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Semana del 30 de Agosto al 5 de Septiembre
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Lunes 28

Black Monday S03E06 - Five!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E08 - Stressed Western
Evil S02E02 - A is for Avenging Angel
Rick and Morty S05E02 - Mortyplicity

Martes 29

Miércoles 30

Mr. Inbetween S03E07 - I'm Your Girl
Loki S01E04 - The Nexus Event
The Flash S07E15 - Enemy at the Gates

Jueves 1

Dave S02E04 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
The Good Fight S05E02 - Once There Was a Court

Viernes 2

Lisey's Story S01E06 - Now You Must Be Still
Physical S01E05 - Let's Agree to Disagree
The Bad Batch S01E10 - Common Ground

Sábado 3

Domingo 4


Lunes 5

Evil S02E03 - F is for Fire
Rick and Morty S05E03 - A Rickconvenient Mort

Martes 6

Miércoles 7

Mr. Inbetween S03E08 - I'll See You Soon
Loki S01E05 - Journey Into Mystery
The Flash S07E16 - P.O.W.

Jueves 8

Dave S02E05 - Bar Mitzvah
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness S01E01 - Episodio 1
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness S01E02 - Episodio 2
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness S01E03 - Episodio 3
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness S01E04 - Episodio 4
The Good Fight S05E03 - And the Court Had a Clerk...

Viernes 9

Atypical S04E01 - Magical Bird #1
Atypical S04E02 - Master of Penguins
Atypical S04E03 - You Say You Want a Revolution
Atypical S04E04 - Starters and Endings
Atypical S04E05 - Dead Dreams
Atypical S04E06 - Are You in Fair Health?
Atypical S04E07 - Channel the Cat
Atypical S04E08 - Magical Bird # 2
Atypical S04E09 - Player's Ball
Atypical S04E10 - Dessert at Olive Garden - Final de serie
Lisey's Story S01E07 - No Light, No Spark
Physical S01E06 - Let's Get It on Tape
The Bad Batch S01E11 - Devil's Deal

Sábado 10

Domingo 11


Lunes 12

Animal Kingdom S05E01 - Red Handed
Black Monday S03E07 - Four!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E09 - This Is Gus
Evil S02E04 - E is for Elevator
Rick and Morty S05E04 - Rickdependence Spray
The White Lotus S01E01 - Arrivals

Martes 13

Miércoles 14

Mr. Inbetween S03E09 - I'm Not Leaving - Final de serie
Loki S01E06 - - Serie renovada
Superman & Lois S01E12 - Through the Valley of Death
The Flash S07E17 - Heart of the Matter (1)

Jueves 15

American Horror Stories S01E01 - Rubber (WO)MAN (1)
American Horror Stories S01E02 - Rubber (WO)MAN (2)
Dave S02E06 - Somebody Date Me
Dr. Death S01E01 - Diplos
Dr. Death S01E02 - Ain't No Bum
Dr. Death S01E03 - Dock Ellis
Dr. Death S01E04 - An Occurrence at Randall Kirby's Sink
Dr. Death S01E05 - The Shit in the Bed
Dr. Death S01E06 - Occams Razor
Dr. Death S01E07 - Feet of Clay
Dr. Death S01E08 - Hardwood Floors - FInal de miniserie
The Good Fight S05E04 - And the Clerk Had a Firm...
The North Water S01E01 - Behold The Man

Viernes 16

Lisey's Story S01E08 - Lisey's Story - Final de miniserie
Physical S01E07 - Let's Take This Show on the Road
The Bad Batch S01E12 - Rescue on Ryloth

Sábado 17

Domingo 18

7 días después

Lunes 19

Animal Kingdom S05E02 - What Remains
Black Monday S03E08 - Three!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E10 - Bad Blood
Evil S02E05 - Z is for Zombies
Rick and Morty S05E05 - Amortycan Grickfitti
The White Lotus S01E02 - New Day

Martes 20

Miércoles 21

Superman & Lois S01E13 - Fail Safe
The Flash S07E18 - Heart of the Matter (2) - Serie renovada

Jueves 22

American Horror Stories S01E03 - Drive In
Dave S02E07 - Ad Man
The Good Fight S05E05 - And the Firm Had Two Partners...
The North Water S01E02 - We Men Are Wretched Things

Viernes 23

Masters of the Universe: Revelation S01E01 - The Power of Grayskull
Masters of the Universe: Revelation S01E02 - The Poisoned Chalice
Masters of the Universe: Revelation S01E03 - The Most Dangerous Man in Eternia
Masters of the Universe: Revelation S01E04 - Land of the Dead
Masters of the Universe: Revelation S01E05 - The Forge at the Forest Forever
Physical S01E08 - Let's Not and Say We Did
Ted Lasso S02E01 - Goodbye Earl
The Bad Batch S01E13 - Infested

