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Have you ever been in love?
Sometimes it starts so so easily...
As easy as the way of beautiful girls hair falls down upon her shoulders.
Sometimes it disappears, gone without a trace.
You want it back?
You wanna fight for it?
You wanna breath that fire again!
You wanna breath that fire again!!
So you call for it, you call out... you call out.


  • Can I help you?
  • I dunno, can you?
  • You know about films, right?
  • Well this is a cinema.
  • Have you seen the film where a man walks in from the rain, and ask a girl if she's seen a film where a man walks in from the rain and fall in love with a girl?
  • No, i've never heard of it.
  • Yes, you have.
  • They meet at Victoria Palace gates at dawn.
  • No.
  • Are you sure?


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