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A world, surface of white.
Yes, snow.
continuing to fall down even now, it covers my body in white.
What am i doing in such a world...?
Since when have i been alone in this place?.
Buried in snow... was my hand.
That hand was holding something.
i pull it up.
A hand of pure white.
It was a girl's hand.
Ahhh... that's right...
I was not alone.
I brushed off the snow covering her face.
Her figure which slept quietly, surfaced.
That's right...
We were always together...
In this world.
In this sad, lonely world.

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Achotiodeque hace 6 meses
El 3 me duro cerca de 100 horas, a poco que se le parezca juegazo.
Achotiodeque hace 6 meses
Que pasa diego!? Me he pillado el persona 4, que tiene de malo que la gente lo odia tanto? De momento me encanta.
Perestroika hace 7 meses
E-en serio u.u


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