Guía de series de TV - ¿Qué veo hoy? - 2020 / 2021

Semana del 30 de Agosto al 5 de Septiembre

Lunes 15

American Gods S03E09 - The Lake Effect
Shameless S11E08 - Cancelled
The Walking Dead S10E19 - One More

Martes 16

Debris S01E03 - Solar Winds
Snowpiercer S02E08 - The Eternal Engineer

Miércoles 17

Mayans MC S03E01 - Pap Struggles with the Death Angel
Mayans MC S03E02 - The Orneriness of Kings
New Amsterdam S03E03 - Safe Enough
Superman & Lois S01E04 - Haywire
The Flash S07E03 - Mother
This Is Us S05E10 - I've Got This

Jueves 18

Snowfall S04E05 - The Get Back

Viernes 19

For All Mankind S02E05 - The Weight
Grey's Anatomy S17E08 - It's All Too Much
Servant S02E10 - Josephine - Serie renovada
Superstore S06E13 - Lowell Anderson
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E01 - New World Order
The Unicorn S02E13 - Put Your Mask on First

Sábado 20

Domingo 21

Final Space S03E01 - ...And Into The Fire


This Is Us vuelve

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ojo a la serie debris, que viene pisando fuerte.

Me trae recuerdos a x-files de los '90


gracias por las ideas


Lunes 22

American Gods S03E10 - Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree
Shameless S11E09 - Survivors
The Walking Dead S10E20 - Splinter

Martes 23

Debris S01E04 - In Universe
The Good Doctor S04E12 - Teeny Blue Eyes

Miércoles 24

Mayans MC S03E03 - Overreaching Don't Pay
New Amsterdam S03E04 - This Is All I Need
Superman & Lois S01E05 - The Best of Smallville
The Flash S07E04 - Central City Stone
This Is Us S05E11 - One Small Step...

Jueves 25

DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E01 - What the Thunder Said
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E02 - Princess of Nothing
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E03 - Neverwhere Land
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E04 - The Monster at the End of This Book
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E05 - The Fire Sermon
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E06 - The Knight, Death and the Devil
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E07 - Speak the Words
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E08 - A Game of Chess
SEAL Team S04E10 - A Question of Honor
Snowfall S04E06 - Say a Little Prayer

Viernes 26

For All Mankind S02E06 - Best-Laid Plans
Grey's Anatomy S17E09 - In My Life
Invincible S01E01 - It’s About Time
Invincible S01E02 - Here Goes Nothing
Invincible S01E03 - Who You Calling Ugly?
Superstore S06E14 - Perfect Store
Superstore S06E15 - All Sales Final - Final de serie
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E02 - The Star-Spangled Man

Sábado 27

The Blacklist S08E11 - Captain Kidd

Domingo 28

Final Space S03E02 - The Hidden Light


Lunes 29

City on a Hill S02E01 - Bill Russell's Bedsheets
Shameless S11E10 - DNR
The Rookie S03E08 - Bad Blood
The Walking Dead S10E21 - Diverged

Martes 30

Debris S01E05 - Earthshine
Snowpiercer S02E09 - The Show Must Go On
Snowpiercer S02E10 - Into The White - Serie renovada
The Good Doctor S04E13 - Spilled Milk

Miércoles 31

Mayans MC S03E04 - Our Gang's Dark Oath
New Amsterdam S03E05 - Blood, Sweat & Tears
Supergirl S06E01 - Rebirth
The Flash S07E05 - Fear Me

Jueves 1

Snowfall S04E07 - Through a Glass, Darkly

Viernes 2

Clarice S01E06 - How Does It Feel to Be So Beautiful?
For All Mankind S02E07 - Don't Be Cruel
Grey's Anatomy S17E10 - Breathe
Invincible S01E04 - Neil Armstrong Eat Your Heart Out
Manifest S03E01 - Tailfin
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E03 - Power Broker

Sábado 3

The Blacklist S08E12 - Rakitin

Domingo 4

Final Space S03E03 - The Ventrexian

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Lunes 5

City on a Hill S02E02 - I Need a Goat
Shameless S11E11 - The Fickle Lady Is Calling It Quits
The Rookie S03E09 - Amber
The Walking Dead S10E22 - Here's Negan - Serie renovada

