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Something about me:

I started my playing career when I was about 6-year-old and I played with Commodore 20 :) After that I moved to Commodore 64 (!) and then I got my first computer about 3 years after Commodore 20.

Finally when I got my P3 450MHz I began to play fps games. My first fps game was Aliens versus Predator. My friend showed me CS and I fell in love. I played CS 5.2 with my 33k modem :E I also played Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena. When DoD beta 1.0 was released in January 2001 I began to play it. I still played CS and Q3 but finally DoD won my favour.

So nowadays I play DoD in a clan called eclipse and I started DoD about 2 weeks after it was released. I joined clan called Sergeants and later we fused with eclipse. So eclipse is old clan as a DoD clan, more than 2,5 years old and still counting. Now I\'m leader of eclipse and I work in CB as a DoD Admin.


1st in ClanBase DoD EuroCup7 with eclipse
1st in ClanBase DoD Open Cup with eclipse - disqualified :(
1st in Scandinavian DoD League with eclipse
3rd in DoDNL-League with eclipse
1st in Jolt Eurocup with Team-Finland
3rd in NGI Eurocup with Team-Finland

1st in Triangle LAN, Quinquagesimus \'03

1st in Triangle LAN, Glorificus \'03
1st in Triangle LAN, Quadrivium \'03
1st in Triangle LAN, Veneficus \'02

Total amout of cash earned by playing:
41 euros (!)
A real pr0-g4m3r!?

#eclipse @ Quakenet

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