MARU lesionado del hombro


Today, NVT's Bunny(T) qualified to DH 2020 Last chances but it has been a hard day for us to endure announce this statement. Team NV officially determined to announce that Cho Seong Ju (Maru,T) was injured in the shoulder with serious pain and he will be in the injury treatment period. Team NV will prepare to support connecting the specialized hospital to treat him and reducing financial burdens. Cho Seong Ju had appealed about his pain before entering the team and his physical condition is not good enough to continue the ordinary life. We, Team NV will not spare any support until Maru is in his best condition. Now, Team NV could not certain that Maru continue the remained matches of TSL6 but he would definitely participate in "Theatre of Dreams". at 18,Dec,2020. Thank you for reading this statement and we Team NV will do our best for Maru to recovery his condition as soon as fast.


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