La visión extraocular y como entrenarla


#540 Esto es de lo menos cuestionable que vas a leer de mis manos eh. Hay vídeos de Ben Underwood montando en patinete o jugando a la canasta. Un pavo que no tiene ojos. Documentado y en vídeo.

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Interesante artículo sobre el tema y experimentos recientes con niños:

Esto me ha llamado mucho la atención:

Impacts on Quality of Life

In the course of developing this research program, UPIDE noticed changes in the behavior of the participants. First, we saw a radical physical change in some children. It was common to notice that after the second or third session, they got a haircut, their clothing style was different, or even their posture, body language, and expressions changed.

We inquired if the parents had observed any behavioral changes in their children since the beginning of the study, and they unanimously noted increased confidence. Many reported improved behaviors, and some mentioned the elimination of bad habits like nail-biting or issues with sleep.

Upon concluding the course, children as asked to share what they valued most. Few mention their development of DV. Rather, their highlights focused on their academic improvements, wholesomeness, and even the perceived diminishing of violence from some classmates who used to bully them.

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