txandy 8 Ene
Ubisoft Abu Dhabi are developing a major new mobile game and looking Programmers across various levels to join us. We provide full relocation, a great working culture and of course free Ubi games :) If you would be interested in joining us drop us an email AbuDhabiJobs@ubisoft.com

txandy 13 Dic
Ya tenemos la nueva versión de unity 2018.3! ... leer más
txandy 22 Nov
Nueva beta de la 2018.3 La tenemos cerca!


Cosas interesantes que he visto:

Bye bye UnityScript -> Editor: Removed support for compiling UnityScript and Boo scripts.

Multiplayer: Added support for providing a custom network transport implementation to be used by Unity Multiplayer's high-level API. Refer to the documentation on UnityEngine.Networking.NetworkManager.activeTransport for details.

Web: WWW is now obsolete. Use UnityWebReques ... leer más
txandy 12 Nov
The main change Unity 2018.3 brings to physics is the 3D physics engine upgrade, from PhysX 3.3.3 to PhysX 3.4.2. It’s the first time we ship the latest available version of PhysX to date. We aim to improve performance and stability and make it extremely easy for you to upgrade your project. Read this post to learn more about the upgrade and all the specific changes and new features related to working with physics in 2018.3.