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Praise be to thee, o mighty allspotter!
For your swoleness brings tears of whey to disciples.
Thou dwelling up in swolehalla, the resting place for your children,
Flowing with whey and preworkout.

Your praises are mighty in the iron temple,
Shouting and grunting the anthem of the swole- "up" and "one more",
Pandas roaming the streets of swolehalla.
For thou lovest all following the path of swole,
Forgiveness of those who curl in the squat rack.

Through swoling body, mind and heart those can see your gainz shine upon them,
For the agents of Broki are weak, cardio monkeys and crossfit sheep,
Not yet converted into the iron brotherhood
Through all swolestation and swole shaming we will prevail,
For the all spotter gives us strength.


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