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Current Patch and Furniture

This latest patch we have fixed the issue with furniture disappearing. We have not received reports that newly placed furniture have gone missing. After the patch, there was a small period where we shut down the servers for a small server hotfix, if you placed furniture during this time, some furniture may have disappeared. If you have new furniture disappearing from now on, please use the bug report feature and GM ticket to let us know. You may also DM Robmo#1118 in the discord.

Regarding lost furniture and workbenches for the past few weeks, the dev team is finalizing a process to correct this. Please be patient as we roll this out.

Next Patches

Before new content comes out; we still have a few fundamental fixes and patches we want to include before the roadmap content is rolled out. We believe there will be one to two patches before we move forward. We apologize as some of this may be boring for players, we still feel like it is important to address. Some of our intentional fixes and additions are:

Domination and Pet Fixes - We would like to have domination properly in the game and some of the lingering pet issues fixed. This includes hitbox issues where pets sometimes do not attack other AI depending on the angle and/or AI/animal type. This could include Beast Mastery.

Basic House/Stronghold additions - We are working on having permissions on houses. This will include co ownership, friends and guildmates being able to have access to your house and chests.

Nightvision - We are looking into this.

Player Rendering or Humanoid for too long

The current settings for this was grandfathered from the previous server set-up before we got the new server set-up a week before launch. We have plans to increase this value, however it would create stress and more of a bottleneck for the server. Our team is very focused on increasing the capacity of the servers so we can have one world and it be more optimized. Once we are in a better spot with the server bottlenecks, we will tackle this issue. (editado)
Roadmap Voting

We wanted to have an idea of what the players want going forward so we did a little vote during the twitch stream. We will give brief descriptions of each;

More Magic Schools – As many know, Necromancy is next. We have not decided if we are going to choose the next school ourselves or let the community decide.

More Gears/Weapons – Quite self-explanatory. We could add more weapon and armor sets within the game to find and craft.

More dungeons and bosses – Also self-explanatory. We can add more dungeons and challenging bosses to face.

Thievery – Thievery is a skill that will allow you peak into pockets and potentially steal items from players. It is going to work in a similar matter to MO1, however we want to make it more of a costly prospect and avoid having players with no gear failing, dying, and repeat. We are adjusting the risk. We want to make sure players plan their pickpockets a bit more.

Start part of TC assets – Territory Control. Territory Control will be an ongoing development with more features and buildings added over time, however we want to possibly have the first foundation set to keep players busy. This will allow you build additional structures around your homes, strongholds and keeps. This includes potentially hiring priests and npcs. This will give you more tools to live out of your player made homes/cities.

Wagons – This will allow you to take bigger amounts of goods between point A and B. It will also allow for other player driven events like hiring mercenaries or player guards to help defend your goods on transit. This is also a foundation for boats in the future.

Complex Task – Part of this is a foundation for Wagons, however this also includes more complicated “quests” and tasks to do for rep gain and similar treasures.

Rings and Amulets – These would be a similar system from MO1. These goods would allow you for more build versatility. They also act as a great money sink. You can gain attributes and skill points for certain skills.

Nation Conflicts – This would allow you to ally with a nation and have PvP wars with another nation. This will allow more for reputation opportunities, unlocks, titles etc.


Wildlife Spawns - We are working on a system that looks at common foot traffic areas and automatically adds spawns to those locations. When we have more info, we will inform the community.

Dye Tubes - In the future we will allow players the ability to dye their gear’s soft materials and flags to help for the drip and identification of your guild.

Public Test Server - We are working adding a Public Test Service and hope members of the community will be willing to help us test future patches. We do not have an ETA on this feature yet.

Balancing Philosophy - We have a clear picture on skills and weapon groups that are under utilized and generally try to adjust from there. The game will never be perfectly balanced in everyway, for example, where all weapon types output the same damage at the same time. The game allows for different tactics and techniques in certain situations to be effective. We are currently pleased with the weapon distribution in the game as a good note. We will continue to look at the data and take feedback on the gameplay. (editado)

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Twitch Stream March 17th 2022 Summary

Current Patch and Next Patch

The patch we have released yesterday and the patch we plan to release next week were part of a two part patch that has bug fixes optimizations and for backend features. These include more streamlined logging systems, hacking prevention, server-side optimizations and new features (for the backend), ability to scale up and down easier as needed, etc.
We apologize for these “boring” patches, but they are required for us moving forward to do things we would like in the future.

If the next patch goes well and is determined to be stable, we will remove another alt server. These two patches (current and next) have increased server capacity and scalability. We are likely going to keep one alt around for some time. We are doing this for security and to anticipate population surges as we release marketing content and new platforms such as Epic Games.

What we are working on

Dynamic AI Spawns – We have a system where mob spawns will dynamically spawn in areas with higher foot traffic to help fill the world.

Sator Boss (The Vessel) – We are aware of the issue and are working to fix this from bugging out. We apologize for these issues.

