(Rumor) Yellowstar coach del PSG


EDIT : Nothing is official, just a rumour based on a deleted tweet (the tweet lasted about 7-8min). However it seems to be relevant.

According to a tweet(now deleted), close sources claims that YS will be the future coach for the new PSG Esport LOL roster.

PSG is one of the best French football(soccer) club, with huge amount of money.

The tweet said (in french)

"Conf de press @PSGEsport demain 20h, on sait que [fifa17 related] et que Yellowstar sera coach de l'équipe lol...."

Translated : Press announcement tommorow 6pmCET, we know that Yellowstar will be the coach of the lol roster.

CND is catser at O'Gaming CS:GO french esport TV ans he's close to the esport world in Paris.


More news tommorow with the official annoucement.

Fuente: https://m.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/5897o1/psg_esport_lol_roster_coached_by_yellowstar/

Es la primera vez que abro un hilo perdón si esta mal o si debería de ir al hilo de fichajes, pero me parece un rumor importante

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lo reabrieron xd


Never forger




Hilo de la retirada: http://www.mediavida.com/foro/lol/yellowstar-se-retira-570910


Confirmed https://www.twitch.tv/psgesports

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