Martes 6

Debris S01E06 - Supernova

Miércoles 7

Mayans MC S03E05 - Dark, Deep-Laid Plans
New Amsterdam S03E06 - Why Not Yesterday
Supergirl S06E02 - A Few Good Woman
The Flash S07E06 - The One with the Nineties
This Is Us S05E12 - Both Things Can Be True

Jueves 8

SEAL Team S04E11 - Limits of Loyalty
Snowfall S04E08 - Betrayal

Viernes 9

Clarice S01E07 - Ugly Truth
For All Mankind S02E08 - And Here's to You
Grey's Anatomy S17E11 - Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right
Invincible S01E05 - That Actually Hurt
Manifest S03E02 - Deadhead
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E04 - The Whole World Is Watching
Them: Covenant S01E01 - Day 1
Them: Covenant S01E02 - Day 3
Them: Covenant S01E03 - Day 4
Them: Covenant S01E04 - Day 6
Them: Covenant S01E05 - Covenant I
Them: Covenant S01E06 - Day 7 : Morning
Them: Covenant S01E07 - Day 7 : Night
Them: Covenant S01E08 - Covenant II
Them: Covenant S01E09 - Day 9
Them: Covenant S01E10 - Day 10

Sábado 10

Domingo 11

Final Space S03E04 - One of Us

7 días después

Lunes 12

City on a Hill S02E03 - Is the Total Black, Being Spoken
Shameless S11E12 - Father Frank, Full of Grace - Final de serie
The Nevers S01E01 - Touched
The Rookie S03E10 - Man of Honor
Fear The Walking Dead S06E08 - The Door

Martes 13

Debris S01E07 - You Can Call Her Caroline

Miércoles 14

Big Sky S01E10 - Catastrophic Thinking
Big Sky S01E11 - All Kind of Shakes
Mayans MC S03E06 - You Can't Pray a Lie
New Amsterdam S03E07 - The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer
Prodigal Son S02E08 - Ouroboros
Supergirl S06E03 - Phantom Menaces
The Flash S07E07 - Growing Pains
This Is Us S05E13 - Brotherly Love

Jueves 15

Snowfall S04E09 - Sleeping Dogs

Viernes 16

For All Mankind S02E09 - Triage
Grey's Anatomy S17E12 - Sign O' the Times
Invincible S01E06 - You Look Kinda Dead
Manifest S03E03 - Wingman
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E05 - Truth

Sábado 17

The Blacklist S08E13 - Anne

Domingo 18

Final Space S03E05 - All The Moments Lost


Shameless :broken_heart:


Lunes 19

City on a Hill S02E04 - Overtime White and Overtime Stupid
Godfather of Harlem S02E01 - The French Connection
Mare of Easttown S01E01 - Miss Lady Hawk Herself
The Nevers S01E02 - Exposure
The Rookie S03E11 - New Blood
Fear The Walking Dead S06E09 - Things Left to Do

Martes 20

Debris S01E08 - Spaceman
The Good Doctor S04E14 - Gender Reveal

Miércoles 21

Big Sky S01E12 - No Better Than Dogs
Mayans MC S03E07 - What Comes of Handlin' Snakeskin
New Amsterdam S03E08 - Catch
Prodigal Son S02E09 - The Killabustas
Supergirl S06E04 - Lost Souls

Jueves 22

SEAL Team S04E12 - Rearview Mirror
Snowfall S04E10 - Fight or Flight - Serie renovada

Viernes 23

For All Mankind S02E10 - The Grey - Serie renovada
Grey's Anatomy S17E13 - Good as Hell
Invincible S01E07 - We Need To Talk
Manifest S03E04 - Tailspin
Shadow and Bone S01E01 - A Searing Burst of Light
Shadow and Bone S01E02 - We're All Someone's Monster
Shadow and Bone S01E03 - The Making at the Heart of the World
Shadow and Bone S01E04 - Otkazat'sya
Shadow and Bone S01E05 - Show Me Who You Are
Shadow and Bone S01E06 - The Heart Is An Arrow
Shadow and Bone S01E07 - The Unsea
Shadow and Bone S01E08 - No Mourners
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E06 - One World One People

Sábado 24

The Blacklist S08E14 - Misere

Domingo 25

Final Space S03E06 - Change is Gonna Come

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Lunes 26

City on a Hill S02E05 - East of Eden
Godfather of Harlem S02E02 - Sting Like a Bee
Mare of Easttown S01E02 - Fathers
The Nevers S01E03 - Ignition
Fear The Walking Dead S06E10 - Handle with Care

Martes 27

Debris S01E09 - Do You Know Icarus?
The Good Doctor S04E15 - Waiting

Miércoles 28

Big Sky S01E13 - White Lion
Mayans MC S03E08 - A Mixed-up and Splendid Rescue
New Amsterdam S03E09 - Disconnected
Prodigal Son S02E10 - Exit Strategy
Supergirl S06E05 - Prom Night!

