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Sing, a song of Dawn
Dawn, the day reborn
Breath deep of the dawn before the storm

This hearth, this home
Wrested forth from tired fingers
Bathed in blood and sealed in stone

Soul scarred, twelve-fold
Beckoned by the bells of vengeance
Spirits bold

A lover lost
A family torn
A solemn pyre, raised to rouse the slumbering heaven

Fire in your eyes
Fire in your hearts
Steel as you sound the horns of war

Yet know the cost
For who shall mourn
When light is quenched, that another light burned brighter

Let not the rays
Of justice blind
A trust in grace and she shall reign

Soft, is the prince that can set a petal free
And yet, tis the storm that doth see the petal soar
High are the trees in the throes of liberty til unstirring skies consign her to memory

One kingdom's fall is another kingdom's freedom
One sovereign's war is another sovereign's peace
One mother's pride is another mother's sorrow; their tears both soak the land that they love

Two lives
Two swords
Given in to shadowed whispers; wicked words

Pray tell me true
Doth love the Dawn
A rival's cry for the oaths that spill her horror

Your time is come
A choice bestown
Tonight for unsung, say to turn

This night you need not work in vain


Fornax 25 May
Hola buenas, en el hilo del GameOn Bundle se moderó un comentario mío, y no entiendo muy bien por qué, si sólo decía que si alguien quería una Key que me sobraba que me enviara un MP.
LrDEros Feb '17
Qué de temas tienes creados. XD
DragonsJwl Feb '17
A mi no me moderas maldito cabrón. Te voy a hacer comer el bordillo, si te pillo por la calle te reviento. Avisado estás.
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