Guía de series de TV - ¿Qué veo hoy?

Semana del 17 al 23 de Junio

Lunes 18

American Gods S02E02 - The Beguiling Man
Billions S04E01 - Chucky Rhoades's Greatest Game
Black Monday S01E08 - 7042
Fleabag S02E03 - Episode 3
Good Girls S02E03 - You Have Reached The Voicemail Of Leslie Peterson
Now Apocalypse S01E02 - Where Is My Mind?
SMILF S02E08 - Sex Makes It Less Formal
Star Wars Resistance S01E21 - No Escape: Part 2 - ¿?
Supergirl S04E15 - O Brother, Where Art Thou?
The Walking Dead S09E14 - Scars

Martes 19

9-1-1 S02E11 - New Beginnings
Arrow S07E16 - Star City 2040
Black Lightning S02E16 - The Book of the Apocalypse: Chapter Two: The Omega - Serie renovada
Bull S03E17 - Parental Guidance
Derry Girls S02E03 - Episode 3

Miércoles 20

Miracle Workers S01E06 - 1 Day
The Flash S05E17 - Time Bomb
The Rookie S01E16 - Greenlight
This Is Us S03E16 - Don't Take My Sunshine Away
White Gold S02E03 - Episode 3

Jueves 21

Deadly Class S01E10 - Sink With California - ¿?
Empire S05E11 - In Loving Virtue
Modern Family S10E18 - Can't Elope
Riverdale S03E16 - Chapter Fifty-One: Big Fun
SEAL Team S02E14 - What Appears to Be
The Act S01E01 - La Maison du Bon Reve
The Act S01E02 - The Body
The Good Fight S03E02 - The One Inspired by Roy Cohn
The Magicians S04E09 - The Serpent
You're The Worst S05E11 - Four Goddamn More Days

Viernes 22

Better Things S03E04 - Monsters in the Moonlight
Broad City S05E09 - Along Came Molly
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S06E11 - The Therapist
Doom Patrol S01E06 - Doom Patrol Patrol
Gotham S05E10 - I Am Bane
Grey's Anatomy S15E18 - Add It Up
Star Trek: Discovery S02E10 - The Red Angel
Supernatural S14E16 - Don't Go In The Woods
Superstore S04E12 - Blizzard
The Grand Tour S03E11 - A Grand Tour
The OA S02E01 - Chapter 1: Angel of Death
The OA S02E02 - Chapter 2: Treasure Island
The OA S02E03 - Chapter 3: Magic Mirror
The OA S02E04 - Chapter 4: SYZYGY
The OA S02E05 - Chapter 5: The Medium & the Engineer
The OA S02E06 - Chapter 6: Mirror Mirror
The OA S02E07 - Chapter 7: Nina Azarova
The OA S02E08 - Chapter 8: Overview - ¿?
The Orville S02E11 - Lasting Impressions

Sábado 23

Blindspot S04E16 - The One Where Jane Visits an Old Friend
The Blacklist S06E12 - Bastien Moreau: Conclusion

Domingo 24

Traitors S01E06 - Episode 6 - ¿?


Lunes 25

American Gods S02E03 - Muninn
Billions S04E02 - Arousal Template
Black Monday S01E09 - 2
Fleabag S02E04 - Episode 4
Good Girls S02E04 - Pick Your Posion
Into the Badlands S03E09 - Chamber of the Scorpion
Now Apocalypse S01E03 - The Rules of Attraction
SMILF S02E09 - Single Mom Is Losing Faith
Supergirl S04E16 - The House of L
The Walking Dead S09E15 - The Calm Before

Martes 26

9-1-1 S02E12 - Chimney Begins
Arrow S07E17 - Inheritance
Derry Girls S02E04 - Episode 4
Knightfall S02E01 - God's Executioners
Into the Badlands S03E10 - Raven's Feather, Phoenix Blood

Miércoles 27

Absentia S02E01 - Casualties
Miracle Workers S01E07 - 1 Hour -
The Rookie S01E17 - The Shake Up
This Is Us S03E17 - R & B
What We Do in the Shadows S01E01 - Pilot
White Gold S02E04 - Episode 4

Jueves 28

Empire S05E12 - Shift and Save Yourself
Happy S02E01 - The War on Easter
Riverdale S03E17 - Chapter Fifty-Two: The Master
SEAL Team S02E15 - You Only Die Once
The Act S01E03 - Two Wolverines
The Good Fight S03E03 - The One Where Diane Joins the Resistance
The Magicians S04E10 - All That Hard, Glossy Armor
You're The Worst S05E12 - We Were Having Such a Nice Day

Viernes 29

Better Things S03E05 - No Limit
Broad City S05E10 - - Final de serie
Doom Patrol S01E07 - Therapy Patrol
Gomorra S04E01 -
Gomorra S04E02 -
Grey's Anatomy S15E19 - Silent All These Years
Hanna S01E02 - Friend
Hanna S01E03 - City
Hanna S01E04 - Father
Hanna S01E05 - Town
Hanna S01E06 - Mother
Hanna S01E07 - Road
Hanna S01E08 - Utrax - ¿?
On My Block S02E01 - Chapter Eleven
On My Block S02E02 - Chapter Twelve
On My Block S02E03 - Chapter Thirteen
On My Block S02E04 - Chapter Fourteen
On My Block S02E05 - Chapter Fifteen
On My Block S02E06 - Chapter Sixteen
On My Block S02E07 - Chapter Seventeen
On My Block S02E08 - Chapter Eighteen
On My Block S02E09 - Chapter Nineteen
On My Block S02E10 - Chapter Twenty - ¿?
Santa Clarita Diet S03E01 - Wuffenloaf
Santa Clarita Diet S03E02 - Knighttime
Santa Clarita Diet S03E03 - We Let People Die Every Day
Santa Clarita Diet S03E04 - More of a Cat Person
Santa Clarita Diet S03E05 - Belle and Sebastian Protect the Head
Santa Clarita Diet S03E06 - The Chicken and the Pear
Santa Clarita Diet S03E07 - A Specific Form of Recklessness
Santa Clarita Diet S03E08 - Forever!
Santa Clarita Diet S03E09 - Zombody
Santa Clarita Diet S03E10 - The Cult of Sheila - ¿?
Star Trek: Discovery S02E11 - Perpetual Infinity
Superstore S04E13 - Lovebirds
The Grand Tour S03E12 - Legends and Luggage
The Orville S02E12 - Sanctuary

