Salem - ¿Über-Hardcore MMO en camino?

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#30 mount&blade si lo pillase una compañía mejor sería un juegazo, que lo es, pero le fallan muchas cosas tipo físicas, bugs etc.

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#31 Y en la proxima expansión que viene también le espera lo mismo.


Opino que si no la cagan sera un GRAN JUEGO. El haven and hearths es sencillamente genial y esta en 2d asi que... obviamente, = que en el H&H si solo lo ves por encima no tienes ni idea de lo que tienes enfrente, asi que los graficos para este juego me parecen muy buenos.

Ami lo que no me mola mucho es el F2P prefiero que lo pongan a bajo precio y por mi parte SOLD.

edit: habia puesto P2P xD na me equivocao, que prefiero pagar algo por el juego a que luego saquen las mierdas para financiarse del f2p

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#33 Es f2p, no p2p, relee #1 xD


Pensaba que la imagen de #15 era fake hasta que he seguido leyendo y he visto el vídeo... pero que cojones...

#29 Una cosa es que los juegos de Paradox tengan gráficos sencillos pero que resultan, estos directamente son malos.

btw, los gráficos de Mount & Blade están muy bien, que las batallas son de 100 o 200 tíos todos juntos eh...


A ver señores, alguno a jugado al Dwarf Fortress? ami me tiene loco ese juego (lastima k no tenga tanto tiempo para dedicarle) y graficamente tienes k bajar hasta packs d otros users para "verlo" ntonces k me contais del HH? este juego Salem si tiene lo mismo k HH te digo yo k va a ser la caña solo con decirte k en HH llevo ya una semana con un ruso lamiendome la nuca intentando matarme... ver eso en 3d tiene k ser brutal!


Lo bueno de los esos gráficos es que con eso se quitan a muchos jugadores prescindibles de encima


Lo de la muerte para siempre, alguien puede explicar que pasaría si te matan?

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Veamos cuanto cumplen de lo que prometen :C


#38 hmm, que te mueres para siempre quizas? xD , te borraran el PJ y te tocara empezar otro nuevo probablemente.


#38 pues que te mueres y te tienes que crear otro pj de 0


De puta madre, asi se crea un pique estupendo xD


en H&H puedes recuperar parte de la esperiencia ganada, epr vamos que te mueres y tienes que crear otro pj


Ojala salga un gran juego , como lo es el H&H.


Seh, ojalá.

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Un resumen de la conveccion de paradox


Set in a mytho-historical version of Colonial America, Salem offers players the chance to shape their world, literally. Running in the same vein as Wurm Online and A Tale in the Desert, Salem promises a crafting-centric experience for players who are tired of the traditional “theme park” approach to MMOs. This is free-form gameplay at its finest; in addition to quintessential professions such as smithing and farming, players will be able to terraform their surroundings in a “persistent and mutable” world.

While the art style may appear lighthearted and cartoonish, the mood and atmosphere I experienced while watching the gameplay was dark and foreboding. This is certainly an intimidating, gothic setting, and the open PvP and permanent death only serve to further that notion. During my time at the Salem table, I only witnessed a few aggressive deer, but the guys at Seatribe promise such creatures as “squonks”, “hidebehinds” and witches. (We’ll get into witches later.)

On the aesthetic front, the character avatar looks like something out of Animal Crossing. Granted, Salem is still in its pre-alpha phase, so I assume that they will continue to work on the model and refine its appearance. Despite this, character movement is fluid, and emotes are funny.

Speaking of fluids, Seatribe has come up with a unique, albeit disconcerting, approach to player health in Salem. Instead of your typical health bar, players are presented with a multicolored diamond that resides at the top of the screen. The top corner represents “blood”, and – get this – the other three corners represent phlegm, black bile, and yellow bile. Each attribute is associated with a certain activity; getting attacked will drain blood, while participating in strenuous tasks may drain your phlegm. You’ll have to eat food on a regular basis to restore and improve the balance of your bodily fluids.

Similar to Darkfall, players will have access to skills for any type of activity. For example, a character with a high mountaineering skill will be able to reach higher elevations than those with low or no skill. Gathering and crafting skills such as farming, building, smithing, fishing, cooking, exploring and hunting (to name a few) will have subsets of skills that are relevant to the task at hand. Interestingly, there is even a tracking skill that can be used to hunt down other players. This is instrumental in Salem’s open PvP policing strategy.

Since characters will be permanently erased from the server when they die, the idea of free-for-all PvP is unsettling, to say the least. Seatribe hopes to foster a cooperative community, but there will always be a division of the player population that desires nothing more than a good gankfest. With this in mind, the devs have implemented a search-and-destroy mechanic that allows players to avenge the death of others by following a “scent” left by the evildoer. Anyone who happens upon this scent will interpret it as a token and those with a sufficient tracking skill will be able to follow a visible trail to the perpetrator’s current location. If said suspect is offline at the time the tracking occurs, their avatar can be systematically summoned and executed. How’s that for a good night’s sleep?

