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Semana del 3 al 9 de Mayo

Lunes 15

American Gods S03E09 - The Lake Effect
Shameless S11E08 - Cancelled
The Walking Dead S10E19 - One More

Martes 16

Debris S01E03 - Solar Winds
Snowpiercer S02E08 - The Eternal Engineer

Miércoles 17

Mayans MC S03E01 - Pap Struggles with the Death Angel
Mayans MC S03E02 - The Orneriness of Kings
New Amsterdam S03E03 - Safe Enough
Superman & Lois S01E04 - Haywire
The Flash S07E03 - Mother
This Is Us S05E10 - I've Got This

Jueves 18

Snowfall S04E05 - The Get Back

Viernes 19

For All Mankind S02E05 - The Weight
Grey's Anatomy S17E08 - It's All Too Much
Servant S02E10 - Josephine - Serie renovada
Superstore S06E13 - Lowell Anderson
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E01 - New World Order
The Unicorn S02E13 - Put Your Mask on First

Sábado 20

Domingo 21

Final Space S03E01 - ...And Into The Fire


This Is Us vuelve


ojo a la serie debris, que viene pisando fuerte.

Me trae recuerdos a x-files de los '90


gracias por las ideas


Lunes 22

American Gods S03E10 - Tears of the Wrath-Bearing Tree
Shameless S11E09 - Survivors
The Walking Dead S10E20 - Splinter

Martes 23

Debris S01E04 - In Universe
The Good Doctor S04E12 - Teeny Blue Eyes

Miércoles 24

Mayans MC S03E03 - Overreaching Don't Pay
New Amsterdam S03E04 - This Is All I Need
Superman & Lois S01E05 - The Best of Smallville
The Flash S07E04 - Central City Stone
This Is Us S05E11 - One Small Step...

Jueves 25

DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E01 - What the Thunder Said
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E02 - Princess of Nothing
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E03 - Neverwhere Land
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E04 - The Monster at the End of This Book
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E05 - The Fire Sermon
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E06 - The Knight, Death and the Devil
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E07 - Speak the Words
DOTA: Dragon's Blood S01E08 - A Game of Chess
SEAL Team S04E10 - A Question of Honor
Snowfall S04E06 - Say a Little Prayer

Viernes 26

For All Mankind S02E06 - Best-Laid Plans
Grey's Anatomy S17E09 - In My Life
Invincible S01E01 - It’s About Time
Invincible S01E02 - Here Goes Nothing
Invincible S01E03 - Who You Calling Ugly?
Superstore S06E14 - Perfect Store
Superstore S06E15 - All Sales Final - Final de serie
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E02 - The Star-Spangled Man

Sábado 27

The Blacklist S08E11 - Captain Kidd

Domingo 28

Final Space S03E02 - The Hidden Light


Lunes 29

City on a Hill S02E01 - Bill Russell's Bedsheets
Shameless S11E10 - DNR
The Rookie S03E08 - Bad Blood
The Walking Dead S10E21 - Diverged

Martes 30

Debris S01E05 - Earthshine
Snowpiercer S02E09 - The Show Must Go On
Snowpiercer S02E10 - Into The White - Serie renovada
The Good Doctor S04E13 - Spilled Milk

Miércoles 31

Mayans MC S03E04 - Our Gang's Dark Oath
New Amsterdam S03E05 - Blood, Sweat & Tears
Supergirl S06E01 - Rebirth
The Flash S07E05 - Fear Me

Jueves 1

Snowfall S04E07 - Through a Glass, Darkly

Viernes 2

Clarice S01E06 - How Does It Feel to Be So Beautiful?
For All Mankind S02E07 - Don't Be Cruel
Grey's Anatomy S17E10 - Breathe
Invincible S01E04 - Neil Armstrong Eat Your Heart Out
Manifest S03E01 - Tailfin
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E03 - Power Broker

Sábado 3

The Blacklist S08E12 - Rakitin

Domingo 4

Final Space S03E03 - The Ventrexian

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Lunes 5

City on a Hill S02E02 - I Need a Goat
Shameless S11E11 - The Fickle Lady Is Calling It Quits
The Rookie S03E09 - Amber
The Walking Dead S10E22 - Here's Negan - Serie renovada

Martes 6

Debris S01E06 - Supernova

Miércoles 7

Mayans MC S03E05 - Dark, Deep-Laid Plans
New Amsterdam S03E06 - Why Not Yesterday
Supergirl S06E02 - A Few Good Woman
The Flash S07E06 - The One with the Nineties
This Is Us S05E12 - Both Things Can Be True

Jueves 8

SEAL Team S04E11 - Limits of Loyalty
Snowfall S04E08 - Betrayal

Viernes 9

Clarice S01E07 - Ugly Truth
For All Mankind S02E08 - And Here's to You
Grey's Anatomy S17E11 - Sorry Doesn't Always Make It Right
Invincible S01E05 - That Actually Hurt
Manifest S03E02 - Deadhead
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E04 - The Whole World Is Watching
Them: Covenant S01E01 - Day 1
Them: Covenant S01E02 - Day 3
Them: Covenant S01E03 - Day 4
Them: Covenant S01E04 - Day 6
Them: Covenant S01E05 - Covenant I
Them: Covenant S01E06 - Day 7 : Morning
Them: Covenant S01E07 - Day 7 : Night
Them: Covenant S01E08 - Covenant II
Them: Covenant S01E09 - Day 9
Them: Covenant S01E10 - Day 10