Sábado 30

The Blacklist S06E13 - Rovert Vesco
The Blacklist S06E14 - The Osterman Umbrella Company

Domingo 31


Lunes 1

American Gods S02E04 - The Greatest Story Ever Told
Barry S02E01 - The Show Must Go On, Probably?
Billions S04E03 - Chickentown
Black Monday S01E10 - 0 - ¿?
Fleabag S02E05 - Episode 5
Good Girls S02E05 - Everything Must Go
Now Apocalypse S01E04 - The Downward Spiral
SMILF S02E10 - Stop Making It Less Fun - Final de serie
Supergirl S04E17 - All About Eve
The Walking Dead S09E16 - The Storm - Serie renovada

Martes 2

9-1-1 S02E13 - Fight or Flight
Bull S03E18 - Don't Say a Word
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E09 - Lucha de Apuestas
Derry Girls S02E05 - Episode 5
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E01 - The Comedian
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E02 - Nightmare at 30,000 Feet
Knightfall S02E02 - The Devil Inside
Into the Badlands S03E11 - The Boar and the Butterfly

Miércoles 3

Absentia S02E02 - Madness
The Last O.G. S02E01 - Ladies First
The Rookie S01E18 - Homefront
This Is Us S03E18 - Her - Serie renovada
What We Do in the Shadows S01E02 - City Council
White Gold S02E05 - Episode 5

Jueves 4

Brockmire S03E01 - Clubhouse Cancer
Empire S05E13 - Hot Blood, Hot Thoughts, Hot Deeds
Happy S02E02 - Tallahassee
Modern Family S10E19 - Yes-Woman
SEAL Team S02E16 - Dirt, Dirt, Gucci
The Act S01E04 - The Tower
The Good Fight S03E04 - The One with Lucca Becoming a Meme
The Magicians S04E11 - The 4-1-1
You're The Worst S05E13 - Pancakes - Final de serie

Viernes 5

Better Things S03E06 - What Is Jeopardy?
Doom Patrol S01E08 - Danny Patrol
Gomorra S04E03 -
Gomorra S04E04 -
Grey's Anatomy S15E20 - The Whole Package
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E01 - Restless Energy
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E02 - White Lines
Star Trek: Discovery S02E12 - Through the Valley of Shadows
Supernatural S14E17 - Game Night
Superstore S04E14 - Minor Crimes
The Big Bang Theory S12E18 - The Laureate Accumulation
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S01E12 - Chapter Twelve: The Epiphany
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S01E13 - Chapter Thirteen: The Passion of Sabrina Spellman
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S01E14 - Chapter Fourteen: Lupercalia
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S01E15 - Chapter Fifteen: Doctor Cerberus's House of Horror
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S01E16 - Chapter Sixteen: Blackwood
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S01E17 - Chapter Seventeen: The Missionaries
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S01E18 - Chapter Eighteen: The Miracles of Sabrina Spellman
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S01E19 - Chapter Nineteen: The Mandrake
The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina S01E20 - Chapter Twenty: The Mephisto Waltz
The Grand Tour S03E13 - The Flat Pack
Young Sheldon S02E18 - A Perfect Score and a Bunsen Burner Marshmallow

Sábado 6

Blindspot S04E17 - The Night of the Dying Breath
Into the Dark S01E07 - I'm Just Fucking with You
MacGyver S03E18 - Murdoc + Helman + Hit
The Blacklist S06E15 - Olivia Olson
Warrior S01E01 - The Itchy Onion

Domingo 7

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#63 Mírate si los 3 últimos links de #1 en la guía semanal están bien, porque me envía a la segunda página xD

Estos 3: Semana del 1 al 7 de Abril, Semana del 25 al 31 de Marzo, Semana del 18 al 24 de Marzo


Lunes 8

American Gods S02E05 - The Ways of the Dead
Barry S02E02 - The Power of No
Billions S04E04 - Overton Window
Fleabag S02E06 - Episode 6 - Final de serie
Good Girls S02E06 - Take Off Your Pants
Killing Eve S02E01 - Do You Know How to Dispose of a Body?
Now Apocalypse S01E05 - Stranger Than Paradise
The Chi S02E01 - Eruptions

Martes 9

DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E10 - The Getaway
Derry Girls S02E06 - Episode 6 - ¿?
Knightfall S02E03 - Faith
Into the Badlands S03E12 - Cobra Fang, Panther Claw

Miércoles 10

Absentia S02E03 - Guilty
Fosse/Verdon S01E01 - Life is a Cabaret
New Amsterdam (2018) S01E17 - Sanctuary
The Last O.G. S02E02 - Git Up Git Out & Git Something
The Rookie S01E19 - The Checklist
What We Do in the Shadows S01E03 - Werewolf Feud
White Gold S02E06 - Episode 6 - ¿?
You Me Her S04E01 - Triangular Peg, Meet Round Hole

