Carrera First kill Castillo Nathria: Hilo de seguimiento


Y los cuartos son los de FSY. Como curiosidad "sólo" juegan de 19:00 a 00:00 (las tres primeras hermandades se van a más de doce horas al día) y tienen el menor número de intentos en los dos últimos jefes.

Según el GM de Limit son la única hermandad que podría competir con ellos y con Echo.


como si solo los de la primera pagina jugasen 12h al dia

si no sigues raideando despues del reset de las 3 de la mañana eres un casual hoy en dia


Exorsus cuando volvió a su horario casual también siguió quedando arriba. Y en la carrera de los FK se llevaron algunos, pero sufrieron como cualquier otro.



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#334 La madre que lo pario xDDD


Juega Hunter chavales no hay que hacer tanto drama.


poco se habla del combo chanclas + calcetines


Hay tantas cosas pero que su alfombrilla sea una toalla ni siquiera lisa, que parece que juega con un pincho usb como internet... madre mía xdd

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#338 hombre juega con un raton zowie y el usb son unos auriculares inalámbricos hyperx, lo cual hace que la foto sea un sinsentido, algo temporal o un fake.


Pues Method también ha tirado a Denathrius


quintos para la desbandada que hubo ni tan mal

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#341 Septimos, que wowprogress no mete a los chinos xD

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#342 A los chinos nunca se les tiene en cuenta por las diferencias que hay de dobles lockouts y demás.

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#343 Pues realmente son quienes nunca deberían tener lockouts.


Chapo para Sco y para todo el equipo de Method, muy divertida la carrera la verdad.


Our goal was to achieve top 10, and although there were a few setbacks along the way (we hate you generals lol) we were able to achieve that!
This is still just the beginning for the new Method, not just for the guild, but for Method overall. We hope we can be the org you want us to be, and bring positive change to the greater space across all our platforms throughout 2021 and beyond. We've been hard at work, and are already planning how we can continue to make you all proud to be fans of Method, our players, the staff, and everything we do :)

We wish you a happy new year, and let's make 2021 the best year yet

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Highlights from the chat include:
Prep during Heroic week felt very rushed, due to the increased emphasis on PvP. Both guilds didn't know you could get Elite weapons from the Great Vault. If they had known, they would have done less splits to PvP instead.

Nobody likes the reliance on BoEs for raiding. With how there's less loot in Shadowlands, BoEs are even more important, leading to astronomical amounts of gold spent. This also has the unfortunate side effect of sidelining lesser-known guilds that are talented who fall behind in gear.

Finding healers at the highest level of play is extremely difficult for recruitment.

It was exciting seeing both guilds fight Phase 3 Sire Denathrius at the same time with low wipes, and that type of content would occur more frequently with a global release.

Everyone is in favor of a global release. Lots of cons to starting later, like missing out on the creative problem-solving element, always feeling behind, and missing out on viewership for early bosses.

The challenges created by the staggered start led to Echo turning their streams off close to the weekly reset, to protect the advantage they had working on Denathrius. Limit also considered turning their streams off on Denathrius as well. Both guilds were respectful and understanding when the competition turned streams off for an advantage.

Streaming and money is nice, but the biggest benefit to streaming is retention. Difficult to maintain another job and raid--you need to treat playing WoW as a full time job. Some nostalgia for the 'good old days' of not streaming, but streaming is the future.

Hasta ellos quieren global release


Pues una vez mas Sloth 1º de españa.


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