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1º - LEB EA games 2005
3º - LEBF 2003-2004
2º - BF Spain cup I 2002-2003
1º - BF Spain cup II 2004-2005
1º - Clanbase Spanish Leader 2003-2004-2005
3º - Clanbase BF1942 Open II Cup Division 3ª 2003
3º - Clanbase BF1942 Open III Cup Division 2ª 2004
4º - Clanbase BF1942 Open IV Cup Division 1ª 2005
7º - Clanbase International Leader 2004


1Blash (FsT)
3Killshen (Goe)
Redfox (FsT)
5Abbadon (FsT) -------> Usease YO Abbichuela
Vaquilla (MsF)
7Gotelin (PIRATAS)
PiKoLo (no clan)
9Oscar (Spa)
11Khumalo (FsT)
Ares (MsF)
13Zheroc (FsT)
15*Rankor (Fbr)

Cuando alguien consiga que un Organizador de Clan Base le llame MAGICAbbadon,me avisais

A los hechos me remito...
Echad una ojeada al report del partido.

Second level: Bocage (FsT server )
That round was more interesting and exciting than the first. VACAS and Abbadon went to the sawmill with jeep and got conflict wint the enemy's jeep commando who were Manu and ProMo. This time the «FBr»'s commando won and they got the middle flag. AN|MaL's B17 destroyed the 2 tigers and that was the end of the axis armies this time. So FsT had 1 flag and their tickets stated to fall. 1 minute later FsT got the middle flag because of their good assaulters and grayed the enemy's only flag. That was a really surprising manoeuvre. 2 minutes later «FBr» got the middle and eastern flag. And that time came Abbadon and he's magic jeep. He has done a "go round trick" with it(i dont want to tell the trick because it's FsT's tactics) and shooted down 3 assaulters(1 with colt!!) and got the eastern flag. «FBr» had got it back but Abbadon done it again later. During that time AN|MaL have devastated the enemy with he's B17 goooood. Abbadon done he's trick for 3 more times and except 1 those were successful. During Abbadon's individual attacks RedFox and NaZGuL got the middle flag with their tigers and the allied tickets started to drop again. FsT got that 2 flags at the and of the match and won the game.

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