Pet Hitbox Issues – We have finally identified some of the major areas of what causes these problems a few weeks back. We are working on this issue.

Double Keep Issues – This is a complicated issue on the server side. We have been working on this. Sebastian is on it.

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Early Roadmap Sneak Peak

For the last few weeks we have mentioned that we plan to show you the roadmap. Instead of revealing nothing, we wanted to show you a list of points that we plan to focus on in the next 6 to 7 months. This is no particular order. We plan to finalize some dates and share that with you very soon. We appreciate your patience with awaiting these exciting features.

TC Construction (First pack was voted #1 priority by the community in a recent stream)

Bounty and Flagging System


Beast Mastery

Trinkets (Rings and Amulets)


Clade Respec (Likely in the first
next content patch)

Mounted Archery Wobbling & Archery Skills

Dungeons and Bosses

Housing Functions (Likely in the first
next content patch)

Siege Mechanics

Table Games

Gore System

Decoration Package

Alchemy Effects

Guard/Vendor Commands

Veteran System

Wagons (Not Waggons)

Ships (Likely last on the list)

Pet Equipment (This includes more rideable pets)

Buy Orders


There will never be a PvP Toggle in MO2. It is not part of the sandbox design

Link to Summary Forum Post:

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#1054 There will never be a PvP Toggle in MO2. It is not part of the sandbox design.

Lo mejor, ole sus huevos gordos, le estaban rayando en el Stream sobre poner un PvP opcional y contesto eso.

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Twitch Stream April 7th 2022 Summary

Next Patch

Our next patch is planned to come out on April 18th. We wanted to spend this next week polishing it for release. We are also taking a bit of time to add features from the end of April roadmap step. Here are a few examples what is included next patch.

No More Alts - We are intending from this point moving forward to not have alts.

Flagging - We are adding some foundations for the war and flagging system update.

Campfires - You will be able to place these down for light, heat (resting bonus), and cooking. This will include placeable extractors and crushers.

Housing Passwords and Chests - Houses will get a password system which will allow you to give others access to your house. A new chest is coming called an "Access Chest" where you can place a password to give other players an opportunity to use them. For some clarification we will break down the chests;

House Chest: a chest that only the property owner has access too
Guild Chest: this chest only works in Keeps. This chest is for guild member use while in a Keep. These do not work on Houses or Strongholds.
Access Chest: can be placed in any property and allows for a chest with a password to give access to others.

Random Chest and Chest Keys - Some chests in the world will require keys. These can be found in the wild.

New Name Colours - A foundation for the new flagging system and the bounty hunter system. Let us explain the colors and their meaning, this could also give some clarification for the current system.

Red Name -This player is your Bounty Hunter target.

Orange Name - This player you are at war with. This includes forced war declarations and regular war declarations. Attacking this player will give you the war commandant debuff. You will be attacked by guards while this debuff is present.

Green Name - This player is your guild member.

Blue Name - This player is protected by the law in his/her current state. Attacking this player turns you into a criminal and changes your Name Grey. Killing a blue player can result in rep loss and a Murder Count if they do not have a Murder Count 5 or over.

Teal Name - This player is an alliance member.

Grey Names - This player is currently a criminal with the criminal debuff. Players can attack a grey player without becoming criminal themselves and without the risk of having a Murder Count being reported.

Light Grey Name - This player is able to be attacked and killed by you without Murder Count or Reputation Loss consequence. It is a personal flag to your character only. This can be done usually with Duels. This is sometimes called "Local Grey".

Healing Clade XP - We are still finalizing some refinement, however we will be producing this next patch. When you heal someone, those heals are tracked on those players. When the healed players attack and kill mobs, you will receive and appropriate clade XP cut.

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ESCUADRÓN DE LAS SOMBRAS - Spanish /International
xESx es un guild de habla hispana principalmente. Con más de 11 años a nuestras espaldas desde el MO1, somos una clan RPK con unas ideas muy claras: crear un grupo de hermanos unidos, donde todo el mundo se sienta parte y disfrutemos del juego. Tenemos jugadores de procedencia variada, cubriendo todos los horarios.

Jugadores interesados en el PVP, batallas a pequeña y gran escala, y guerra de clanes.

Somos veteranos con un gran conocimiento del juego. Los nuevos reclutas serán entrenados y guiados en el desarrollo de su personaje.

Si eres maduro, amigable y preferiblemente de habla hispana eres bienvenido.

Vivimos en la parte noreste del mapa, con acceso a los materiales top del juego (Tephra + Blast Furnace). Sin embargo, deambulamos por todo el mapa dependiendo de dónde podamos divertirnos más.

  • Amplio conocimiento del juego y sus mecánicas.
  • PVE: acceso a todo el contenido y top dungeons.
  • Entrenamientos semanales tanto grupales como individuales.
  • PVP diario a pequeña y gran escala.
  • Guerra de clanes y asedios en la salida del TC.
  • Una de las alianzas más leales del juego.
  • Desarrollo de todas las profesiones a top tier.
  • Diversión y buen ambiente.

