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El nuevo Tetris sale hoy en exclusiva para PlayStation 4 y PSVR. En esta ocasión, la tarea se le ha encargado a Tetsuya Mizuguchi y Enhance, que le han dado su toque personal al clásico de toda la vida añadiéndole una orgía de música y efectos.

Análisis de medios internacionales

bemanistyle - 9 / 10.0

Tetris Effect is the puzzle game Mizuguchi has been wanting to make for almost fifteen years. Though not the most robust Tetris experience, the game is a feast for the eyes, ears, and the soul.

Critical Hit - 9 / 10.0

Tetris Effect is a visual and auditory treat that bombards your senses with exploding colours and punchy electronic songs. But it's real triumph is combining this with the delicate nature of Tetris, retaining the precise gameplay while also marrying it effectively with the beat of a drum. Tetris Effect is meditative, exciting and incredibly difficult to put down.

Destructoid - 9.5 / 10.0

Some people will be disappointed by the lack of competitive modes, and that's fair enough, but don't let their omission bring you down too much. Tetris Effect isn't intended to be a heated head-to-head sort of game. It's more sentimental. Whether you've loved Tetris since the '80s or you've never quite meshed with its status as an all-time classic, you should be able to find something to latch onto here. Seasoned players can tweak the settings just the way they like and tone down the visuals. Newcomers can crank up the extravagant effects and relish the whimsical atmosphere. Everyone wins.

Digitally Downloaded - 4.5 / 5 stars

This is a deeply immersive, elegant, intelligent take on Tetris, and the best example of it since the original on Game Boy, all that time ago

Eurogamer - Essential

Tetris gets the Tetsuya Mizuguchi makeover, to dazzling effect.

FingerGuns - 10 / 10

Resonair and Monstars have reinvented something I didn’t think could be reinvented. They have created as much an experience as they have a game.

Game Informer - 9 / 10.0

Most of us have had intense moments with Tetris, but Tetris Effect's masterful musical accompaniment makes it emotionally resonant as well

Game Revolution - 3.5 / 5 stars

those areas where Tetris Effect drops the ball doesn’t completely negate how good the classic puzzler still is at dropping blocks.

Gameblog - French - 9 / 10

Tetris Effect is a musical puzzle game instant hit, a must have for anyone interested in this genre. Unlike so many versions of Tetris before him, it really transforms the formula to make a superb musical trip, and even some kind of sensory journey, able to get you into a second state. Its full compatibility with the PlayStation VR can also bring a higher degree of immersion and you should also try it this way. Apart from the surprising lack of a 2-player mode, we can't see anything wrong with Tetris Effect.

Gameplanet - 9 / 10.0

The almost perfect marriage of elegant game design, evocative audio, and stunning visuals delivers a gaming experience far richer and affecting than I could have possibly imagined. It's not without a few flaws, but they are easily forgotten almost as soon as they have passed.

GamesBeat - 95 / 100

Score: 95/100

GameSpot - 9 / 10

Tetris Effect transforms the classic puzzle game through the power of music. It's hard to put down, and even harder to stop thinking about.

GamingBolt - 9 / 10.0

Tetris Effect isn't just Tetris as you remember it. It's a completely new experience that's meditative at times and wholly engulfing in others. Whether you like it challenging or enrapturing, Tetris Effect will appeal to the fan in you.

Handsome Phantom - 9.5 / 10.0

Tetris Effect is a masterpiece. Tetsuya Mizuguchi took a tried and true classic and reinvented the entire experience around it, taking a game about falling blocks and making it an emotional journey.

Hobby Consolas - Spanish - 89 / 100

Some games have a personal feeling, and that's the case of Tetris Effect. If you loved the aesthetics, sound and gameplay similarities that Rez and Lumines shared (like every action has a sound effect that impacts the soundtrack), then Tetris Effect it's for you. An original and refreshing way to renew a mith that keeps entertaining big time.

IGN Italy - Italian - 9 / 10.0

Colors, sounds, vibrations and that unforgettable gameplay: Tetris Effect is one of the most impressive Tetris game to date.

IGN Spain - Spanish - 8.8 / 10.0

Not just another Tetris game, but a modern classic that makes the old game even funnier and much more synesthesic.

Metro GameCentral - 9 / 10

A masterful reimagining of Tetris that changes little about the core gameplay but still manages to create one of the most immersive video games ever.

PlayStation LifeStyle - 8.5 / 10.0

Tetris Effect does incredible things with Tetris. The ambiance is unbelievable, and the array of modes make the puzzle game perfect for people whether they want an ordinary experience, something low key, or maybe one of the most brutal challenges like the unimaginably fast Classic Master mode. But, there are times when the atmosphere can get too distracting or overwhelming. It also is not for someone hoping for any sort of competitive affair, which is more of an advisory than an actual knock against it. Tetris Effect is a sort of instantly timeless puzzle game that is good about delivering the exact sort of single-player trial you need, when you need it.

PlayStation Universe - 10 / 10.0

One of the greatest games ever made returns and finds a perfect evolution in Tetris Effect. The result is a timeless take on that best puzzler ever, and one that gives PS4 owners a true Game of the Generation candidate. This truly is Tetris 2.0.

Push Square - 9 / 10

Tetris Effect takes you on an emotional rollercoaster through oceans and to other worlds. While its striking audiovisual achievements sing on a standard screen, virtual reality elevates the experience to euphoric new levels. And yet, for all the chatter of spiritual awakenings, there's a damn good game of Tetris here, bursting with inventive modes and beautiful visuals which will keep you hooked for potentially hundreds of hours.

