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Siendo un noob lvl 15 hay alguna forma de aprovecharse de lo que ahora está tan fácil? Mi grupillo vamos to perdíos xDD

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a ese nivel no, acaban de anunciar un hotfix, temblemos.


  • Lower end zone defense bonus reward to 2 invader medallions
  • Require vanquisher tome unlock to get end zone defense reward
  • Exclude lowest 25% of contributors from end zone defense reward
  • Add 1 Invader medallion to purple & gold RvR bags if you have the Vanquisher armor set tome unlock
  • Add 1 Royal crest to purple & gold RvR bags if you have the Invader armor set tome unlock[/b]
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Yo tampoco se muy bien por donde van los tiros. Ahora mismo soy 37/37 y tengo en mente el set Annihilator que sería el próximo que tendría que pillar, o puedo ir a por algún otro directamente.

Del invader del que hablais pensaba que era muy jodido, solo tengo 5 fichas y 4 me las dieron del tirón creo que defendiendo o capturando un keep.

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#1833 ya deberías tener el set de annihilator, vas lento :)

#1832 Buen fix

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#1834 Ni siquiera puedo usarlo completo, piden 39 renonw.


#1830 Pues tio a mi lo que me jode es que entre y tenia una bolsa dorada de la fase 2 de ciudad, me salieron los hombros de warlord y como no tengo el invader aun teniendo 75 de rr ni lo puedo equipar ni usar de apariencia. No entiendo nada cual es la lógica de esto pero asi es


#1832 Como es eso?no soy capar de traducirmelo bien jaja


[Weekend Warfront: Battle at the Cairn]

The land of Ulthuan seems to have been built on tragedy. Some tragedies come from without, and are guided by neither malice nor whim. Others are manufactured and forced upon their victims like deadly poisons. The tale of the Brothers Blackcairn, Elthryril and Lothelryel, is one such tragedy. Lothelryel made a pact with Morathi to betray his brother, Elthryril. Using Morathi's magics, Lothelryel sought to take control of his line and follow Malekith. Yet it was Lothelryel who was deceived. The magic that would have imprisoned his brother entrapped both of them, even as their blades guaranteed their mutual destruction.

In places the rage and hatred of familial betrayal have seeped into the land, turning the sites of ancient struggles into magical wellsprings of dark power. Now a new battle erupts as Order and Destruction forces vie for control of the Blackcairn Estate.

This weekend the Battle at the Cairn will be the weekend warfront from 12:00 on Friday to 12:00 on Monday Altdorf time. You get +50% XP and Renown in the Blood of the Black Cairn scenario, and extra rewards from completing the event tasks.

Additionally, the rule set for the scenario has changed:

  • If your realm holds the middle flag, your home base flags are safe from back capping. However, the middle flag can still be back capped while you are attacking the enemy base flags.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause scenario groups to bug out in rare cases.


  • For players that already have the Invader tome unlock, fortress gold bags will contain 2 royal crests and blue or purple bags will contain 1 royal crest.

[Open RvR]

  • If you don't have the Vanquisher tome unlock you will get additional Vanquisher Medallions instead of Invader Medallions as bonus reward for defending end zones in T4.


  • Dyes from vendors are no longer free.


A new update to the launcher is being deployed and will be phased out to players. If you have issues in the upgrade process you can always download the latest version of the launcher from ( http://launcher.returnofreckoning.com/RoRLauncher.exe )

  • Fixed errors decompressing corrupt files. (when you would have to resort to dowloading the myp fresh)

  • Fixed exception when changing settings whilst game was running.

  • x64 is now default.

  • The settings has a "Repair" button which will allow a full file check of all files in MYPS and redownload broken or missing files.

  • Improved the news: News will have styled text and urls and overall display more pleasantly.

  • Fixed issue which would require you to run applications in administrator mode in order to get them to work with the client, such as Push to Talk in Discord.


  • The campaign will now reset after the queue for a City Siege ends instead of when all instances are finished.


  • Fixed scenario set appearance , they appeared to not have the same appearance than in the appearance guide.