Jueves 11

Brockmire S03E02 - Player To Be Named Later
Empire S05E14 - Without All Remedy
Happy S02E03 - Some Girls Need a Lot of Repenting
Modern Family S10E20 - Can't Elope
SEAL Team S02E17 - Paradise Lost
The Act S01E05 - Plan B
The Good Fight S03E05 - The One Where a Nazi Gets Punched
The Magicians S04E12 - The Secret Sea
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E03 - Rewind

Viernes 12

Better Things S03E07 - Toilet
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S06E12 - Casecation
Doom Patrol S01E09 - Jane Patrol
Gomorra S04E05 -
Gomorra S04E06 -
Grey's Anatomy S15E21 - Good Sheperd
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E03 - Shadow Selves
Star Trek: Discovery S02E13 - Such Sweet Sorrow
Supernatural S14E18 - Absence
Superstore S04E15 - Salary
The Grand Tour S03E14 - Funeral for a Ford
The Orville S02E12 - Sanctuary

Sábado 13

Blindspot S04E18 - 'Ohana
MacGyver S03E19 - Friends + Enemies + Border
The Blacklist S06E16 - Lady Luck
Warrior S01E02 - There's No China in the Bible

Domingo 14

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¿Por qué no pones los capítulos de The Good Fight? :(

1 respuesta

#66 Del 3x04 me olvidé, pero después ya no salen más capítulos en la web que utilizo para hacer la guía :man_shrugging: Tengo que mirar en la wikipedia y al ser la única pues a veces se me olvida xD

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#67 Pues esa web que usas es tonta y fea.


#67 The Futon Critic es tu amigo

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#69 Error, no pone el nombre del capítulo 3x05, cosa que sí pone en la wikipedia :wink:


#65 Según la pagina que ha puesto 69. Esta semana hay capitulo de Big Bang Theory ( )

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#71 A esa web ni caso que hay parón hasta el día 19.

1 respuesta

#72 Pues debe tener fallos, porque dice que TBBT acaba el 16 de mayo cuando es el 23, por decir una cosa. Qué raro. Con las series que he mirado (las que veo) siempre ha acertado todo. Acabo de darme cuenta que no es infalible. Qué decepción

#71 Claro, hay que fijarse. En el próximo jueves pone R, es repetido. Dentro de dos jueves, el 19, que es nuevo, porque no tiene ninguna R


Lunes 15

American Gods S02E06 - Donar the Great
Barry S02E03 - Past = Present x Future Over Yesterday
Billions S04E05 - A Proper Sendoff
Game of Thrones S08E01 - Winterfell
Good Girls S02E07 - The Dubby
Killing Eve S02E02 - Nice and Neat
Now Apocalypse S01E06 - She's Lost Control
The Chi S02E02 - Every Day I'm Hustlin'

Martes 16

9-1-1 S02E14 - Broken
Arrow S07E18 - Lost Canary
Bull S03E19 - Bounty
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E11 - Séance & Sensibility
Knightfall S02E04 - Equal Before God
Into the Badlands S03E13 - Black Lotus, White Rose

Miércoles 17

Absentia S02E04 - Offenders
Fosse/Verdon S01E02 - Who's Got the Pain?
New Amsterdam (2018) S01E18 - Five Miles West
The Flash S05E18 - Godspeed
The Last O.G. S02E03 - A Roller Skating Jam Named Saturdays
The Rookie S01E20 - Free Fall - ¿?
What We Do in the Shadows S01E04 - Manhattan Night Club
You Me Her S04E02 - The Saddest Clown Show Ever

Jueves 18

Brockmire S03E03 - The Yips
Empire S05E15 - A Wise Father That Knows His Own Child
Happy S02E04 - Blitzkrieg!!!
Riverdale S03E18 - Chapter Fifty-Three: Jawbreaker
SEAL Team S02E18 - Payback
The Act S01E06 - A Whole New World
The Good Fight S03E06 - The One with the Celebrity Divorce
The Magicians S04E13 - The Seam - Serie renovada
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E04 - The Traveler

Viernes 19

Better Things S03E08 - Easter
Bosch S05E01 - Two Kinds Of Truth
Bosch S05E02 - Pil Shills
Bosch S05E03 - The Last Scrip
Bosch S05E04 - Raise the Dead
Bosch S05E05 - Tunnel Vision
Bosch S05E06 - The Space Between The Stars
Bosch S05E07 - The Wisdom of the Desert
Bosch S05E08 - Salvation Mountain
Bosch S05E09 -
Bosch S05E10 - - Serie renovada
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S06E13 - The Bimbo
Doom Patrol S01E10 - Hair Patrol
Gomorra S04E07 -
Gomorra S04E08 -
Gotham S05E11 - They Did What?
Grey's Anatomy S15E22 - Head Over High Heels
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E04 - Rabbit Hold
Ramy S01E01 - Between the Toes
Ramy S01E02 - Princess Diana
Ramy S01E03 - A Black Spot on the Heart
Ramy S01E04 - Strawberries
Ramy S01E05 - Do the Ramadan
Ramy S01E06 - Refugees
Ramy S01E07 - Ne Me Quitte Pas
Ramy S01E08 - Saving Mikaela
Ramy S01E09 - Dude, Where’s My Country?
Ramy S01E10 - Cairo Cowboy
Star Trek: Discovery S02E14 - - Serie renovada
Supernatural S14E19 - Jack in the Box
Superstore S04E16 - Easter
The Big Bang Theory S12E19 - The Inspiration Deprivation
The Orville S02E13 - Tomorrow, and Tomorrow, and Tomorrow