Jueves 29

The Handmaid's Tale S04E01 - Pigs
The Handmaid's Tale S04E02 - Nightshade
The Handmaid's Tale S04E03 - The Crossing

Viernes 30

El Inocente S01E01 - Episodio 1
El Inocente S01E02 - Episodio 2
El Inocente S01E03 - Episodio 3
El Inocente S01E04 - Episodio 4
El Inocente S01E05 - Episodio 5
El Inocente S01E06 - Episodio 6
El Inocente S01E07 - Episodio 7
El Inocente S01E08 - Episodio 8
Invincible S01E08 - Where I Really Come From - Serie renovada
Manifest S03E05 - Water Landing
Manifest S03E06 - Graveyard Spiral
The Mosquito Coast S01E01 - Light Out
The Mosquito Coast S01E02 - foxes and coyotes

Sábado 1

The Blacklist S08E15 - The Russian Knot

Domingo 2

Final Space S03E07 - The Chamber of Doubt


El viernes 30 estrenan esto.

7 días después

Lunes 3

City on a Hill S02E06 - Don't Go Sayin Last Words
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E01 - Ground Control to Sara Lance
Fear The Walking Dead S06E11 - The Holding
Godfather of Harlem S02E03 - The Fruit Stand Riot
Mare of Easttown S01E03 - Enter Number Two
The Girlfriend Experience S03E01 - Mirrors
The Girlfriend Experience S03E02 - Everyone's Got a Price
The Nevers S01E04 - Undertaking
The Rookie S03E12 - Brave Heart

Martes 4

Debris S01E10 - I Am Icarus
The Bad Batch S01E01 - Aftermath

Miércoles 5

Big Sky S01E14 - Nice Animals
Mayans MC S03E09 - The House of Death Floats By
New Amsterdam S03E10 - Radical
Prodigal Son S02E11 - You Can Run...
Supergirl S06E06 - Prom Again! (2)
The Flash S07E08 - The People V. Killer Frost
The Handmaid's Tale S04E04 - Milk

Jueves 6

SEAL Team S04E13 - Do No Harm

Viernes 7

Grey's Anatomy S17E14 - Look Up Child
Jupiter's Legacy S01E01 - By Dawn's Early Light
Jupiter's Legacy S01E02 - Paper and Stone
Jupiter's Legacy S01E03 - Painting the Clouds With Sunshine
Jupiter's Legacy S01E04 - All the Devils Are Here
Jupiter's Legacy S01E05 - What's the Use?
Jupiter's Legacy S01E06 - Cover Her Face
Jupiter's Legacy S01E07 - Omnes Pro Uno
Jupiter's Legacy S01E08 - How It All Ends
Manifest S03E07 - Precious Cargo
Manifest S03E08 - Destination Unknown
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E01 - Titans Rift
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E02 - Grouchy Goat
The Bad Batch S01E02 - Cut and Run
The Mosquito Coast S01E03 - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Sábado 8

The Blacklist S08E16 - Nicholas Obenrader

Domingo 9

Final Space S03E08 - Forgiveness


Lunes 10

City on a Hill S02E07 - Apophasis
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E02 - Meat: The Legends
Fear The Walking Dead S06E12 - In Dreams
Godfather of Harlem S02E04 - The Geechee
Mare of Easttown S01E04 - Poor Sisyphus
The Girlfriend Experience S03E03 - Deepfake
The Nevers S01E05 - Hanged
The Rookie S03E13 - Triple Duty

Martes 11

Debris S01E11 - Asalah
The Good Doctor S04E16 - Dr. Ted

Miércoles 12

Big Sky S01E15 - Bitter Roots
Mayans MC S03E10 - Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write - Serie renovada
New Amsterdam S03E11 - Pressure Drop
Prodigal Son S02E12 - Sun and Fun
Supergirl S06E07 - Fear Knot
The Flash S07E09 - Timeless
The Handmaid's Tale S04E05 - Chicago
This Is Us S05E14 - The Music and the Mirror

