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Welcome to the new official thread to practise English.
In this new thread, things will be run a bit different from the previous one, for instance, there will be weekly topics to discuss with questions for different levels. The weekly topic can be stated by anyone.
I want to thank CsNarsil for helping me with this^^



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#153 Phrasal verbs
#192 Prepositions of time.

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Added to favorites, nice idea about the Telegram group, How I didn't think about that?.
I'll try to stick around whenever I have some spare time and answer/participate more (This week is tight).


Nice post 21415!

I have two main hobbies, video games (Dota 2, CSGO & now Overwatch chiefly) and playing guitar. These two hobbies allowed me to meet awesome people along the road. Besides this, I have other hobbies everybody has, like reading, doing exercise...

Can a hobby save a child from bad peer influence?

Yes, it does, but you have to share out fairly. If you spend too much time practicing your hobbies and let everything else down, e.g: your parents, studies, peers... you'll end up alone and things will go south. Everything has its own time.

And in this particular case, if your peers are a bad influence or your child's peers are a bad influence, you just change them.

Which hobbies do you think are the most difficult?

Everybody has its own inner gift, maybe what I consider difficult is so fucking easy for someone that can do it with his eyes closed. You just gotta discover yours and exploit it.


Time to improve my english. I just join the telegram group, great idea!

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Nice idea! I'm already in the Telegram group, so let's start.

I have several hobbies. Just to name the most importants, I like to play videogames, to listen to metal music, to play the bass and to read. I'm getting into watching TV series as well.

A hobby can indeed save a child from bad peer influence, but it can work the other way around pretty much as easily. When I was a child/early teenager (Late Primaria and early ESO) I used to play basket. I played in one of the top teams of my province. Luckly, I could get out of there, because the atmosphere was toxic as hell. My teammates were failing everything, smoking joints and drinking... with 11-12 years! Some of them never got out of that black hole and are wasting their lives nowadays.

About difficulty... It depends on the person, as CsNarsil said. I've always found playing football very hard, but it seems easy for many people.

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I have the same hobbies as you, I like reading or going for a run.
I also like photography, but lately I'm not going out that much to take some photos.
I have changed and now all my hobbies include going outdoors, when I was a bit yourger I wouldn't mind staying at home one or two days watching movies or tv series, now I can't do that; I feel trapped.

Can a hobby save a child from bad peer influence?
It depends. You can make your child join a club or something and the kids there could be as bad as the ones you tried separate him from xD


My teammates were failing everything, smoking joints and drinking... with 11-12 years!

Wow, I was playing pokémon XDDDD

Which hobbies do you think are the most difficult?
For me, the hobbies that are the most difficult are the ones that require coordination.
I'm so clumsy.
Also, I'm not very good at handcrafting, but I like it, so I try my best :D


I'm not used to writing in english so this thread is perfect for me, in fact in my last Cambridge examn (B1, but actually I passed with B2 level) my worst grade was on writing and speaking. So this thread is perfect for me so i can improve my writing.

What is your hobby?

My hobbies are, basically, playing videogames and reading (from philosophically books to comics, i don't have preferences). In the last years I also start watching tv shows and animes but the time i spend less time doing this activities. I also have the common hobbies: meet with friends, doing exercise, play the piano...

Can a hobby save a child from bad peer influence?
Well, depends of the hobby or what we consider bad peer influence. For mainly parents would be person who drinks since young, smoke and that other stuff and I think we find less people like this on anime community for example. It's just an example, I don't think drinking or smoking it's necessarily a bad influence and that we can't find this people on anime fans (actually, I find them xD).

Which hobbies do you think are the most difficult?
I explained so bad in last question but i think this is easier... I think depending of the person, for me languages or sport are very difficult but I have more facilities on reading or playing videogames (depending of the videogame genre, of course).

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#7 Well, the fact is that drinking & smoking matters in terms of age. Personally, I wouldn't like my kids to start smoking or drinking by the age of 12-13, and sadly I see that quite often.

We had last week the 'Aste Nagusia' here in Bilbao, the great week of Bilbao, 7 days of party and events.

