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Actualmente sólo entro en la web por temas musicales, ya no juego "en serio" al dod ni al ut así que ya que pasais por aquí se agradecería que sugirierais alguna cancioncilla, preferiblemente heavy/viking/trash/power/death melodico aunque puede ser de cualquier otro género no "metalicoso" :)

(Lista actualizada Enero 2008)
CANCIONES RECOMENDABLES (La mayoria metal pero hay de todo)

-No dudeís en recomendarme mas temas ;), de hecho os lo agradecería, todos los días tengo la impresión de que hay grupos jodidamente buenos y me los estoy perdiendo :D

Sin ningún orden ni ton ni son conocido...

Machine Head:A Farewell To Arms, Aesthetics Of Hate, Beautiful Mourning, Bite The Bullet, Clenching The Fists Of Dissent, Davidian, days turn pale to gray, Descend The Shades Of Night, From This Day, Halo, Imperium, Now I Lay Thee Down, Slanderous, Seasons Wither, Wolves

Amon Amarth:Pursuit Of Vikings, Runes To My Memory

Dark Tranquility:Lost To Apathy, Monochromatic Stains, Terminus (Where Death is Most Alive)

Devildriver:Bigging Up the Corpses, Hold Back The Day, Horn Of Betrayal

Metallica: Ride the lightning, One, Fade to black, Master of puppets, Motorbreath, Enter sandman, Blackened, The unforgiven, Damage inc., The unforgiven II, Battery, Nothing else matters, The four horsemen, Harvester of sorrow , Dyers eve, Creeping death, The god that failed, Sad but true, Welcome home, Until it sleeps, Fuel, No leaf clover, Die my darling (misfits cover), Wherever i may roam, Through the never <-- en realidad cualquiera mientras no sea del load/reload/st.anger con algunas excepciones

Disturbed: Decadance, Deify, Liberate, Mistress, Stricken, Stupify

Dope: Crazy, Die motherfucked die, debonaire, i'm back, kimberly's ghost, you spin me right round(cover..)

Testament: True believer, Low, Legions, Eyes of wrath, Down for life, Burnt offerings, D.N.R., Riding the snake, Sins of omission, Over the wall

Iron Maiden: The wicker man, Fear of the dark, Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son, The trooper

Element eighty: Broken promises, Slackjaw, Dummy block, Texas cries

Nightwish: Wishmaster, Dead gardens, Nemo, Siren, Wish i had an angel

Månegarm: Dodens Strand , Vredens Tid, Frekastein, Genom världar nio, Gillesvisan, Hemfard, Kologa Trolltand, Sigrblot, Skymningsresa, I evig tid

Iced Earth: Wolf, Dark saga, Violate, Dracula, Vengeance is mine, The suffering scarred, The hunter, The last laugh, Dephs of hell, stormrider, Desert rain, pure evil, Dantes's Inferno, Brainwashed, Angels Holocaust, My own savior, The coming curse, todas joer todas..

Iced earth 2 ;): Attila, Valley forge, Hollow man, Waterloo, las 3 del Gettysburg

Children of Bodom: Downfall, Every time i die, Follow the reaper, Hate me!, Kissing the shadows, Mask of sanity, Needled 24/7, Knuckleduster, Lake Bodom, Sixpounder, Trashed, Lost & Strungoutd

Hammerfall: Legacy of kings, HeroŽs return, Angel of Mercy, Trailblazers, Dreams come true, On the edge of honour, Riders of the Storm, The unforgiving Blade, Remember yesterday <-- Tengo que mirarme el ultimo disco a ver q tal

Norther: Blackhearted, Darkest time, Dead, Dream, Last breath, Released

Imperanon: Memories to dust, Sold, Stained, The End <- Ojo que con estos con la edad que tienen y cómo tocan omg

Falkenbanch: Vanadis

Ensiferum: Abandoned, Battle song, Blood is the price of glory, Deathbringer from the sky, Eternal wait, Guardians of fate, Hero in a dream, Into Battle, Intro :), Iron, Lai lai hei, Memory, Old man, One more magic potion, Token of time, Treacherous gods, Windrider

Warmachine: Beginning of the end, Dust to dust, To hell and back, What a pretty picture <- Parece que no los conoce ni dios pero son muy buenos

Smashing Pumpkins: Bullet with butterfly wings, Zero, Everlasting gaze

Stratovarius: Forever, Speed of light, Paradise, Hunting high and low, Black diamond, Kiss of judas, Father time

Kalmah: Heroes to us

Fear factory: Edgecrusher

avantasia: Avantasia (powered by kak1ta)