  • Fixed an issue with sovereign cloak that behave incorrectly (such as chosen or IB ones)

  • Fixed an issue with some sovereign pieces that were not part of the set and display a purple rarity instead

  • Fixed an issue causing dungeon gear to be equipped even if you didn’t unlocked the tok.


Shadow Warrior :

  • Whirling Pin won’t have a delay between ability activation and jump back.

Squig Herder :

  • Sticky Squigs won’t have a delay between ability activation and jump back.

White Lion :

  • Fixed an issue causing pounce to play the incorrect animation.

Choppa :

  • Extra Choppin’ will now increase Lotsa Choppin target cap to 24.

Slayer :

  • Accuracy will now increase Flurry target cap to 24.


-Added some BO scout quests to T1 dwarf and greenskin.

  • Horns of a Dilemma: This quest line has been corrected and the quest rewards have been set

  • Sanctify: This quest has been corrected

  • Calm Before the Storm: You will now have to use the Outrider Horn to call for reinforcements against the Norse enemies

  • Battle of Bitterne: This quest is now available from the Old Gravemarker in High Pass


[16548] These Flight Masters are now flying above the ground
[16257] Destruction players can no longer enter in the Order warcamp in Reikland
[16388] The NPC has been disabled


Como se consigue la joyería y la capa Genesis que lleva todo el mundo? He visto en la ciudad que donde lo venden te piden otro ítem a cambio pero que tampoco se donde conseguirlo.

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en las bolsa que te dan al cerrar las zonas si te cae una dorada, una lila o una azul dentro hay un fragmento random entre 4 para cambiarla por la joya.

El cambio de los invader en las bolsas de defensa de la ultima zona con un zonelock de faccion de 3 horas no funciona, se ven unos bamboleos de poblacion que dan verguenza.

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Totalmente de acuerdo , da hasta asco como cambia de faccion la gente segun le interese...
Tenemos los xrealm q se les nota a la legua cuando cambian de cuenta y luego los q se qdan en el wc licheando sin hacer nada esperando a q se pierda la zona para ir a fortress

Y por ultimo estan los q se aburren de estar en su clan con gente de RR bajo y se montan su clan chupipandi reclutando solo rr 70+ y al resto q le den..
Asi esta el tema..y da igual orden q destru, interesados los hay en los dos bandos

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Una duda, se puede conseguir todo el mejor equipamiento posible a través de RvR? O estoy obligado a hacer PvE?

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#1842 Si, sólo con PVP consigues el mejor equipamiento, pero es verdad que con el PVE lo complementas muy bien. Sobre todo la joya de centinela, y el arma de bloodlord. Pero para eso hay que hacer bastante PVE, y te puede no compensar. Aunque el pve en este juego es facil.


Una pregunta gente .....¿Como se hace para q no inspeccionen tu equipo?
No se si es por addon o como y da rabia ver una apariencia curiosa y no saber de donde carajo la sacan :sweat_smile:

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se puede hacer con el comando /hide o ocultando desde alguna parte del menu en opciones, de todas formas en la propia web hay algun post con todas las apariencias.

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volviendole a dar al juego jejej, una pregunta porque los tier 2 y 3 suelen estar bloqueads en zona rvr?

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A partir de nivel 16 creo q era puedas ya ir a zona rvr t4, y se que se desbloquean porque siendo 40 puedes ir a zona rvr t2 cuando esta activa y pelear por los keeps pero no recuerdo la mecanica q usan para que se activen esos tiers

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parche gordo


Today Return of Reckoning is 6 years old. It's quite crazy to look back and see how far we have come. When we first opened our doors we only had Empire vs Chaos T1 open, basic ORvR mechanics, level cap of 12, Nordenwatch was the only scenario and a player cap of 50 (See early videos here and here). Fast forward to 2020 and we have had Keep battles with over 1,000 players in, almost 4,000 concurrently connected players, over 300,000 registered accounts, over 1,000,000 characters created, over 1,000,000 scenarios played, over 30,000,000 items, over 100,000,000 Tome of Knowledge Unlocks and over 1,000,000,000 player kills. It's quite something. However we wouldn't have come this far if it wasn't for the amazing volunteers who have contributed a lot of their free time to bringing back this amazing game and the massive amounts of passionate players who make it all worth while.