Jueves 13

Castlevania S04E01 - Murder Wakes It Up
Castlevania S04E02 - Having the World
Castlevania S04E03 - Walk Away
Castlevania S04E04 - You Must Sacrifice
Castlevania S04E05 - Back in the World
Castlevania S04E06 - You Don't Deserve My Blood
Castlevania S04E07 - The Great Work
Castlevania S04E08 - Death Magic
Castlevania S04E09 - The Endings
Castlevania S04E10 - It's Been a Strange Ride - Final de serie
SEAL Team S04E14 - Hollow at the Core

Viernes 14

Clarice S01E09 - Silence Is Purgatory
Halston S01E01 - Becoming Halston
Halston S01E02 - Versailles
Halston S01E03 - The Sweet Smell of Success
Halston S01E04 - The Party's Over
Halston S01E05 - Critics - Final de miniserie
Love, Death & Robots S02E01 - Pop Squad
Love, Death & Robots S02E02 - Life Hutch
Love, Death & Robots S02E03 - Ice
Love, Death & Robots S02E04 - The Tall Grass
Love, Death & Robots S02E05 - Automated Customer Service
Love, Death & Robots S02E06 - All Through the House
Love, Death & Robots S02E07 - The Drowned Giant
Love, Death & Robots S02E08 - Snow in the Desert - Serie renovada
Manifest S03E09 - Bogey
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E03 - #YumYum
The Bad Batch S01E03 - Remplacements
The Mosquito Coast S01E04 - Bus Stop
The Underground Railroad S01E01 - Georgia
The Underground Railroad S01E02 - South Carolina
The Underground Railroad S01E03 - North Carolina
The Underground Railroad S01E04 - The Great Spirit
The Underground Railroad S01E05 - Tennessee – Exodus
The Underground Railroad S01E06 - Tennessee – Proverbs
The Underground Railroad S01E07 - Fanny Briggs
The Underground Railroad S01E08 - Indiana Autumn
The Underground Railroad S01E09 - Indiana Winter
The Underground Railroad S01E10 - Mabel - Final de miniserie

Sábado 15

The Blacklist S08E17 - Ivan Stepanov

Domingo 16

Final Space S03E09 - Hyper-Transdimensional Bridge Rising

7 días después

Lunes 17

City on a Hill S02E08 - Pax Bostonia
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E03 - The Ex-Factor
Fear The Walking Dead S06E13 - J.D.
Godfather of Harlem S02E05 - It's a Small World After All
Mare of Easttown S01E05 - Illusions
The Girlfriend Experience S03E04 - Shuffle
The Nevers S01E06 - True
The Rookie S03E14 - Threshold - Serie renovada

Martes 18

Debris S01E12 - A Message from Ground Control
The Good Doctor S04E17 - Letting Go

Miércoles 19

Big Sky S01E16 - Love is a Strange and Dangerous Thing - Serie renovada
New Amsterdam S03E12 - Things Fall Apart
Prodigal Son S02E13 - The Last Weekend
Superman & Lois S01E06 - Broken Trust
The Flash S07E10 - Family Matters, Part 1
The Handmaid's Tale S04E06 - Vows
This Is Us S05E15 - Jerry 2.0

Jueves 20

SEAL Team S04E15 - Nightmare of My Choice

Viernes 21

Grey's Anatomy S17E15 - Tradition
Manifest S03E10 - Compass Calibration
M.O.D.O.K. S01E01 - IF THIS BE ... M.O.D.O.K.!
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E04 - Breaking Brad
Solos S01E01 - LEAH
Solos S01E02 - TOM
Solos S01E03 - PEG
Solos S01E04 - SASHA
Solos S01E05 - JENNY
Solos S01E06 - NERA
Solos S01E07 - STUART - Final de miniserie
The Bad Batch S01E04 - Cornered
The Mosquito Coast S01E05 - Elvis, Jesus, Coca Cola

Sábado 22

The Blacklist S08E18 - The Protean

Domingo 23

Final Space S03E10 - Until the Sky Falls
Master of None: Moments in Love S03E01 - Chapter 1
Master of None: Moments in Love S03E02 - Chapter 2
Master of None: Moments in Love S03E03 - Chapter 3
Master of None: Moments in Love S03E04 - Chapter 4
Master of None: Moments in Love S03E05 - Chapter 5