Sábado 20

Blindspot S04E19 - Everybody Hates Kathy
The Blacklist S06E17 - The Third Estate
Warrior S01E03 - John Chinaman

Domingo 21

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#74 Por fin GoT :)

7 días después

Lunes 22

American Gods S02E07 - Treasure of the Sun
Barry S02E04 - What?!
Billions S04E06 - Maximum Recreational Depth
Game of Thrones S08E02 - The Rightful Queen
Good Girls S02E08 - Thelma and Louise
Killing Eve S02E03 - The Hunger Caterpillar
Now Apocalypse S01E07 - Anywhere Out of the World
Supergirl S04E18 - Crime and Punishment
The Chi S02E03 - Past Due

Martes 23

9-1-1 S02E15 - Oceans's 9-1-1
Arrow S07E19 - Spartan
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E12 - The Eggplant, the Witch & the Wardrobe
Knightfall S02E05 - Road to Chartres
Into the Badlands S03E14 - Curse of the Red Rain

Miércoles 24

Absentia S02E05 - Bolo
Cobra Kai S02E01 - Mercy (Part 2)
Cobra Kai S02E02 - Back in Black
Cobra Kai S02E03 - Fire and Ice
Cobra Kai S02E04 - The Moment of Truth
Cobra Kai S02E05 - All In
Cobra Kai S02E06 - Take a Right
Cobra Kai S02E07 - Lull
Cobra Kai S02E08 - Glory of Love
Cobra Kai S02E09 - Pulpo
Cobra Kai S02E10 - No Mercy - ¿?
Fosse/Verdon S01E03 - Me and My Baby
New Amsterdam (2018) S01E19 - Happy Place
The Flash S05E19 - Snow Pack
The Last O.G. S02E04 - Scenario
What We Do in the Shadows S01E05 - Animal Control
You Me Her S04E03 - The Deaf Leading the Blind Leading the Stupid

Jueves 25

Brockmire S03E04 - Banned For Life
Empire S05E16 - Never Doubt I Love
Happy S02E05 - 17 Hours and 13 Minutes
Riverdale S03E19 - Chapter Fifty-Four: Fear the Reaper
SEAL Team S02E19 - Medicate and Isolate
The Act S01E07 - Bonny & Clyde
The Good Fight S03E07 - The One Where Diane and Liz Topple Democracy
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E05 - The Wunderkind

Viernes 26

Better Things S03E09 - The Unknown
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S06E14 - Ticking Clocks
Doom Patrol S01E11 - Frances Patrol
Gomorra S04E09 -
Gomorra S04E10 -
Gotham S05E12 - The Beginning... - Final de serie
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E05 - Alignment Chart
Supernatural S14E20 - Moriah - Serie renovada
Superstore S04E17 - Quinceañera
The Big Bang Theory S12E20 - The Decision Reverberation
The Orville S02E14 - The Road Not Taken - ¿?
Young Sheldon S02E19 - A Political Campaign and a Candy Land Cheater

Sábado 27

MacGyver S03E20 - No-Go + High-Voltage + Rescue
The Blacklist S06E18 - The Brockton College Killer
The Blacklist S06E19 - Rassvet
Warrior S01E04 - The White Mountain

Domingo 28

The Son S02E01 - Numunuu

8 1 respuesta

#76 Cobra Kai!!

1 comentario moderado

Lunes 29

American Gods S02E08 - Moon Shadow - Serie renovada
Barry S02E05 - ronny / lily
Billions S04E07 - Infinite Game
Game of Thrones S08E03 - The Long Night
Good Girls S02E09 - One Last Time
Killing Eve S02E04 - Desperate Times
Now Apocalypse S01E08 - Unknown Pleasures
Supergirl S04E19 - American Dreamer
The Chi S02E04 - Showdown

Martes 30

9-1-1 S02E16 - Bobby Begins Again
Arrow S07E20 - Confessions
Bull S03E20 - The Good One
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E13 - Egg MacGuffin
Knightfall S02E06 - Blood Drenched Stone
Into the Badlands S03E15 - Requiem for the Fallen

Miércoles 1

Fosse/Verdon S01E04 - Glory
New Amsterdam (2018) S01E20 - Preventable
The 100 S06E01 - Sanctum
The Flash S05E20 - Gone Rogue
The Last O.G. S02E05 - Sound of Da Police
What We Do in the Shadows S01E06 - Baron's Night Out
You Me Her S04E04 - That's So Stupid and I'm Definitely Not Crying

Jueves 2

Brockmire S03E05 - Clubhouse Chemistry
Empire S05E17 - My Fate Cries Out
Happy S02E06 - Pervapalozza
Modern Family S10E21 - Commencement
Riverdale S03E20 - Chapter Fifty-Five: Prom Night
SEAL Team S02E20 - Rock Bottom
The Act S01E08 - Free - ¿?
The Good Fight S03E08 - The One Where Kurt Saves Diane
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E06 - Point of Origin

Viernes 3

Better Things S03E10 - Show Me the Magic
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S06E15 - Return of the King
Dead to Me S01E01 - Pilot
Dead to Me S01E02 - Maybe I'm Crazy
Dead to Me S01E03 - It's All My Fault
Dead to Me S01E04 - I Can't Go Back
Dead to Me S01E05 - I've Gotta Get Away
Dead to Me S01E06 - Oh My God
Dead to Me S01E07 - I Can Handle It
Dead to Me S01E08 - Try To Stop Me
Dead to Me S01E09 - I Have To Be Honest
Dead to Me S01E10 - You Have To Go
Doom Patrol S01E12 - Cyborg Patrol
Gomorra S04E11 -
Gomorra S04E12 -
Grey's Anatomy S15E23 - What I Did for Love (1)
iZombie S05E01 - Thug Death
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E06 - B Sides
Superstore S04E18 - Cloud Green
The Big Bang Theory S12E21 - The Plagiarism Schism
Young Sheldon S02E20 - A Proposal and a Popsicle Stick Cross