Es el momento de que los tambores de guerra vuelvan a sonar, xESx hará cualquier cosa para proteger a sus amigos y luchar contra sus enemigos, en este nuevo período en MO2 el Escuadron de las Sombras resurge de nuevo.


PM: @[ES] kranick @[ES] Nyu / Nekomancer
Clan Type: RP, PVP, PVE
Location: Spain
Language: Spanish (editado) (editado)


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#1061 Sexy!

7 días después

Equipment Slots

In beta weapon switching was a little faster due to how equipment slots worked. When we added hot bars, we removed this as we felt it defeated the purpose. However, with your feedback that has been loud and clear, we plan on adding this system back. We will announce something when we can confirm when.

New Tasks

We plan on adding more tasks to help give newer players a little bit of direction. We want to be sure that players experience more of what MO2 has to offer before they decide it is not for them. This is part of this strategy to guide them into a task. This will also help veteran players to have something different than the Tindremic Officer parcel and regular delivery parcels.

Tavern Games

We have mentioned in the past we want to make the tavern more of a social centre. Tavern Games is part of that. We currently have Blackjack and the backend for the table games system ready. We just need to complete the art to go with said system. We plan to add other games, an example being Texas Hold-Em and some of our own.

VR and Facial VoiP

These are features we have not talked about in some time. They are not currently a priority. Giving a little bit of insight could not hurt. With VR, we plan on starting with just head tracking. Sword controls is another avenue that will take much work and we want to set proper expectations. UI changes will have to also be made to facilitate the head tracking.

Facial VoiP is a feature that allows your webcam to read your facial movements to appear on your character. We need to make some changes for webcams versus using phones that we had it set up for. It will help players identify who is talking and will not be required to use VoiP, simply an added bonus.

Once again, these are not our focus but we are still excited about them. Stepping into Nave and being in the world "physically" is a fantastic experience. These are features we do not want to tweak or change for Unreal Engine 4. We will instead wait till we have ported over to UE5.

House Exploits

We want to address and inform players that both the Dev team and GMs are working to prevent these type of unintended gameplay. The developers are working changes and fixes for the housing systems, pathing and meshing. While the GMs are punishing players who abuse these issues. For example, Trolls will soon be able to damage houses and attack those who use houses as a shield to farm. This is not intended and a bannable offense. This is your warning.

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Mortal online 2 está al 40% de descuento en Steam!

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#1065 fijo que no juegas ni tu, hulioooooo :sweat_smile:


Po favor po claro, estamos esperando con ansias el parche!


Tiene menos player base que el New world XD Aun asi mejor juego aunque a la par en cagadas de desarollo XD

9 días después

Hola que tal está el juego en relación a su traducción en español?

Me llama la atención al juego , he estado informandome un poco y se ve duro , pero se ve un juego para llevarlo con calma .

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#1069 la tradición es nula, básicamente es un traductor, pero vamos el juego no requiere conocimientos de inglés ya que no tiene nada que leer más que skills y poco más.

25 días después

Nuevo tráiler del juego donde explican que es mortal online 2, la verdad que muy chulo,


Pobre Mórtal....

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#1072 que le pasa?


Yo compré el mortal en su momento, menuda fábrica de humo. No lo juego ni aunque me lo regalen viendo cómo hicieron con el 1.

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#1074 16 años jugando ;)

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Venga que os pongo videos cosecha de escuadrón de las sombras


#1075 si, empezando a estar decente ¿cuando? ¿5 años después de su lanzamiento? Mismo mojón que darkfall en su momento

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#1077 muy buenos recuerdos tengo de DF, deje de jugar DF para jugar mortal y aquí estoy en mortal 2 con un clan español muy tocho y dando guerra.


Pues lo jugué ayer un par de horas y qué recuerdos me han venido a la cabeza con el 1... El combate me parece que es mucho mejor que en el 1, que se podría mejorar? Pues claro, pero no mucho más se le puede pedir a un combate melé en un MMO con un único server, esto no es Chivalry (que también me encanta).

El tutorial lo veo cojonudo, aún me acuerdo en el 1 descubriendo las cosas a base de ensayo y error...

Pero lo bueno de este juego es la adrenalina que genera, open pvp con full loot no es para todos, pero para quien le gusta es una pequeña droga... Aún recuerdo en el 1 cómo tíos en pelotas se cargaban a caballeros con armadura a base de agilidad y buena mano, espero que eso siga así...

Eso sí, me crasheo una vez, creo que le tengo que bajar los settings gráficos que los tenía a tope (tengo una 3080 de gráfica)

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El juego, como el 1, está destinado a morir, tienen en sus manos un juego con potencial pero que es demasiado para ellos. No juegan, ni los que lo defienden a muerte...

Recomendar esté juego a día de hoy es de querer ir al infierno.

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