However, the scent doesn’t last forever and certain crimes carry scents of varying potency. The scent of murder (which is also a skill) for example, will last considerably longer than those of theft or vandalism. Ideally, players will band together and protect each other in times of crisis, but this contingency plan is unique and provides an organic take on law & order in MMOs.

The benefits of developing a certain area into a working community are widespread and numerous. The more “civilized” an area becomes, the more utility it brings to the population; crops have higher yields, build times are reduced, crafted goods are more valuable, etc. Bjorn Johannessen, game designer at Seatribe, warns us about the deep wilderness, “The further you get into the wilderness, the more dark and foreboding it may become. We call unexplored areas Mordor.”

“One does not simply walk into Mordor,” said Bjorn’s grinning associate, Fredrick Tolf.

Let’s get back to the witches. This game is called Salem, isn’t it? Drumroll… Players can be witches. (Gasp!) Since there is no class system in Salem, players define their characters by the skills they choose to learn. Certain skills are considered quite taboo. If you happen upon a book of witchcraft, learning what it has to teach is frowned upon. Using those teachings is a crime, which carries special consequences. Witch burnings are a very legitimate possibility in Salem, though neither Johannessen or Tolf revealed any details on the subject.

The depth of crafting was nearly impossible for Seatribe to describe to me during our time this week. Unlike World of Warcraft or Everquest 2, baking bread is not a one-step process. Would you like some bread? Well, get working on that dough first. When the dough is prepared, you must use an oven to bake the bread (better hope someone built an oven.) Don’t get too distracted while the bread is baking because it can easily burn if you leave it in the oven for too long (and no one likes a burnt loaf.) Upon finishing a wheel of cheese, the player must let it sit days, or even weeks. Because of the extensive work that goes into commodities such as these, the going price in silver (the game’s currency) can be astronomical. In Salem, one can easily imagine a living, breathing society of specialized workers who capitalize on their respective lines of work for the good of the community as a whole. Again, I am reminded of A Tale in the Desert.

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#47 Anda que los hijosdeputa de Seatribe se van a complicar mucho xDD

  • Hey, cogemos todo lo de H&H y lo metemos en otro lore?

  • Venga, vale.

<nace Salem>


#10 jeje todavia hay algun mmorpg web con permadeath por ahi ^^

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#50 de nombre?

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#51 , 100% pvp con conquista de territorios , y cuando te matan, adios a todo lo que tienes y tu nivel etc, te tienes que crear PJ nuevo.

Y ademas si eres jefe del clan y no tienes sucesor, tu clan desaparece al igual que todos los territorios conquistados, HQ del clan, dinero etc etc

Mas hardcore imposible.

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#52 Pero hombre un juego de navegador :S no se no me llaman mucho despues del shoguns fate

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#53 claro por eso dije mmorpg web :p para jugar desde el curro y tal

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#54 A mi lo que me hace falta es un juego tipo Uo/tibia con graficos mas o menos actualizados. Esos dos son mas o menos hardchore y el H&H parece que tambien. Pero en estos dias no estoy dispuesto a sacrficar la vista ya. Estube jugando bastante y demasiado tiempo al uo y al tibia como para volver a jugar a un juego de esa talla grafica.

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#55 100% de acuerdo, lo del Tibia es criminal


Una preview del Salem, explicando como va a ser el juego, la nueva barra de vida, el rombo.

El tema de los juegos que sacara paradox con su plataforma f2p:

Paradox diciendo que el mercado de pc no esta muerto:


A finales de verano sale (yo queria viciar en verano xD) pero bueno que lo saquen cuando quieran pero bien, HYPEE!


Cuando leí by H&H me estaba tocando...cuando vi el HUD copy pasteado de H&H pense WTF , y los graficos la verdad (se que los graficos no importan no me corteis la cabeza) no me llaman , osea , es un 3D feo , pa eso me quedo con H&H. Pero bueno , se probara :_D

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#59 No sé, como bien dices los graficos no lo son todo, ni mucho menos... pero si juegas al H&H creo que estos graficos te deberian dar = al noser que ames 2d, porque ami lo que mas me ralla del H&H es que sea todo el rato en 2d y por muy malos que puedan ser los nuevos graficos (a mi me gustan de todas maneras xD) te sentiras muchisimo mas inmerso en unos graficos en 3d, pero vamos que ya digo que no me parecen tan malos los graficos y como sea mapa infinito ya ni te cuento.

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