Sábado 4

Into the Dark S01E08 - All That We Destroy
MacGyver S03E21 - Treason + Heartbreak + Gum
The Blacklist S06E20 - Guillermo Rizal
Warrior S01E05 - The Blood and the Shit

Domingo 5

The Son S02E02 - Ten Dollars and a Plucked Goose
The Spanish Princess S01E01 - The New World


Lunes 6

Barry S02E06 - The Truth Has a Ring to It
Billions S04E08 - Fight Night
Game of Thrones S08E04 - The Last of the Starks
Good Girls S02E10 - This Land is Your Land
Killing Eve S02E05 - Smell Ya Later
Now Apocalypse S01E09 - Disappear Here
Supergirl S04E20 - Will The Real Miss Tessmacher Please Stand Up?
The Chi S02E05 - Feeling The Heat

Martes 7

9-1-1 S02E17 - Careful What You Wish For
Arrow S07E21 - Living Proof
Bull S03E21 - When the Rains Came
Chernobyl S01E01 - 1:23:45
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E14 - Nip / Stuck
Knightfall S02E07 - Death Awaits
Into the Badlands S03E16 - Seven Strike as One - Final de serie

Miércoles 8

Absentia S02E06 - Cover
Absentia S02E07 - Boom
Fosse/Verdon S01E05 - Where Am I Going?
Lucifer S04E01 - Everything's Okay
Lucifer S04E02 - Somebody's Been Reading Dante's Inferno
Lucifer S04E03 - O, Ye of Little Faith, Father
Lucifer S04E04 - All About Eve
Lucifer S04E05 - Expire Erect
Lucifer S04E06 - Orgy Pants to Work
Lucifer S04E07 - Devil Is as Devil Does
Lucifer S04E08 - Super Bad Boyfriend
Lucifer S04E09 - Save Lucifer
Lucifer S04E10 - King of Hell? - ¿?
New Amsterdam (2018) S01E21 - This Is Not the End
The 100 S06E02 - Red Sun Rising
The Flash S05E21 - The Girl With The Red Lightning
The Last O.G. S02E06 - Keep Their Heads Ringing
What We Do in the Shadows S01E07 - The Trial
You Me Her S04E05 - Santa Claus Rides Loch Ness Monster Into Atlantis!

Jueves 9

Brockmire S03E06 - Placed On Waivers
Empire S05E18 - The Roughest Day - Serie renovada
Happy S02E07 - Arlo and Marie
Modern Family S10E22 - A Year of Birthdays - Serie renovada
Riverdale S03E21 - Chapter Fifty-Six: The Dark Secret of Harvest House
SEAL Team S02E21 - My Life for Yours
The Good Fight S03E09 - The One Where the Sun Comes Out
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E07 - Not All Men

Viernes 10

Better Things S03E11 - Get Lit
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S06E16 - Cinco de Mayo
Doom Patrol S01E13 - Flex Patrol
Easy S03E01 - Swipe Right
Easy S03E02 - Private Eyes
Easy S03E03 - Spontaneous Combustion
Easy S03E04 - Yes
Easy S03E05 - Swipe Left
Easy S03E06 - Blank Pages
Easy S03E07 - Number One Seller
Easy S03E08 - Low Rolling Boil
Easy S03E09 - She's Back - Final de serie
Grey's Anatomy S15E24 - Drawn to the Blood
iZombie S05E02 - Dead Lift
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E07 - Vikingtown Sound
Sneaky Pete S03E01 - The Double Up And Back
Sneaky Pete S03E02 - The Huckleberry Jones
Sneaky Pete S03E03 - The Stamford Trust Fall
Sneaky Pete S03E04 - The Vermont Victim and the Bakersfield Hustle
Sneaky Pete S03E05 - The Invisible Man
Sneaky Pete S03E06 - The California Split
Sneaky Pete S03E07 - The Little Sister
Sneaky Pete S03E08 - The Sunshine Switcheroo
Sneaky Pete S03E09 - The Mask Drop
Sneaky Pete S03E10 - The Brooklyn Potash - ¿?
Superstore S04E19 - Scanners
Superstore S04E20 - #Cloud9fail
The Big Bang Theory S12E22 - The Maternal Conclusion
The Mechanism S01E01 - Woher kommt die Korruption?
The Mechanism S01E02 - Del Este
The Mechanism S01E03 - Addicts
The Mechanism S01E04 - Der große Illusionist
The Mechanism S01E05 - Freudnschaftsbrücke
The Mechanism S01E06 - Requiem
The Mechanism S01E07 - The Ends and the Means
The Mechanism S01E08 - Gemischtes Canasta - ¿?
Young Sheldon S02E21 - A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast

Sábado 11

MacGyver S03E22 - Mason + Cable + Choices - Serie renovada
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S06E01 - Missing Pieces
The Blacklist S06E21 - Anna McMahon
Warrior S01E06 - Chewed Up, Spit Out, and Stepped On

Domingo 12

The Son S02E03 - The Blind Tiger
The Spanish Princess S01E02 - Fever Dream


También termina la temporada de The Resident. También renovada por una tercera temporada


Lunes 13

Barry S02E07 - The Audition
Billions S04E09 - American Champion
Game of Thrones S08E05 - The Bells
Good Girls S02E11 - Hunting Season
Killing Eve S02E06 - I Hope You Like Missionary!
Mary Kills People S03E01 - The Key to Faith
Now Apocalypse S01E10 - Everything is Gone Forever - ¿?
Supergirl S04E21 - Red Dawn
The Chi S02E06 - A Leg Up

Martes 14

9-1-1 S02E18 - This Life We Choose - Serie renovada
Arrow S07E22 - You Have Saved This City - Serie renovada
Bull S03E22 - Pillar of Salt - Serie renovada
Chernobyl S01E02 - Please Remain Calm
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E15 - Terms of Service
Knightfall S02E08 - As I Breathe, I Trust the Cross - ¿?

