Se lanza por sorpresa Everdale, el nuevo juego de los creadores de Clash Royale


#718 Es increíble el tiempo que se están tomando. Lo último que se sabe es de hace 19 días, con un post de Reddit.

Hey Villagers!

After many long months of development, it's time for another status update. Whew… here we go.

As we mentioned in our previous status update (Everdale Status Update!) there have been a lot of complex design changes (in addition to big technical changes), and during our (very) extensive internal play-test sessions, we've determined that the update simply needs more work to get right. We have to ship an update that is WORTH it, that players will enjoy and that we can be proud of. The team is not content cutting corners and shipping a lousy update! The previous update was a small content-only update and didn’t add much in the way of hard gameplay. Thus, we want to ensure that this update is top notch!

For the time being we don’t have any new information regarding upcoming features, balance changes, trade relations, release dates etc. that you haven’t heard already in the previous status update (or in our Q&A).

We will keep you posted on our progress and continue to work our butts off to get the update out the door as soon as we can.

/me back to playing and testing

Best Regards,

Nick / Community Manager


Daed gaem

11 días después

It took us a while, but the new Everdale update is finally here! In this developer video, our Game Designer, Stefu and Art Producer, Ken, will lead you through all the new and improved features, new additions coming in the big update to Everdale!

Check out the Update 2 Developer video:

Get your Valley organized and start trading!

New & Improved:

• Valley management rework - no more leaders! Make big choices together, as a Valley.

• Trade relation upgrades - make deeper progress with trade relations, earning perks along the way!

• No more reputation decay! Now, at the end of reputation road, your reputation gains will unlock the Everchest, a repeating reward for the most ardent of Everdalians.

• New events - unlock the Iceberg Isles and Summery Woods trade relations with all new events!

• New product family - introducing Iron from the Iceberg Isles! Along with new buildings and recipes to discover!

• Earn potion ingredients by trading with the Summery Woods!

• Introducing the Gem Tree - the Gem Tree sprouts new gems every day for 30 days!

• UI/UX improvements, including chat, notifications and instances where buildings might get stuck.

• New offers!

• Introducing Deco Gems. Use Deco Gems to purchase cosmetic items in the shop.

• Matchmaking changes.

• Lots of art improvements all around!

• Loads of bug fixes.

Major balance changes, including:

• Resource economy rework - all resource values have been reworked, and many recipes changed. This includes dye economy and potion economy reworks.

• All event tasks and jobs have better rewards.

• Research trees have been rearranged, especially at higher levels.

• Otto no longer asks for certain high level products.

• New product: Pickled Eggs! Mmm-mm.

We will als


Las pociones son los padres... les ha faltado meter que valgan también gemas.


Mal y tarde :(

9 días después

Por si queréis entrar a un valle.

Las fábricas a lvl3 y los gremios entre el nivel 7 y el 8.


esta bien la nueva actu, le da un poco de vidilla las nuevas investigaciones y demás, lo malo es que ya me he comido unos cuantos bugs

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