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"In the dawn there is a man progressing over the plain by means of holes which he is making in the ground. He uses an implement with two handles and he chucks it into the hole and he enkindles the stone in the hole with his steel hole by hole striking thefire out of the rock which God has put there.
On the plain behind him are the wanderers in search of bones and those who do not search and they move haltingly in the light like mechanisms whose movements are monitored with escapement and pallet so that they appear restrained by a prudence or reflectiveness which has no inner reality and they cross in their progress one by one that track of holes that runs to the rim of the visible ground and which seems less the pursuit of some continuance than the verification of a principle, a validation of sequence and causality as if each round and perfect hole owed its existence to the one before it there on that prairie upon which are the bones and the gatherers of bones and those who do not gather. He strikes fire in the hole and draws out his steel. Then they all move on again.


speedi Abr '17
premazo cuando vienes por los jereles pixa
un bejitoo
notiK Ago '16
Te he robado el avatar, un besi plaga.
Mafioso14 Jul '16
Claro claro, me refería a eso, 1.5M te da pa pagar hasta mensualidades a tus colegas y ahora con el cap de oro en 9kk la risa, te preguntaba porque si todo sale en mi guild quieren montar rusheitos (es solo un proyecto) y yo dije q me daba pereza, pero creo que no tanto ahora jaajajaja, bueno gracias!
Mafioso14 Jul '16
puta, soy el que te preguntaba en el hilo de los rushes, por curiosidad, cuanto oro teneis tu y tus colegas a base de rushes?
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