Miércoles 15

Absentia S02E08 - Aggression
Fosse/Verdon S01E06 - All I Care About Is Love
New Amsterdam (2018) S01E22 - Luna - Serie renovada
The 100 S06E03 - The Children of Gabriel
The Flash S05E22 - Legacy - Serie renovada
The Last O.G. S02E07 - Criminal Minded
The Virtues S01E01 - Episode 1
What We Do in the Shadows S01E08 - Citizenship
You Me Her S04E06 - Eat Your Strangers and Don't Talk to Vegetables!

Jueves 16

Brockmire S03E07 - Disabled List
Happy S02E08 - A Friend of Death
Riverdale S03E22 - Chapter Fifty-Seven: Apocalypto - Serie renovada
The Good Fight S03E10 - The One About the End of the World - Serie renovada
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E08 - Point of Origin

Viernes 17

Better Things S03E12 - Shake the Cocktail - Serie renovada
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S06E17 - Sicko
Brooklyn Nine-Nine S06E18 - The Suicide Squad - Serie renovada
Doom Patrol S01E14 - Penultimate Patrol
Grey's Anatomy S15E25 - Jump Into the Fog - Serie renovada
It's Bruno! S01E01 - Operation Turkey Meat
It's Bruno! S01E02 - Sh*t and Run
It's Bruno! S01E03 - An Angie Is Born
It's Bruno! S01E04 - Lovely Lulu
It's Bruno! S01E05 - War of the Walkers
It's Bruno! S01E06 - Rock Bottom
It's Bruno! S01E07 - Ranger Danger
It's Bruno! S01E08 - Welcome Bruno - ¿?
iZombie S05E03 - Five, Six, Seven, Ate!
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E08 - Two Player
Superstore S04E21 - Sandra's Fight
Superstore S04E22 - Employee Appreciation Day - Serie renovada
The Big Bang Theory S12E23 - The Change Constant
The Big Bang Theory S12E24 - The Stockholm Syndrome - Final de serie
The Rain S02E01 - Avoid Contact
The Rain S02E02 - The Truth Hurts
The Rain S02E03 - Stay in Control
The Rain S02E04 - Save Yourself
The Rain S02E05 - Keep It Together
The Rain S02E06 - Survival of the Fittest
Young Sheldon S02E22 - A Swedish Science Thing and the Equation for Toast - Serie renovada

Sábado 18

Catch-22 S01E01 - One
Catch-22 S01E02 - Two
Catch-22 S01E03 - Three
Catch-22 S01E04 - Four
Catch-22 S01E05 - Five
Catch-22 S01E06 - Six - FInal de miniserie
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S06E02 - Window of Opportunity
The Blacklist S06E22 - Robert Diaz - Serie renovada
Warrior S01E07 - The Tiger and the Fox

Domingo 19

The Son S02E04 - Scalped a Dog
The Spanish Princess S01E03 - An Audacious Plan

7 días después

Lunes 20

Barry S02E08 - berkman > block - Serie renovada
Game of Thrones S08E06 - The Iron Throne- Final de serie
Good Girls S02E12 - Jeff
Killing Eve S02E07 - Wide Awake
Mary Kills People S03E02 - Girls Problems
Supergirl S04E22 - The Quest for Peace - Serie renovada

Martes 21

Chernobyl S01E03 - Open Wide, O Earth!
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S04E16 - Hey, World! - Serie renovada

Miércoles 22

Absentia S02E09 - Committed
Fosse/Verdon S01E07 - Nowadays
The 100 S06E04 - The Face Behind the Glass
The Last O.G. S02E08 - Mama Said Knock You Out
The Virtues S01E02 - Episode 2
What We Do in the Shadows S01E09 - The Orgy
You Me Her S04E07 - Now Who's Got Egg in Her Hair?

Jueves 23

Brockmire S03E08 - Opening Day - Serie renovada
Happy S02E09 - Five Chicken Fingers and a Gun
SEAL Team S02E22 - Never Out of the Fight - Serie renovada
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E09 - The Blue Scorpion
Vida S02E01 - Episode 1
Vida S02E02 - Episode 2
Vida S02E03 - Episode 3
Vida S02E04 - Episode 4
Vida S02E05 - Episode 5
Vida S02E06 - Episode 6 - ¿?

Viernes 24

Doom Patrol S01E15 - Ezekiel Patrol - Serie renovada
iZombie S05E04 - Dot Zom
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E09 - Blue Note
She's Gotta Have It S02E01 - #I'mFeelingMyFeelings
She's Gotta Have It S02E02 - #ConeyIslandIsTheEndOfTheLine
She's Gotta Have It S02E03 - #LuvStings
She's Gotta Have It S02E04 - #NationTime
She's Gotta Have It S02E05 - #SuperFunkyCaliFragiSexy
She's Gotta Have It S02E06 - #WhenYourChickensComeHometoRoost
She's Gotta Have It S02E07 - #OhJudoKnow?
She's Gotta Have It S02E08 - #OnTheComeUpTheComeDown&TheComeRound
She's Gotta Have It S02E09 - #IAmYourMirror - ¿?
What / If S01E01 - Pilot
What / If S01E02 - What Now
What / If S01E03 - What Happened
What / If S01E04 - What Drama
What / If S01E05 - What Next
What / If S01E06 - What History
What / If S01E07 - What Ghosts
What / If S01E08 - What Secrets
What / If S01E09 - WTF
What / If S01E10 - What Remains - ¿?

