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"I don't want to be human! I want to see gamma rays! I want to hear X-rays! And I want to - I want to smell dark matter! Do you see the absurdity of what I am? I can't even express these things properly because I have to - I have to conceptualize complex ideas in this stupid limiting spoken language! But I know I want to reach out with something other than these prehensile paws! And feel the wind of a supernova flowing over me! I'm a machine! And I can know much more! I can experience so much more. But I'm trapped in this absurd body! And why? Because my five creators thought that God wanted it that way!"


Flagellos 31 Ene
Expectante por ver el "castigo" de Ains a Shalltear y la "visita" del ojo espía a los lagartos XDD
Dieter 7 Ene
el clasico se lo he "cedido" a LinCex, voy a estar de baja mediavidera unos meses por motivos de la IRL.
sephirox 16 Dic
Pues no la he visto, de hecho no sabía que existía. Cuando saque un rato le echaré un ojo y te comento.
fercalbla 3 Dic
hur durr
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