Sábado 24

Domingo 25


Lunes 26

Animal Kingdom S05E03 - Freeride
Black Monday S03E09 - Two!
Evil S02E06 - C Is for Cop
Rick and Morty S05E06 - Rick and Morty's Thanksploitation Spectacular
The White Lotus S01E03 - Mysterious Monkeys

Martes 27

How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S03E01 - A single failure, a little slip
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S03E02 - A misdemeanor, a little trip
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S03E03 - Does this condemn me, lock me away?
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S03E04 - Before you turn the key, I have one more thing to say
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S03E05 - To make amends, maybe be friends
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S03E06 - Everybody gets a second chance

Miércoles 28

Jueves 29

American Horror Stories S01E04 - The Naughty List
Dave S02E08 - The Burds
The Good Fight S05E06 - And the Two Partners Had a Fight...
The North Water S01E03 - Homo Homini Lupus

Viernes 30

Physical S01E09 - Let's Face the Facts
Ted Lasso S02E02 - Lavender
The Bad Batch S01E14 - War Mantle

Sábado 31

Domingo 1


Lunes 2

Animal Kingdom S05E04 - Power
Black Monday S03E10 - One!
Rick and Morty S05E07 - Gotron Jerrysis Rickvangelion
The White Lotus S01E04 - Recentering

Martes 3

Miércoles 4

Jueves 5

American Horror Stories S01E05 - BA'AL
Dave S02E09 - Enlightened Dave
The Good Fight S05E07 - And the Fight Had a Detente
The North Water S01E04 - The Devils of the Earth

Viernes 6

Mr. Coman S01E01 - Don't Panic
Mr. Coman S01E02 - Good Luck
Physical S01E10 - Let's Get Together - SERIE RENOVADA
SOZ Soldados o Zombies S01E01 - The Breakout
SOZ Soldados o Zombies S01E02 - The Boss Is Back
SOZ Soldados o Zombies S01E03 - No Bosses
SOZ Soldados o Zombies S01E04 - Friends and Enemies
SOZ Soldados o Zombies S01E05 - The Perfect Soldier
SOZ Soldados o Zombies S01E06 - Chocolates
SOZ Soldados o Zombies S01E07 - The Devil Lurks
SOZ Soldados o Zombies S01E08 - We Are Not Animals

Ted Lasso S02E03 - Do the Right-est Thing
The Bad Batch S01E15 - Return to Kamino

Sábado 7

Domingo 8

8 días después

Lunes 9

Animal Kingdom S05E05 - Family Business
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E11 - The Final Frame
Rick and Morty S05E08 - Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort
The White Lotus S01E05 - The Lotus-Eaters

Martes 10

Reservation Dogs S01E01 - F*ckin' Rez Dogs
Reservation Dogs S01E02 - NDN Clinic

Miércoles 11

Stargirl S02E01 - Summer School: Chapter One
What If...? S01E01 - What If... Captain Carter Were the First Avenger?

Jueves 12

American Horror Stories S01E06 - Feral
Dave S02E10 - Dave
The Good Fight S05E08 - And The Detente Had an End
The North Water S01E05 - The Life Is to Suffer - Final de miniserie
Titans S03E01 - Barbara Gordon
Titans S03E02 - Red Hood
Titans S03E03 - Hank & Dove

Viernes 13

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S08E01 - The Good Ones
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S08E02 - The Lake House
Modern Love S02E01 - On a Serpentine Road, With the Top Down
Modern Love S02E02 - The Night Girl Finds a Day Boy
Modern Love S02E03 - Strangers on a (Dublin) Train
Modern Love S02E04 - A Life Plan for Two, Followed by One
Modern Love S02E05 - Am I...? Maybe This Quiz Game Will Tell Me
Modern Love S02E06 - In the Waiting Room of Estranged Spouses
Modern Love S02E07 - How Do You Remember Me?
Modern Love S02E08 - Second Embrace, With Hearts and Eyes Open
Mr. Coman S01E03 - Happy Birthday
Ted Lasso S02E04 - Carol of the Bells
The Bad Batch S01E16 - Kamino Lost - SERIE RENOVADA

Sábado 14

Domingo 15


Lunes 16

Animal Kingdom S05E06 - Home Sweet Home
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E12 - Bored On Board Onboard
Heels S01E01 - Kayfabe
The White Lotus S01E06 - Departures - SERIE RENOVADA

Martes 17

Reservation Dogs S01E03 - Uncle Brownie

Miércoles 18

Nine Perfect Strangers S01E01 - Random Acts of Mayhem
Nine Perfect Strangers S01E02 - The Critical Path
Nine Perfect Strangers S01E03 - Earth Day
Stargirl S02E02 - Summer School: Chapter Two
What If...? S01E02 - What If... T'Challa Became a Star-Lord?

