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Caked up and faked up, she's obsessed with the outside
Nothing earned, too afraid to fail, so she lead a hollow life void of insight
Loving what you see but hating what you think because between your mind and your body, there's a missing fucking link that leaves you vulnerable, susceptible to pain
You're a garden of potential submerged in the rain

True beauty can't be seen with the eyes

Armed, armed with a mind
I'm going to strengthen my action with thought
Make use of the gift that I got and walk fearless because I'm armed with a mind
A weak offense when you step to this
Mind over matter is power over fists
I walk fearless because I'm armed with a mind

I walk fearless with a mind far greater than a fucking fist

Spineless and mindless, you felx your muscles and not your fucking head
A deep man with a strong point made without one thoughtful word said
Huff and puff, the fierce fists will do the talking, can't speak for yourself so your crew's with you walking
Tell me what's worth fighting for and it better be something greater than an evening of the score

Boy, you're true strength sleeps behind your eyes

It's the absent minded fool who's afraid to think, to extend an open hand, to dare to earn a thing
It's the gift inside your head not to take for granted because an unexaminded life is a seed unplanted
As the animals, they can't reason but as humans we can, so are you just a wild animal or a rational man?
Our bodies take you nowhere, might does not make right
There's a gift inside your head called your mind


freskito24 Sep '11
este año no se estudia, solo se vicia al dead island, space marine y borderlands 2
freskito24 May '11
All these science spheres are made of asbestos by the way, keeps out the rats. Let us know if you feel a shortness of breath, a persistent dry cough or your heart stopping, because that's not part of the test - that's asbestos.
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Ains, cuantos recuerdos
Edea Dic '10
Así es. Yo tampoco la he visto aún.
Electronic Oct '10
Gracias por la recomendación del metro 2033 le hecharé un vistazo. : D
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