Lunes 24

Black Monday S03E01 - TEN!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E04 - Bay of Squids
Fear The Walking Dead S06E14 - Mother
Godfather of Harlem S02E06 - The Ballot or the Bullet
In Treatment S04E01 - Eladio - Week 1
In Treatment S04E02 - Colin - Week 1
Mare of Easttown S01E06 - Sore Must Be the Storm
The Girlfriend Experience S03E05 - Control Shift

Martes 25

Debris S01E13 - Celestial Body
In Treatment S04E03 - Laila - Week 1
In Treatment S04E04 - Brooke - Week 1
The Good Doctor S04E18 - Forgive or Forget

Miércoles 26

Mr. Inbetween S03E01 - Coulda Shoulda
Mr. Inbetween S03E02 - Champ
Superman & Lois S01E07 - Man of Steel
The Flash S07E11 - Family Matters, Part 2
The Handmaid's Tale S04E07 - Home
This Is Us S05E16 - The Adirondacks - Serie renovada

Jueves 27

SEAL Team S04E16 - One Life To Live - Serie renovada

Viernes 28

Grey's Anatomy S17E16 - I'm Still Standing
Lucifer S05E09 - Family Dinner
Lucifer S05E10 - Bloody Celestial Karaoke Jam
Lucifer S05E11 - Resting Devil Face
Lucifer S05E12 - Daniel Espinoza: Naked and Afraid
Lucifer S05E13 - A Little Harmless Stalking
Lucifer S05E14 - Nothing Lasts Forever
Lucifer S05E15 - Is This Really How It's Going To End?!
Lucifer S05E16 - A Chance at a Happy Ending - Serie renovada
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E05 - Please Sign Here
Panic S01E01 - Panic
Panic S01E02 - Heights
Panic S01E03 - Traps
Panic S01E04 - Escape
Panic S01E05 - Phantoms
Panic S01E06 - Dead End
Panic S01E07 - Trust
Panic S01E08 - Returns
Panic S01E09 - Cages
Panic S01E10 - Joust
The Bad Batch S01E05 - Rampage
The Mosquito Coast S01E06 - Calaca

Sábado 29

The Blacklist S08E19 - Balthazar 'Bino' Baker

Domingo 30

Final Space S03E11 - The Dead Speak

7 días después

Lunes 31

Black Monday S03E02 - Nine!
In Treatment S04E05 - Eladio - Week 2
In Treatment S04E06 - Colin - Week 2
Mare of Easttown S01E07 - Sacrament - Final de miniserie
The Girlfriend Experience S03E06 - The Embrace

Martes 1

In Treatment S04E07 - Laila - Week 2
In Treatment S04E08 - Brooke - Week 2
The Good Doctor S04E19 - Venga

Miércoles 2

Mr. Inbetween S03E03 - All I Ever Wanted
New Amsterdam S03E13 - Fight Time
Superman & Lois S01E08 - Holding the Wrench
The Handmaid's Tale S04E08 - Testimony

Jueves 3

Viernes 4

Clarice S01E10 - Motherless Child
Grey's Anatomy S17E17 - Someone Saved My Life Tonight - Serie renovada
Lisey's Story S01E01 - Bool Hunt
Lisey's Story S01E02 - Bool Blood
Manifest S03E11 - Duty Free
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E06 - Backstory!
The Bad Batch S01E06 - Decommissioned
The Mosquito Coast S01E07 - The Glass Sandwich - Serie renovada
Sweet Tooth S01E01 - Out of the Deep Woods
Sweet Tooth S01E02 - Sorry About All the Dead People
Sweet Tooth S01E03 - Weird Deer S**t
Sweet Tooth S01E04 - Secret Sauce
Sweet Tooth S01E05 - What's in the Freezer?
Sweet Tooth S01E06 - Stranger Danger on a Train
Sweet Tooth S01E07 - When Pubba Met Birdie
Sweet Tooth S01E08 - Big Man

Sábado 5

The Blacklist S08E20 - Godwin Page

Domingo 6

Final Space S03E12 - The Leaving

10 1 respuesta

#81 El último de Final Space no?.

Que dios nos pille confesaos!.

1 respuesta

#82 No, son 13.


creo que falta en la lista el de fear de walking dead no?

1 respuesta

#84 No, porque aunque el capítulo 15 ya está disponible porque sale todos los jueves de manera anticipada online, su estreno oficial en la AMC sigue siendo los domingos por la noche (ya lunes en España.)