This year the ethylic intoxications doubled past year's ones. The paramedics took care of 94 people, 9 of them were under the age of 15-16. I think that's pretty awful and disturbing.


what we consider bad peer influence.

for me it would be the kids that skip class, smoke, drink and rob.


Add Anki to the apps

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#10 Will do!
But, can you explain a bit what is it? :)

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Going to London this Thursday for a few days, any recommendations in terms of what to visit and that stuff, dear friends?

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#11 It is a flahscard app. You are able to import some decks made by other users or just make your own decks: usually with the word written in English (or other target language) on one side an the translation in Spanish on the other. If you have succeeded (or not) guessing the translation, just press the button with the current difficulty you assign to that word and it will not shown again for a while depending of your previous choice.

The flashcards can be done even adding audio or pictures to them, therefore, the translation and pronunciation are even clearer also involving the visual memory in the task.

It is the perfect process to attach vocabulary to the long-term memory and eventually widen it.

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#13 Thank you! I will add that description next to the link^^


#12 British Museum, National Gallery, Tower of London, Big Ben, Churchill War Rooms, The Parliament, St. James Park, Tower Bridge, Hyde Park, Natural History Museum, Westminster Abbey, Borough Market, London Eye, Camden Town, Regent's Park, Sky Garden, St. Paul's Cathedral, Royal Opera, Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham Palace...

There are sooooo many things to do and see in London.


#12 Could you please come after the trip and tell us about it?^^

What's your opinion on teenagers working during the school year?

Did you work while you were studying?

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#16 Sure I will. As of today, I visited Westminster along with Piccadilly and Soho. In addition, I visited Churchills war rooms. Kinda expensive to be honest, but it's worth it if you're fond of war related stuff.

Love the style regarding the buildings, all the neighborhoods are stunning.


#16 There are different scenarios here:

Working because you want to do so or working because you need it for paying the degree. Unfortunately, the last one is a common case.

In both cases, you learn the difficulty and sacrifice that takes to earn money. In the second case, you put at risk your degree because you're less focused on the study, more tired and you have no time except for eating and sleeping. Everybody should be capable of affording a degree without trouble because education is the base of life.

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you put at risk your degree because you're less focused on the study,

I think it really depends on the person.
I worked when I was 17 and studying 2ºbach, and it helped me to focus more on it because I knew what little time I had to study.
When i had a break, I did homework or studied.

My opinion on the topic is that during the chool year maybe you can work on the weekends, not having too much work but knowing what it is.
I think is a good idea for the teenagers to know that money needs work.


I think that it is a greate initiative.
I worked when I was 18-19, and it seemed a great experience. I learned wotk habits that aren't learned at school.

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Working by necessity shouldn't be a thing. Otherwise... it can be useful in some cases, but I don't think it's key.


I learned wotk habits that aren't learned at school.

like what? responsibility?

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I think that it is a greate initiative.

I think that it is a great initiative.

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#23 oh, sorry

#22 yeah, responsability, good time management, working under pressure, etc.
This kind of stuff.

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hi friends

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#25 hello!
what do you think about working while studying?

#24 yes, the most valuable lesson I learnt while working was time management.


#16 I was very shy as young, after working since 15 years old I've become more active and I learned how to deal with customers and providers.

Now, with 23 years old, im studying again, and I think I'm better than my mates in interpersonal skills and my attitude is far better in studies, I'm the best of my promotion and I wasn't even able to pass ESO exams.

So, for me, working was the best I could do to mature and learn about the ''life''.

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Hey! I really like this brand new thread and the idea of the topics :).

As for the working-studying pair, I think that sometimes is even compulsory, because of the high fees we have to pay to study a degree. Even though you may have less time to study, one thing that I learned while I was at university was that there are no hurries to finish, and that if you need to take 5-6 years instead of the regular 4 years it is perfectly fine.

I started working when I was in my second year I think, and it was not difficult to take care of both tasks at all, and I had time for everything (I worked 4 hours a day).

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I suggest everybody to also join the telegram group, it's pretty active and we get along very nice!

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#28 yes! I don't know why most parents feel that it's such a disappointment to finish later.
I think it's pretty normal.

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