Sábado 25

Blindspot S04E20 - Coder to Killer
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S06E03 - Fear and Loathing on the Planet of Kitson
Warrior S01E08 - They Don't Pay Us Enough to Think

Domingo 26

The Son S02E05 - Hot Oil
The Spanish Princess S01E04 - The Battle for Harry


Lunes 27

Billions S04E10 - New Year's Day
Good Girls S02E13 - King - Serie renovada
Killing Eve S02E08 - You're Mine - Serie renovada
Mary Kills People S03E03 - No Happy Endings Here
The Chi S02E07 - Blind Eye

Martes 28

Chernobyl S01E04 - The Happiness of All Mankind
The Hot Zone S01E01 - Arrival
The Hot Zone S01E02 - Cell H

Miércoles 29

Absentia S02E10 - Accomplice - ¿?
Animal Kingdom S04E01 - Janine
Fosse/Verdon S01E08 - Providence - Final de miniserie
The 100 S06E05 - The Gospel of Josephine
The Hot Zone S01E03 - Charlie Foxtrot
The Hot Zone S01E04 - Expendable
The Last O.G. S02E09 - Your Mom's in My Business
The Virtues S01E03 - Episode 3
What We Do in the Shadows S01E10 - Ancestry - Serie renovada
You Me Her S04E08 - A Whole Bouillabaisse of Crazy

Jueves 30

Archer: 1999 S10E01 - Bort the Garj
Happy S02E10 - Resurrection - ¿?
The Hot Zone S01E05 - Quarantine
The Hot Zone S01E06 - Hidden - Final de miniserie
The Twilight Zone (2019) S01E10 - Blurryman - Serie renovada

Viernes 31

Deadwood: The Movie
Good Omens S01E01 - In the Beginning
Good Omens S01E02 - The Book
Good Omens S01E03 - Hard Times
Good Omens S01E04 - Saturday Morning Funtime
Good Omens S01E05 - The Doomsday Option
Good Omens S01E06 - The Very Last Day of the Rest of Their Lives - Final de miniserie
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S01E01 - Nerd Today, Boss Tomorrow
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S01E02 - Life's Not Fair, Get Used to It
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S01E03 - Failure is Not an Option
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S01E04 - If This is Reality, I'm Not Interested
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S01E05 - Score Big or Don't Score at All
How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast) S01E06 - If You Are the Smartest One in the Room, You're in the Wrong Room -
iZombie S05E05 - Death Moves Pretty Fast
Marvel's Cloak & Dagger S02E10 - Level Up - ¿?
When They See Us S01E01 - Part One
When They See Us S01E02 - Part Two
When They See Us S01E03 - Part Three
When They See Us S01E04 - Part Four

Sábado 1

Blindspot S04E21 - Masters of War 1:5 - 8
Blindspot S04E22 - The Gang Gets Gone - Serie renovada
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S06E04 - Code Yellow
Swamp Thing S01E01 - Pilot
Warrior S01E09 - Chinese Boxing

Domingo 2

The Son S02E06 - The Blue Light
The Spanish Princess S01E05 - Heart Versus Duty


Lunes 3

Billions S04E11 - Lamster
Fear The Walking Dead S05E01 - Here to Help
Mary Kills People S03E04 - Switzerland Has Trees
NOS4A2 S01E01 - The Shorter Way
NOS4A2 S01E02 - The Graveyard of What Might Be
NOS4A2 S01E03 - The Gas Mask Man
NOS4A2 S01E04 - The House of Sleep
NOS4A2 S01E05 - The Wraith
NOS4A2 S01E06 - The Dark Tunnels
NOS4A2 S01E07 - Scissors for the Drifter
NOS4A2 S01E08 - Parnassus
NOS4A2 S01E09 - Sleigh House
NOS4A2 S01E10 - Gunbarrel - ¿?
The Chi S02E08 - Lean Into It

Martes 4

Chernobyl S01E05 - Vichnaya Pamyat - Final de miniserie

Miércoles 5

Absentia S02E10 - Accomplice - ¿?
Animal Kingdom S04E02 - Angela
Black Mirror S05E01 - Smithereens
Black Mirror S05E02 - Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too
Black Mirror S05E03 - Striking Vipers - ¿?
The Handmaid's Tale S03E01 - Night
The Handmaid's Tale S03E02 - Mary and Martha
The Handmaid's Tale S03E03 - Watch Out
The Last O.G. S02E10 - Fight The Power - Serie renovada
The Virtues S01E04 - Episode 4 - Final de miniserie
You Me Her S04E09 - I'm Popeye and You're My Beautiful Spinach

Jueves 6

Archer: 1999 S10E02 - Happy Borthday

Viernes 7

3 % S03E01 - Sand
3 % S03E02 - Scalpel
3 % S03E03 - Medicine
3 % S03E04 - Duck
3 % S03E05 - Lever
3 % S03E06 - Trapdoor
3 % S03E07 - Gardrone
3 % S03E08 - Wave - ¿?
Designated Survivor S03E01 - #thesystemisbroken
Designated Survivor S03E02 - #slipperyslope
Designated Survivor S03E03 - #privateparts
Designated Survivor S03E04 - #makehistory
Designated Survivor S03E05 - #nothingpersonal
Designated Survivor S03E06 - #whocares
Designated Survivor S03E07 - #identity/crisis
Designated Survivor S03E08 - #scaredsh*tless
Designated Survivor S03E09 - #undecided
Designated Survivor S03E10 - #truthorconsequences - ¿?
iZombie S05E06 - The Scratchmaker
Queen of the South S04E01 - Bienvenidos a Nuevo Orleans

