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Larnox 1d
Thank you for making a league that has reconnected so many of us to what it felt like when we first got hooked on PoE. this feels like the PoE i fell in love with three years ago, and reconnecting to that feeling has been a gift.
Jomones 11d
Con todo el respeto del mundo te digo que vives en un mundo de fantasia e ilusion donde piensas que en el poe puedes hacer un mapa sin comerte una hostia de normal.
Memorex 12 Dic
I was making my character and I got to the genitals option and gave my character a penis. I scrolled through the size option and noticed a game breaking bug. The labels are wrong for the penises. I gave my character what was labeled as “small penis” and was surprised to find that it was way bigger than my real penis. This is a serious game breaking bug and CD Project Red needs to make fixing this issue it’s number one priority.
Larnox 12 Dic
Mi moto no hace bi
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