In flames: The jester race, Jotun, Cloud connected, Episode 666, Gyroscope, Jester dance, Dawn of a new day, Artifacts of the Black Rain, As the future repeats today, Behind space`99, Black & white, Brush the dust away, Bullet ride, Clayman, Dark signs, colony, Dead eternity, Dead god in me, Embody the invisible, Moonshield, Only for the weak, Ordinary story, Pinball map, Reroute to remain, Satellits and astronauts, Zombie inc.

soulfly: Back to the primitive, Bring it

Haggard: Fullmoon procession, Of a might divine, The final Victory, The observer

Sonata arctica: I want out (de helloween), Shy, Tallulah, San sebastian, The cage, Still loving you (me gusta más que la original de Scorpions que se le va a hacer)

Brainstorm: All those words, Burns my soul, Despair to drown, Even higher, Heavenly, Inside the Monster, Invisible Enemy, Lifeline, Masf of Life, Painside, Painside, Worlds are cominŽ through

dio: Holy driver (powered by kak1ta)

Dream Theater A Change Of Seasons, As i am

Rhapsody Emerald sword, Riding the wings of eternity, Eternal glory

Offspring: All i want, nitro, self esteem, bad habit, staring at the sun, the meaning of life, never gonna find me, lightning rod, (canŽt get my)Head around you, mota, the noose, walla walla, the end of the line

Marilyn manson: Fight song, Beautiful people, Sweet dreams, The nobodies

Guano apes: Big in japan, open your eyes, lord of the boards

Green Day: Basket case, Longview, When i come around

Pennywise: Bro hym, Fuck authority, Peaciful day, Chirstmas in hell

Spineshank: Synthetic, smothered, new disease

Rammstein: Ich will, du hast, links 2 3 4, sonne, mutter, tier, adios, mein herz brent, rein raus, du riechst so gut, fuer frei, keinle lust, mein teil, ohne dich, stein um stein, morgenstern

Red Hot chili peppers: The other side, Scar tissue, parallel universe, Californication, Road trippin'

Nirvana: In bloom, Sliver, Lithium, smells like teen spirit, All apologies, come as you are, Where did you sleep Last night , Rape me, Heart shaped box, Drain you, Dumb

fuel: Quarter

fari: apatrullando la ciudad, torito bravo XD

y muchas muuuchas muchas mas pero para ponerlo de cabeza no está mal :P
-ya iré añadiendo XD


Si un problema tiene solución, ¿Por qué te preocupas?
Y si un problema no tiene solución, ¿Por qué te preocupas?

A ver si os echais una firmita !!

Lgg4:[E3.**]skarxa A ver si empieza lo bueno de una vez :P

Lgg3: [E3.Geb.**]skarXa Essos geb otra vez dando caña :P

Lgg2: +[JGR.Geb]Leut.skarXa A ver un oficial del eje se merece una firma!!! XD

Clan actual dod: JGR ( #jgr.dod en quakenet) NO BUSCAMOS MIEMBROS

-= JGR | skarXa =-

DoD 1.3 (24 plazas | ff on | mapas oficiales+custom)

#jgr.dod en quakenet

Enemy Territory

-=Armas dod=-
Kar98, garand/enfield, springfield y skoped kar y si me aburro la bar :D

][======================= Rollo =====================][

Que paxa peña!
Bueno, la verdad es que yo he sido de los de Quake de toda la vida.

Empecé jugando al Quake 1, Quake 2, Duke Nukem, despues me pasé al Unreal y claro, al Quake 3.
Un buen(muuy buen) día se me ocurrió probar el Dod que por esos tiempos no era lo que es ahora(me parece que era la beta 1.3) pero me encantó de ahí que siga jugando hasta día de hoy ;)

Nicks: skarXa-> Dod, ET , rtcw, COD, battlefield y mohaa
(odraj -> Cuando jugaba al quake 3 )

/q skarXa en quakenet;)
Un saludo.

][======================= PC ======================][

.: Placa Qdi 7E 333 DDR
.: Athlon Xp 1800+
.: 512 mb DDR
.: Aopen GeForce 4 mx 440 TV (overclock @324,486)
.: Monitor Samtron 76 DF tubo plano
.: Seagate Barracuda 80 Gb 7200 rpm
.: Alfombrilla Allsop azul (lo juro, antes era azul :P )
.: Raton genius netscroll
.: Micrófono NGS de hace 5 años :D
.: Adsl 1mb
.: Ziritione 3.0 !!!

Que no se me olvide el link XD

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