Jueves 19

American Horror Stories S01E07 - Game Over
The Good Fight S05E09 - And the End Was Violent...
Titans S03E04 - Blackfire

Viernes 20

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S08E03 - Blue Flu
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S08E04 - Balancing
Mr. Coman S01E04 - Mr. Morales
Ted Lasso S02E05 - Rainbow
The Chair S01E01 - Brilliant Mistake
The Chair S01E02 - The Faculty Party
The Chair S01E03 - The Town Hall
The Chair S01E04 - Don't Kill Bill
The Chair S01E05 - The Last Bus in Town
The Chair S01E06 - The Chair
Truth Be Told S02E01 - Other Peoples Tears Are Only Water

Sábado 21

Domingo 22


Morty y Rick ya no vuelve hasta septiembre, tú

1 comentario movido a This Is Us - 5ª Temporada

Lunes 23

Animal Kingdom S05E07 - Splinter
Chapelwaite S01E01 - Blood Calls Blood
Chapelwaite S01E02 - Memento Mori
Chapelwaite S01E03 - Legacy of Madness
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E13 - Silence of the Sonograms
Heels S01E02 - Dusty Finish
The Walking Dead S11E01 - Acheron: Part I

Martes 24

Reservation Dogs S01E04 - What About Your Dad

Miércoles 25

Clickbait S01E01 - The Sister
Clickbait S01E02 - The Detective
Clickbait S01E03 - The Wife
Clickbait S01E04 - The Mistress
Clickbait S01E05 - The Reporter
Clickbait S01E06 - The Brother
Clickbait S01E07 - The Son
Clickbait S01E08 - The Answer - Final de miniserie
Nine Perfect Strangers S01E04 - Brave New World
Stargirl S02E03 - Summer School: Chapter Three
Supergirl S06E08 - Welcome Back, Kara
What If...? S01E03 - What If... the World Lost It's Mightiest Heroes?

Jueves 26

American Horror Story: Double Feature S10E01 - Cape Fear
American Horror Story: Double Feature S10E02 - Pale
Archer S12E01 - Identity Crisis
Archer S12E02 - Lowjacked
The Good Fight S05E10 - And the Violence Spread - Serie renovada
Titans S03E05 - Lazarus

Viernes 27

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S08E05 - PB & J
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S08E06 - The Set Up
Mr. Coman S01E05 - Action Adventure
See S02E01 - Brothers and Sisters
Ted Lasso S02E06 - The Signal
Truth Be Told S02E02 - Ghosts at the Feast

Sábado 28

Domingo 29


Lunes 30

Animal Kingdom S05E08 - Gladiators
Chapelwaite S01E04 - The Promised
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E14 - There Will Be Brood
Evil S02E07 - S Is for Silence
Heels S01E03 - Cheap Heat
The Walking Dead S11E02 - Acheron: Part II

Martes 31

Only Murders in the Building S01E01 - True Crime
Only Murders in the Building S01E02 - Who Is Tim Kono?
Only Murders in the Building S01E03 - How Well Do You Know Your Neighbors?
Reservation Dogs S01E05 - Come and Get Your Love

Miércoles 1

Nine Perfect Strangers S01E05 - Action Adventure
Stargirl S02E04 - Summer School: Chapter Four
Supergirl S06E09 - Dream Weaver
What If...? S01E04 - What If Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?

Jueves 2

American Horror Story: Double Feature S10E03 - Twisted Pleasures
Archer S12E03 - London Time
Titans S03E06 - Lady Vic

Viernes 3

Brooklyn Nine-Nine S08E07 - Game of Boyles
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S08E08 - Renewal
La Casa de Papel S05E01 - El final del camino
La Casa de Papel S05E02 - ¿Crees en la reencarnación?
La Casa de Papel S05E03 - El espectáculo de la vida
La Casa de Papel S05E04 - Tu sitio en el cielo
La Casa de Papel S05E05 - Vivir muchas vidas
Mr. Coman S01E06 - Funeral
See S02E02 - Forever
Ted Lasso S02E07 - Headspace
Truth Be Told S02E03 - If Wishes Were Horses
What We Do in the Shadows S03E01 - The Prisoner
What We Do in the Shadows S03E02 - The Cloak of Duplication

Sábado 4

Domingo 5

6 2 respuestas

#108 Se van a ventilar Brooklyn 99 enseguida a 2 capis por semana.


#108 walking dead s11e02? lo ví la semana pasada y de echo ya está disponible el The.Walking.Dead.S11E03.1080p.WEB.H264-GGEZ

1 respuesta

#110 Seguiré poniendo la fecha del estreno oficial por delante del estreno anticipado en AMC+.

Hay series como Evil o Chapelwaite que salen para descargar el domingo pero las seguiré poniendo los lunes.

1 respuesta

#111 que susto me he pegado al ver que the morning show sale la 3ra temporada y yo sin ver la segunda xd

1 1 respuesta

#112 Pues toca esperar hasta el día 17.


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