Official thread to practise English v.2.

Normas básicas / Basic rules

1- nada de pedir que se te hagan/corrijan redacciones o se ocultará. // No essays. We are not here to do your homework
2- postead sobre el tema antes de preguntar alguna duda o se ocultará. // You must write about the topic. If you want to ask something you must contribute to the thread
3- nada de preguntar sobre resources o se ocultará //Do not ask for resources


You are clearly making too much literal translation from spanish to english <- I'm unsure about this phrase myself, any help making it better?, or am I second guessing myself?


Hello folks.

I have been preparing for the Cambridge exams (first B1, then B2) but, since I am doing it by myself, sometimes I am stuck without knowing what to study or to continue with. I want to do a planning but, honestly, I don't know what include in it. Any sugestion? Is there an exacted list about what is required for B1?


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why don't you try a search engine and look up that shit for yourself niggah?

there you go niggah, b1 seems kind of for pussies tho

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#212 Your level of English seems to be on point already, I doubt you would even need to study for a B2.

B1 is not even worth mentioning, it's incredibly easy, anyone with high school level could get it.

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#212 download the books for the B1 exam online and study them, easy peasy

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there you go niggah, b1 seems kind of for pussies tho


I'll try B2 then, ma man.

#214 Thanks! Sadly, I don't think so. I still have a lot of mistakes. Sometimes, I don't know what grammar tense use (for example). I could take a look about the B2 exam and do it directly.

#215 I have used them as reference, but, you know, sometimes I have been on internet looking for additional information and I have seen other topics (supposedly) what are not included in those books.

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