[Live Event - The Celebration]

For years blood has been shed and the war rages on. Any glimmer of total victory disappears in the blink of an eye, or in layman's terms, as fast as it takes for a [sorceress/bright wizard - realm dependent] to kill you. Instead we noble soldiers chase victory like a squig chases its target into the distant unknown. The madness continues, and in a mad world the mad reign as kings.

The tide of madness surges from the Chaos Wastes across the Old World. Will you confront madness and overcome it, or will you be the next of its victims?

Order - Madness Reigns - Starts from Klaus Grausicht / Altdorf Market Square
Destruction -Herald of Madness - Starts from Verina Eye-Flayer / The Inevitable City Apex

The +50% XP & Renown Buff will be active in all Empire vs Chaos pairings and the Twisted Tower Scenario.

[New Scenario - Twisting Tower]

Within the farthest reaches of the Chaos Wastes resides the enigmatic Twisting Tower. Battle for control over both the Atrium and the Loft to secure the tower and earn points for your realm. Controlling the tower will reveal the Oculus of Change which your realm can seize to earn extra points but beware of the Changers Gaze!

Click here to watch on YouTube

[Morale damage]

This is a test, if we see it has negative effects on the game we will remove or change it.

A soft cap on morale damage has been added. It functions as a meter that increases for each point of morale damage you take, and decays by 500 points per second. If the meter hits 2400, you will start mitigating 50% of all morale damage you take after that. As long as your meter is above 2400 you will get a buff called "Resolute".

The reasons for this change is that there has been an increased meta around coordinated AoE morale dumps in larger scale fights, which makes wounds the only defensive stat that really matters. Our hope is that this brings more diversity into tactics employed, while still keeping morale damage abilities as a powerful tool.


  • Fortress Weapons have been released. These have brand models developed by several talented artists. They can be found at the Invader merchant in your capital city.

1h Weapons cost 60 Invader Crests and 50 gold, along with trading in your 1h Subjugator weapon
2h Weapons cost 120 Invader Crests and 100 gold, along with trading in your 2h Subjugator weapon

note : Due to some late skin rework, some icons may not reflect final appearance. A post to show final look : viewtopic.php?f=65&t=38844


Shadow Warrior changes have arrived. These changes are aimed (haha) at giving ranged Shadow Warrior specs a bit more love, something long overdue. Naturally we will be keeping a close eye on how these changes perform.

Squig Herders are coming up next, but we're going to give it at least a week before we get started on their changes.

Please provide theorycrafting and feedback about these changes on the forums after thoroughly testing them of course.
Scout Tree

Reworked - Glass Arrow - Toggle Buff, while active: abilities deal an additional 50-250 Physical damage, but cost 15 more AP per use.
Reworked - Guerrilla Training - After switching stance your action point costs are reduced by 25% and your movement speed is increased by 20% for 5s
Updated - Acid Arrow - remove stance requirement. This can now be used from any stance.
Updated - Enchanted Arrows no longer affects Flame Arrow
Updated - Increased base damage of Fell the Weak, Acid Arrow, Throat Shot, and Eye Shot to match Eagle Eye.
Moved - Move Glass Arrow to Scout Core
Moved - Move Eye Shot from Skirmish 5pt to Scout 5pt, remove stance requirement, remove buildup while moving, 100' range