Lunes 7

Black Monday S03E03 - EIGHT!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E05 - The Satanist's Apprentice
Fear The Walking Dead S06E15 - USS Pennsylvania
In Treatment S04E09 - Eladio - Week 3
In Treatment S04E10 - Colin - Week 3
The Girlfriend Experience S03E07 - Black Box

Martes 8

In Treatment S04E11 - Laila - Week 3
In Treatment S04E12 - Brooke - Week 3
The Good Doctor S04E20 - Vamos - Serie renovada

Miércoles 9

Mr. Inbetween S03E04 - Cut the Crap Princess
Loki S01E01 - Glorious Purpose
New Amsterdam S03E14 - Death Begins in Radiology - Serie renovada
Superman & Lois S01E09 - Loyal Subjekts
The Flash S07E12 - Good-Bye Vibrations
The Handmaid's Tale S04E09 - Progress

Jueves 10

Viernes 11

Clarice S01E11 - Achiller Heal
Lisey's Story S01E03 - Under the Yum-Yum Tree
Lupin S01E06 - Chapter 6
Lupin S01E07 - Chapter 7
Lupin S01E08 - Chapter 8
Lupin S01E09 - Chapter 9
Lupin S01E10 - Chapter 10 - Serie renovada
Manifest S03E12 - Mayday (1)
Manifest S03E13 - Mayday (2) - Serie cancelada
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E07 - Peter
The Bad Batch S01E07 - Battle Scars

Sábado 12

Domingo 13

Final Space S03E13 - The Devil's Den


Lunes 14

Black Monday S03E04 - Seven!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E06 - Bishop's Gambit
Fear The Walking Dead S06E16 - The Beginning - Serie renovada
In Treatment S04E13 - Eladio - Week 4
In Treatment S04E14 - Colin - Week 4
The Girlfriend Experience S03E08 - A Set of Lies Agreed Upon

Martes 15

In Treatment S04E15 - Laila - Week 4
In Treatment S04E16 - Brooke - Week 4

Miércoles 16

Dave S02E01 - International Gander
Dave S02E02 - Antsy
Mr. Inbetween S03E05 - Before I Went To War
Loki S01E02 - The Variant
Superman & Lois S01E10 - O Mother, Where Art Thou?
The Flash S07E13 - Masquerade
The Handmaid's Tale S04E10 - The Wilderness - Serie renovada

Jueves 17

Black Summer S02E01 - The Cold
Black Summer S02E02 - Prelude
Black Summer S02E03 - Card Game
Black Summer S02E04 - Cold War
Black Summer S02E05 - White Horse
Black Summer S02E06 - Currency
Black Summer S02E07 - The Lodge
Black Summer S02E08 - The Plane
The Blacklist S08E21 - Nachalo

Viernes 18

Clarice S01E12 - Father Time
Lisey's Story S01E04 - Jim Dandy
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E08 - Juice Box
Physical S01E01 - Let's Do This Thing
Physical S01E02 - Let's Get Political
Physical S01E03 - Let's Get Down To Business
The Bad Batch S01E08 - Reunion

Sábado 19

Domingo 20


vaya currada chicos, sois los mejores


Lunes 21

Black Monday S03E05 - Six!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E07 - Back to the Finale Part II
Evil S02E01 - N is for Night Terrors
Rick and Morty S05E01 - Mort Dinner Rick Andre
The Girlfriend Experience S03E09 - State of Mind
The Girlfriend Experience S03E10 - Integration

Martes 22

Miércoles 23

Mr. Inbetween S03E06 - Ray Who?
Loki S01E03 - Lamentis
Superman & Lois S01E11 - A Brief Reminiscence In-Between Cataclysmic Events
The Flash S07E14 - Rayo de Luz

Jueves 24

Dave S02E03 - The Observer
The Blacklist S08E22 - Konets - Serie renovada
The Good Fight S05E01 - Previously On

Viernes 25

Bosch S07E01 - Brazen
Bosch S07E02 - The Dog You Feed
Bosch S07E03 - Sabes Demasiado
Bosch S07E04 - Triple Play
Bosch S07E05 - Jury's Still Out
Bosch S07E06 - The Greater Good
Bosch S07E07 - Workaround
Bosch S07E08 - Por Sonia - Final de serie
Clarice S01E13 - Family is Freedom
Lisey's Story S01E05 - The Good Brother
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E09 - TBD
Physical S01E04 - Let's Get This Party Started
The Bad Batch S01E09 - Bounty Lost

Sábado 26

Domingo 27

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