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The Dream of Huey Newton, that's what I'm livin' through
The Dream of Eric Wright, that's what I'm givin' you!
Who walk through the Whithouse without a business suit?
Compton had Jerry Curl drippin' on Ronald Reagens shoes
Gave Mike Lim my demo came here to pay my dues
Started of with Whoo Kid then I started blazin' Clue
It was all a Dream like BIG said it be
Don't sleep on me homie I bring nightmarers to reality
Rap Phenomenon defyin' the rulez of gravity
Studied all the classic start revisin my strategy
Cuz Marshall Mathers made it
Curtis Jackson made it
Head in the clouds wonderin where the hell Marvin Gaye went?
How do I say this, I'm livin' for my son but I can't figure, why I'm
at my temple with this gun
Wake up to a Jesus Piece like a Cathlic Nun
The War to be a rap legend had just begun

"Remember you after you are gone"
"Live your life like every day is your less"

'The Game' ends.

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"Live your life like every day is your less"

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