Vasili nuevo ADC de Newbee Gaming


Newbee Gaming añade a un tercer AD Carry (HappyY, Lwx) a su squad fichando a Vasili, el ex-jugador de Royal y LMQ, entre otros equipos.

Li “Vasilii” Weijun has joined League of Legends Pro League team Newbee Gaming, according to their weibo.

As a seasoned veteran of League of Legends, Vasilii has a long career beginning in 2012 with his time on EHOME. The western world knows Vasilii best for his time on LMQ, a team that came from China to qualify for the North American League of Legends Championship Series and represented NA at the 2014 World Championship.

Since his time on LMQ, Vasilii joined LPL team Vici Gaming in 2015 Spring, but after spending time on the bench, went to LSPL team IN Gaming. His recent career has been plagued by reports of rage, including instances where he has damaged computer equipment. Vasilii has said many times that he has seen a psychologist for his anger problems.

Newbee Gaming was purchased in 2016 Spring as QG Reapers and rebranded in 2016 Summer with the departure of Kim “Doinb” Taesang. Newbee recently placed 5-6th in the LPL Spring playoffs, upsetting Invictus Gaming in the first round.

Zhang “Mor” Hongwei, also previously of LMQ’s NA squad, is the starting support and shotcaller for Newbee. Newbee currently have two other Chinese AD carries signed to their roster, Lin “Lwx” Weixiang and Yu “HappyY” Rui. It is unclear which AD carry will start for the team in the coming 2017 LPL Summer Split.

Se que es una noticia de la LPL y va a interesar a literalmente 2 personas, pero siendo Vasili conocido en Occidente, no cuesta nada hacer el hilo.


ahí que vuelve The Best tristana. Cuanto se echa en falta un tio con dos cojones para usar bien los flashes ofensivos, no como los ADCs de TSM que los hacen pero mal. Era un tío carismático y muy agresivo, a parte de medir dos metros, ojalá nunca se hubiese ido de NA.

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y muy agresivo

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#3 lol

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#4 No es la única eh?

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A ver cuantos dias dura sin romper algo


Espero que tengan un buen seguro en la GH, porque se la va a dejar destrozada xD




#5 madre mia este chaval necesita un psicologo


No se como a este tio le dan mas oportunidades.

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#10 Hasta que no destroce todas las GH de China no van a parar de darle oportunidades xD


niñorata over 9000


pero a este tio cuantas oportunidades hay que darle para que se den cuenta de que no vale, de que es inestable as fuck?


Necesitamos un LOL con mas XwX y menos Vasilis (?

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