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♥música ♪

Reorganizadas las opciones del net_graph:

---- 0: Oculto.
---- 1: Datos permitidos en competitivo.
---- 2: Datos adicionales de entrada/salida de paquetes.
---- 3: Gráfico en tiempo real adicional.

When you change one optimal resolution [640x480 / 800x600 / 1024x768] image will appear green or black. To solve this problem, add the Set Launch Options following:


After that, add these settings in your userconfig's recommended to set it to Read Only

rate 25000
ex_interp 0.01
fps_max 99
cl_updaterate 101
cl_cmdrate 101
gl_vsync 0
cl_minmodels 1

With the new update appeared Mouse Acceleration function, which is default on. Therefore have a higher high sensitivity to stop this function, add the following command in userconfig.

cl_mousegrab 0

For those who use "cl_minmodels 1", you will need player models, the old ones can be downloaded from the following link:

New location where the game is installed, is in:

SteamApps/common/Half-Life/cstrike pcw.csgo cs:go csgo 5on5.csgo

-noforcemparms -noforcemaccel -noforcemspd -freq 100

sen 1.91

60 50 1'71


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pero si es mas antigua que el cagar... son del fifa 11,busca las canciones del fifa 11 que veras tu como te gusta alguna mas
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ya estas tardando en ponerte con el batin a bailar encima del escritorio SASASASA CHICA LOCA SASASASA, con el plumero limpiando el polvo de la habitacion
fLeKy hace 3 años;v=GbhIxpo8hc8# chica loca,mulata chica loca,bailinda!?!??! chica loca (x365) menuda lirica