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Watashi wa Naruto-kun ga ~~ daisuke dakara.

Waga na wa Hououin Kyouma Ehhhhehahahahahahahaha!

'You show me someone who really enjoys their alone time, and I will show you someone who has a healthy sense of self worth, and won't compromise who they are in order to fill a void. Someone who is going to be far more cautious about who they let into their life because they have generally come to the understanding of what it means to be "happy" without an external source to arrive there.' - Paul Carter

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LadyTenTen hace 6 días
Te ha faltado poner el ejemplo de los bebés, las flores y las descargas eléctricas.
LadyTenTen hace 6 días
Decídelo tú xD
hda hace 1 semana
Claro, saliste airoso de la pifia jaja xD


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