Boombl4 confirma que hubo conversaciones con G2


He then confirmed early discussions that transpired with G2, but said that there were conditions that needed to be met that were complicated, including dealing with different taxes and combating his own desire to stay in Russia.

"Playing in a European team but without friends, without family and close ones is very difficult," Boombl4 says. "It's not a matter of attachment to a country, but rather to close ones and social circle. And I would not want to leave it, because, without it, the emotional state will simply be… you will quickly burn out and you won’t be able to get this energy anywhere as with close ones and friends who support and spend time with you."

Boombl4 added that he talked to an unnamed member of the team, who had been given the option to move to Germany, Serbia, or Andorra — the same three countries that the Russian player guessed he would also be given the choice of if he joined the team.


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