho en los tryout para quedar en el roster.

PD: No sonaba Hybrid para ROCCAT? Parece que las palabras de Forgiven hicieron daño


Me gusta mucho el comunicado xD


Ni tan mal , con este confirmamos que origen es el peor roster de este split ?


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relegations fijo, casi todos los equipos a priori tienen mejor roster.

en cuanto a maxlore, quedate en giants hijo que necesidad de irte a roccat

edit: upset, maxlore, samux. pensandolo bien no se si giants estara tan bien visto, puto german no suelta un duro

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phaxi ha estado por cs o se conoce algo de él?

El resto es un roster para mantenerse, nada más.


diré lo que dijo s0az en su stream: betsy is trolling xD.

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1 respuesta

#15 si, soy restrasado cuando quiero. XD.


¿Y Maxlore se fue a esta banda? aylmao




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