Skirmish Tree

Reworked - Split Arrows tactic - Spiral Fletched Arrows and Broadhead Arrows now hit all enemies within 20' of your initial target, but their range is reduced to 65'
Reworked - Powerful Draw tactic - Skirmish abilities penetrate 25% armor.
Updated - Spiral Fletched Arrows base range increased to 100'
Updated - Broadhead Arrows - Now stacks up to 3 times and base range increased to 100'
Updated - Keen Arrowheads tactic - remove Eye Shot duration, add Flame Arrow duration increased to 15s
Updated - Lileaths Arrow - Now has a 5 second cooldown
Moved - Move Barrage to 13pt, reduce cooldown to 5s
Moved - Move Flame Arrow from Scout Core to Skirmish 5pt, swap Scout stance requirement with Skirmish stance, increase primary stat multiplier by 20%, range 65'

Assault Tree

Updated - Brutal Slash - swap Scout with Skirmish requirement
Updated - Sweeping Slash - add Skirmish requirement

Core abilities/Tactics

Reworked - Steady Aim - Toggle Buff, while active: Cast time buildup takes an additional 1s, but you gain 25% bonus critical damage.
Updated - Hunters Fervor - Changed 20% AP regen to 5 AP regen per second

Vengeance of Nagarythe

Several abilities now have a "While Vengeful" modifier below

  • Scout
    Fell the Weak - deals spirit damage
    Festering Arrow - undefendable
    Eye Shot - cooldown reduced by 10s

  • Skirmish
    Barrage - removes 250 morale from targets **
    Shadow Sting - undefendable
    Flame Arrow - increase radius by 10'

  • Assault
    Exploit Weakness - cooldown reduced by 10s
    Crosscut - hits an additional time
    Swift Strikes - lasts an additional 2s

  • Increased invader & royal token rewards in RvR bags to 1 in blue, 1 in purple & 2 in gold. Same tome unlock requirements as before applies.

  • Keep lords & Fort lords now only display self buffs or debuffs that you have casted on them. This significantly reduces the client lag when targeting them. *

  • Applying and removing bolster no longer removes all your buffs, instead it will switch ability level of them. *

  • The .sorenable and .sordisable commands can now enable/disable categories of State of Realm messages. A coming version of State of Realm will make use of this, so if you disable T1 in the addon, you won't even get those messages which improves performance a bit. *

[Auction House]

  • Auction House fees have been adjusted. On Live the fees were 20% of the vendor price of the item and this amount would be taken when the item was listed. On Return of Reckoning the UI would reflect the functionality on live, but would take out 10% of the buy it now price when the item is sold. The fees will now flucuate depending on the Rating of the City. The higher the rating the lower fees. Fees will now also be taken when listing an item instead of when it is sold and its based on the buy it now price you put. The fee structure is as follows:

  • 1 * => 10%

  • 2 * => 8%

  • 3 * => 6%

  • 4 * => 4%

  • 5 * => 2%

This is subject to change.

  • Results returned from searches has been tweaked to order by lowest price and then by most recently listed. Meaning you do not need to undercut someone to have your item sell first. Previously items were shown in order they were listed in the auction house. *


  • On the Brink of Chaos: This Epic Quest has been fully corrected and reworked

Empire Chapter 16

  • Rogue River: The whole quest line is now available and reworked
  • Northern Advance: The whole quest line is now available and reworked
  • Trail Gone Cold: This quest has been corrected and reworked
  • Grauenburg's Goons: This quest line has been corrected and reworked
  • Daemon's Gate: The whole quest line is once again available
  • Evil Portents: You will now receive Greta's Skychart to deliver it to Leopold Rohric
  • Don't Forget to Tip: This quest is now available from the Cow in Reikland

[Tome Of Knowledge]

  • The Live Event page will no longer reset when you progress with a task.

  • Tome unlocks for triggering critical hits implemented.

[Public Quest]


New Public Quest currencies have been added for each tier. PQs in higher chapters in each tier will award higher amounts of currency.

For these new currencies you can buy the Carnage, Havoc, Mayhem and Ruin sets. The vendors are located in the east war quarters in Altdorf and the Pavilion of Slaanesh in the Inevitable City. Same location as the previous Ruin gear vendors.

Blue Heal and AP pots for each tier is also available from the same vendors.

The currencies can also be used to buy lvl 200 containers and blue talisman fragments.

The old Ruin currency has been removed and can be traded in for the new tier 4 PQ currency.