Saudi Gamer - Arabic - 9 / 10

Classic Tetris with the audio/visual touches we're used to from Lumines developer Mizuguchi. The lack of versus mode is a tiny blemish on a game about challenging yourself and your friends' high scores. Tetris in its most gorgeous form.

SavePoint - Portuguese - 10 / 10.0

The greatest strenght in Tetris Effect is that it doesn't try to reinvent the wheel. Instead, it uses all powers available to reinforce the game's effect on the mind

TheSixthAxis - 10 / 10

At times spiritual, transcendental and zen-like, at others excruciating, heart-poundingly tense and eye-wateringly immersive, Tetris Effect is game of the year material and essential on PlayStation VR.

Twinfinite - 5 / 5.0

Whether you're playing in VR or not, Tetris Effect is an incredible achievement. The familiar gameplay, stunning visuals, and beautiful music all come together to evoke a variety of different emotions. For a couple of minutes, you're captured by what's happening around you and it's magical. It's a near perfect puzzle game, but it's even closer to perfection in VR.

USgamer - 4 / 5 stars

Sometimes Tetris Effect dances into the profound: wherein the music, the visuals, and the act of playing Tetris can make you—dare I say it—emotional. Then there's the other side of Tetris Effect, the tedium with instant-fast speeds and hard-to-discern tetrominos in more than just a few levels. Tetris Effect is at its best when it's just normal Tetris, with no strange shapes for blocks; with just the music and visuals to help you drift away as you fall into a flow. In PlayStation VR, that effect is only leveraged, making it a must-own game for the virtual reality platform.

Video Chums - 7.9 / 10.0

Although the complete lack of multiplayer is a significant missed opportunity, challenging the various modes that Tetris Effect has to offer is an absolute joy.

Worth Playing - 8.7 / 10.0

Tetris Effect checks all the boxes, and if you're into music and puzzle games that are as challenging as they are meditative, look no further. Tetris Effect is truly the best version of Tetris I've ever played, but at the same time, it is "just Tetris." It pushes the gameplay into interesting directions without actually changing any significant part of the core gameplay, and that's the beauty of it. The toughest sell may be the $40 price tag, but Tetris Effect showcases quality work with high production value, and that justifies a price tag above what we'd usually consider to be acceptable for a Tetris game.


El verdadero GOTY


Creo que Jonas de Albacete iba a hacer stream del juego. GOTY.


Caerá en un futuro a que esté más barato, que por muy obra maestra que sea 40€ por un tetris me da palo. Abro paraguas.

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#4 Te cierro el paraguas porque es totalmente normal. Ademas que es un juego mas que probable de verlo rebajado o en el plus mas temprano que otros. Yo lo jugare tambien mas adelante, no es algo que sienta la necesidad e hacerlo, pero debe de ser curioso.

Supongo que no seré el primero al que le recuerda un poco pac-man championship y no lo digo como algo malo.

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#5 Me parece una broma 40 euros por el tetris, le digo a mi padre lo que vale cuando te lo regalaban casi y se ríe.

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40 pavazos un tetris... vamos no me jodas :joy::joy::joy::joy:


Un 90 y 40 pavos un puto tetris. Vamos por Dios. Parece una parodia.


Mejor trailer que muchos juegos de ahora la verdad.


9 y 10 xD Y lo jugarán 2 horas como muchísimo y no lo volverán a tocar, sin olvidar que lo están poniendo al nivel del RDR2 y el Breath of the wild por ejemplo


Precio: 39,99 €


Luego Nintendo saca el Puyo puyo tetris y somos gilipollas por no comprarlo a 50 eurapios.

En qué quedamos?

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Esto hay muchos nerds del tétrica que lo van a comprar, simplemente por el hecho de que al ser VR tiene incluso menos latencia visual que una pantalla normal (hay por ahí un video de un campeón mundial de tetris analizando el video)

El buen tetris friends... Que recuerdos


#12 Ni es de Nintendo ni vale 50€...


Pedazo notas, este juego seguro que es mejor que el RDR2

Le han puesto mucho mimo a los cuadrados y las barras


Lo probé el finde pasado y es una gozada a nivel audiovisual.


El hilo de la vergüenza ajena. Gente criticando uno de los juegos más importantes de la historia en una entrega que puede que probablemente sea la mejor desde la iteración original superando a la de DS, lo cual no es poco. Pero vaya a estas alturas mejor ni sorprenderse de la gente que critica productos que no son ni para ellos, que por lo visto tampoco se pueden permitir y que probablemente ni han probado. Por lo menos esperaba que los adalides del ratio hora-euro no lo criticasen.

Totalmente recomendado. Además de resultar en todo una experiencia hacía tiempo que no disfrutaba tanto un juego de puzzles

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Me espero al pong effect


La epilepsia


Buen trailer

12 min gameplay


Ayer estuvo Jonás dándole en Twitch, se veían más modos y las partes de más dificultad y me pareció brutal. En otro hilo dije que no entendía por qué existía esto estando PPT y ahora me como mis palabras con gusto. Son muy distintos.


#18 si no te digo yo que no, es más, a mí me encantaría probarlo si sale en switch porque la música y los efectos son la hostia, y además como dice thrazz, tiene más modos de juego.

Pero 40 eurazos por un tetris? creo que 15-20€ sería un precio más que justo y razonable.


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