Sábado 8

Into the Dark S01E09 - They Come Knocking
Swamp Thing S01E02 - Worlds Apart
Warrior S01E10 - If You're Going to Bow, Bow Low - Serie renovada

Domingo 9

The Son S02E07 - Somebody Get a Shovel
The Spanish Princess S01E06 - A Polite Kidnapping

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#85 ¿3 de The Handmaid’s Tale directamente?

2 respuestas

#86 La programación de Hulu es un poco rara. Lo mismo te ponen 3 del tirón que 2 o la temporada entera. No sé en qué se basan para hacer una cosa u otra.


#86 Con esta serie siempre han hecho esto: 3 capítulos para empezar y luego de uno en uno hasta el final.


Lunes 10

Big Little Lies S02E01 - What Have They Done?
Billions S04E12 - Extreme Sandbox - Serie renovada
Claws S03E01 - Just the Tip
Fear The Walking Dead S05E02 - The Hurt That Will Happen
Mary Kills People S03E05 - Wolf, Meet Henhouse
The Chi S02E09 - Guilt, Viral Videos, and ass Whuppings

Martes 11

Miércoles 12

Animal Kingdom S04E03 - Man Vs. Rock
Krypton S02E01 - Light-Years from Home
The 100 S06E06 - Memento Mori
The Handmaid's Tale S03E04 - God Bless the Child
You Me Her S04E10 - Who We Are... and Who We Aren't - Serie renovada

Jueves 13

Archer: 1999 S10E03 - The Leftovers

Viernes 14

Baskets S04E01 - Cat People
El caso Alcàsser S01E01 - Desaparecidas
El caso Alcàsser S01E02 - Un crimen
El caso Alcàsser S01E03 - Teorías
El caso Alcàsser S01E04 - Un juicio
El caso Alcàsser S01E05 - Un final - Final de documental
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E01 - A.K.A The Perfect Burger
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E02 - A.K.A You're Welcome
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E03 - A.K.A I Have No Spleen
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E04 - A.K.A Customer Service is Standing By
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E05 - A.K.A I Wish
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E06 - A.K.A Sorry Face
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E07 - A.K.A The Double Half-Wappinger
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E08 - A.K.A Camera Friendly
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E09 - A.K.A I Did Something Today
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E10 - A.K.A Hero Pants
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E11 - A.K.A Hellcat
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E12 - A.K.A A Lotta Worms
Marvel's Jessica Jones S03E13 - A.K.A Everything - Final de serie
iZombie S05E07 - Filleted to Rest
Queen of the South S04E02 - Un Asunto de Familia
Strange Angel S02E01 - The Fool
Too Old to Die Young S01E01 - Volume 1: The Devil
Too Old to Die Young S01E02 - Volume 2: The Lovers
Too Old to Die Young S01E03 - Volume 3: The Hermit
Too Old to Die Young S01E04 - Volume 4: The Tower
Too Old to Die Young S01E05 - Volume 5: The Fool
Too Old to Die Young S01E06 - Volume 6: The High Priestess
Too Old to Die Young S01E07 - Volume 7: The Magician
Too Old to Die Young S01E08 - Volume 8: The Hanged Man
Too Old to Die Young S01E09 - Volume 9: The Empress
Too Old to Die Young S01E10 - Volume 10: The World - ¿?

Sábado 15

Jett S01E01 - Daisy
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S06E05 - The Other Thing
Swamp Thing S01E03 - He Speaks

Domingo 16

The Son S02E08 - All Their Guilty Stains
The Spanish Princess S01E07 - All is Lost

7 días después

Lunes 17

Big Little Lies S02E02 - Tell Tale Hearts
City on a Hill S01E01 - The Night Flynn Sent the Cops on the Ice
Claws S03E02 - Muscle & Flow
Euphoria S01E01 - Pilot
Fear The Walking Dead S05E03 - Humbug's Gulch
Mary Kills People S03E06 - A Goddamned Saint - ¿?
The Chi S02E10 - The Scorpion and the Frog - Serie renovada

Martes 18

Miércoles 19

Animal Kingdom S04E04 - Tank
The 100 S06E07 - Nevermind
The Detour S04E01 - The Search
The Handmaid's Tale S03E05 -

Jueves 20

Archer: 1999 S10E04 - Dining with the Zarglorp
Krypton S02E02 - Ghost in the Fire
Yellowstone S02E01 - A Thundering

Viernes 21

Baskets S04E02 - Baby Chip
Dark S02E01 -
Dark S02E02 -
Dark S02E03 -
Dark S02E04 -
Dark S02E05 -
Dark S02E06 -
Dark S02E07 -
Dark S02E08 -
Dark S02E09 -
Dark S02E10 - - Serie renovada
iZombie S05E08 - Death of a Car Salesman
Queen of the South S04E03 - Hospitalidad Sureña
Strange Angel S02E02 - The Magus

Sábado 22

Jett S01E02 - Charles Junior
Marvel's Agents of SHIELD S06E06 - Inescapable
Swamp Thing S01E04 - Darkness on the Edge of Town

Domingo 23

The Son S02E09 - The Bear
The Spanish Princess S01E08 - Destiny

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