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Glares of submission and fear
Cast down on the unknown
Drift beyond obscurity
And become fatal
Silenced by anguish
Carry the burden of the dejected
With blank and hateful eyes
With worn expressions
It cannot prevail

The failing instilled in us
To prophesise a barren hellscape

There is no horizon
No coming of the next light

Enclosing minds
Gripped tight to the only escape
Eroding away

Become lifeless

As we approach total collapse
Raze it to the ground
Under which all will return

Unravel veneration of the infinite
Which stains all in its wake
Elicit meaning
And sever those who reject
There is no horizon
No coming of the next light

Divide and reclaim
Invoke upheaval
Of the insipid and worthless law
That again pulls in the helpless

Borders swell like the oceans
Nations swept away
In the steel rain
Wounds carved in the earth
The silent hands of genocide
Map the years
Forgotten legacies of dust
People remembered in nothing
But frugments of language
Verses of song
And shards of military rust
The gallows of cold hands
Tighten old rope
Young men hang in the fetid breeze
Like rotten fruid
Too ripe for harvest
They have marched us
Through the streets
Heralded our death
Proclaimed our end
And brought us to our knees
A host of the willing few
Is gathered at the Traitors…

When all is withered and torn
And all has perished and fallen
These great wooden doors shall remain closed

When the heart is a grave filled with blood
And the soul is a cold and haunted shell of lost hope

When the voice of pride has been silenced
And dignity's fires are but cinders
Their grandeur shall remain untainted

It is this grandeur that protects the spirit within
From the plight of this broken world

From the wounds in her song
I wish to die with my will and spirit intact
The will that inspired me to write these words
Seek not the fallen to unlock these wooden doors

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