Gratis? Sera esto cierto? por provar...


Segun comenta un chaval en un web inglesa, se puede conseguir un Wii gratis aqui van los detalles:

I am not selling a Wii - just giving info on how you can get one for free. Just follow these 4 easy steps to get yours:

Step 1: Click on the following link or copy the URL to your web browser:

Step 2: Register. Its really simple and they dont give your details to third parties

Step 3: Complete one offer. I would recommend the LOVEFiLM offer as it has a two week free trial period.

Step 4: Refer 8 of your friends to complete and offer and you will get your Wii absolutely free.

THIS IS NOT A SCAM. The website can afford to give away consoles because they receive a generous sum each time someone completes an offer from their website (e.g. LOVEFiLM, Royal Mail, AOL, etc.)

Thanks for looking and good luck


Nadie da duros por pesetas..


Como estas hay miles, y es simplemente fake


Te he borrado el referreral y espero que no sea el tuyo sino que has picado.

Es un sistema piramidal, si consiguen que a través de ti se gane X dinero pues te "regalan" la Wii. sino pues has gastado pasta y no tienes "regalo".

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