[The Living Snot]

During Boss fights, you will see a new UI element; something we, in the office discord, lovingly refer to as the Win-o-Meter. A horizontal bar represents the total number of points possible in the current boss fight. Shields above and below this bar indicate your realms’ progress: the farther to the right the shield is, the greater number of points your realm has earned. At the end of a Win-o-Meter enabled fight, the side with the most points wins! Points are earned by killing enemy players, healing friendly players and by damaging the boss. [1]


  • The amount of defenders in a fortress has been decreased from 80% of the number of attackers to 75% of the number of attackers.


  • Allow queueing for scenarios when you are in a warband.
  • Fixed quitter message when queueing up as group.
  • The objectives in Mourkain Temple, Tor Anroc & Maw of Madness will no longer reset it you bring them close to the enemy warcamp, only if you bring them close to your own warcamp.


  • Added loot notifications in various places when items and currency are added to your inventory.


  • [16538] Guild keep claim permission check fixed

  • [15073] Supply hand in at warcamp should now work even when keep ownerships are swapped.

  • This went live in a hotfix.

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Recuerdo que en su día probé una trial de este juego pero no llegué a comprarlo pese a llamarme la atención.

¿Como está de activo en esta versión? ¿Hay comunidad hispana en alguna facción para darle caña?.

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si , y peleas casi en cada momento que entras.


Perdon por el offtopic, pero alguien conserva por casualidad alguno de los videos de pvp del antiguo clan Apocalipsis de Montañas Negras?

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Me he descargado el juego y veo que trae un archivo llamado VinyUI el cual supongo será para cambiar la interfaz pero que además está lleno de addons. ¿Cuáles recomendáis?, porque hay unos cuantos y no me aclaro.

Sobre tema clases me hace gracia el warrior priest por eso de ir repartiendo a parte de curar siempre y cuando esté bien de dps. Que otras clases veis interesantes para darle en party ya sea de soporte o dps, tankes o healers sin algo de dps no me llaman xD

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#1852 ViniUI es una interfaz, eso es. Déjala por defecto porque en ésta última versión trae los mínimos necesarios, no te va a sobrecargar y son casi todos fundamentales. Escoge tu perfil y ya. Si tu idea es hacer dps, hazte un dps, no un healer a dps. Aunque para solo play, o duo es muy divertido, sin guard en escenarios y rvr eres carnaza. Es verdad que ahora es una clase usable, antes era una mierda a dps. Pruébalo y me cuentas, eso si en los tiers bajos vas en god mode.

#1851 buff tendré que mirar los viejos discos duros, pero no se yo. De Dark Prelude si tengo alguno.

#1849 Está muy activo, y comunidad hispana tienes en ambos bandos, no te preocupes.

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#1853 Voy a probarlo que no se diga. Entiendo que te refieres en contenido masivo si no voy con tank que proteja voy vendido.

Sobre el addon te refieres a que sustituya el perfil healer y le ponga el nombre del personaje no?.

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#1854 Eso es, cojes el del perfil order healer, y le cambias al nick tuyo..

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Una duda, intento jugar, pero el launcher cada vez que lo abro me baja 4k de archivos a una velocidad de mierda, entro al juego, pantalla en negro y se sale.
Y así en bucle, he mirado por los foros, pero no me soluciona nada, bajé otro launcher, quité el modo lectura de la carpeta, puse el juego en exclusiones del antivirus y mil historias más que recomiendan.
Alguno os pasa y sabéis la solución?

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#1856 si te pasa eso es que no ha terminado de descargarse. Sal del juego y vuelve a entrar varias veces hasta que termine de descargarse.

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#1857 no llego a entrar al juego , el launcher ya me ha descargado los ultimos 4k de archivos 20 veces por lo menos xD


Me interesa, de los mejores juegos que jugué por no decir el mejor. ¿Alguna Guild activa?

2 meses después

el juego sigue vivo y con buena salud, con sus mas de 1000 jugadores por la noche.

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  • crasten
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