Sábado 10

Domingo 11

Final Space S03E04 - One of Us

7 días después

Lunes 12

City on a Hill S02E03 - Is the Total Black, Being Spoken
Shameless S11E12 - Father Frank, Full of Grace - Final de serie
The Nevers S01E01 - Touched
The Rookie S03E10 - Man of Honor
Fear The Walking Dead S06E08 - The Door

Martes 13

Debris S01E07 - You Can Call Her Caroline

Miércoles 14

Big Sky S01E10 - Catastrophic Thinking
Big Sky S01E11 - All Kind of Shakes
Mayans MC S03E06 - You Can't Pray a Lie
New Amsterdam S03E07 - The Legend of Howie Cournemeyer
Prodigal Son S02E08 - Ouroboros
Supergirl S06E03 - Phantom Menaces
The Flash S07E07 - Growing Pains
This Is Us S05E13 - Brotherly Love

Jueves 15

Snowfall S04E09 - Sleeping Dogs

Viernes 16

For All Mankind S02E09 - Triage
Grey's Anatomy S17E12 - Sign O' the Times
Invincible S01E06 - You Look Kinda Dead
Manifest S03E03 - Wingman
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E05 - Truth

Sábado 17

The Blacklist S08E13 - Anne

Domingo 18

Final Space S03E05 - All The Moments Lost


Shameless :broken_heart:


Lunes 19

City on a Hill S02E04 - Overtime White and Overtime Stupid
Godfather of Harlem S02E01 - The French Connection
Mare of Easttown S01E01 - Miss Lady Hawk Herself
The Nevers S01E02 - Exposure
The Rookie S03E11 - New Blood
Fear The Walking Dead S06E09 - Things Left to Do

Martes 20

Debris S01E08 - Spaceman
The Good Doctor S04E14 - Gender Reveal

Miércoles 21

Big Sky S01E12 - No Better Than Dogs
Mayans MC S03E07 - What Comes of Handlin' Snakeskin
New Amsterdam S03E08 - Catch
Prodigal Son S02E09 - The Killabustas
Supergirl S06E04 - Lost Souls

Jueves 22

SEAL Team S04E12 - Rearview Mirror
Snowfall S04E10 - Fight or Flight - Serie renovada

Viernes 23

For All Mankind S02E10 - The Grey - Serie renovada
Grey's Anatomy S17E13 - Good as Hell
Invincible S01E07 - We Need To Talk
Manifest S03E04 - Tailspin
Shadow and Bone S01E01 - A Searing Burst of Light
Shadow and Bone S01E02 - We're All Someone's Monster
Shadow and Bone S01E03 - The Making at the Heart of the World
Shadow and Bone S01E04 - Otkazat'sya
Shadow and Bone S01E05 - Show Me Who You Are
Shadow and Bone S01E06 - The Heart Is An Arrow
Shadow and Bone S01E07 - The Unsea
Shadow and Bone S01E08 - No Mourners
The Falcon and The Winter Soldier S01E06 - One World One People

Sábado 24

The Blacklist S08E14 - Misere

Domingo 25

Final Space S03E06 - Change is Gonna Come

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Lunes 26

City on a Hill S02E05 - East of Eden
Godfather of Harlem S02E02 - Sting Like a Bee
Mare of Easttown S01E02 - Fathers
The Nevers S01E03 - Ignition
Fear The Walking Dead S06E10 - Handle with Care

Martes 27

Debris S01E09 - Do You Know Icarus?
The Good Doctor S04E15 - Waiting

Miércoles 28

Big Sky S01E13 - White Lion
Mayans MC S03E08 - A Mixed-up and Splendid Rescue
New Amsterdam S03E09 - Disconnected
Prodigal Son S02E10 - Exit Strategy
Supergirl S06E05 - Prom Night!

Jueves 29

The Handmaid's Tale S04E01 - Pigs
The Handmaid's Tale S04E02 - Nightshade
The Handmaid's Tale S04E03 - The Crossing

Viernes 30

El Inocente S01E01 - Episodio 1
El Inocente S01E02 - Episodio 2
El Inocente S01E03 - Episodio 3
El Inocente S01E04 - Episodio 4
El Inocente S01E05 - Episodio 5
El Inocente S01E06 - Episodio 6
El Inocente S01E07 - Episodio 7
El Inocente S01E08 - Episodio 8
Invincible S01E08 - Where I Really Come From - Serie renovada
Manifest S03E05 - Water Landing
Manifest S03E06 - Graveyard Spiral
The Mosquito Coast S01E01 - Light Out
The Mosquito Coast S01E02 - foxes and coyotes

Sábado 1

The Blacklist S08E15 - The Russian Knot

Domingo 2

Final Space S03E07 - The Chamber of Doubt


El viernes 30 estrenan esto.

7 días después

Lunes 3

City on a Hill S02E06 - Don't Go Sayin Last Words
DC's Legends of Tomorrow S06E01 - Ground Control to Sara Lance
Fear The Walking Dead S06E11 - The Holding
Godfather of Harlem S02E03 - The Fruit Stand Riot
Mare of Easttown S01E03 - Enter Number Two
The Girlfriend Experience S03E01 - Mirrors
The Girlfriend Experience S03E02 - Everyone's Got a Price
The Nevers S01E04 - Undertaking
The Rookie S03E12 - Brave Heart

Martes 4

Debris S01E10 - I Am Icarus
The Bad Batch S01E01 - Aftermath

Miércoles 5

Big Sky S01E14 - Nice Animals
Mayans MC S03E09 - The House of Death Floats By
New Amsterdam S03E10 - Radical
Prodigal Son S02E11 - You Can Run...
Supergirl S06E06 - Prom Again! (2)
The Flash S07E08 - The People V. Killer Frost
The Handmaid's Tale S04E04 - Milk

Jueves 6

SEAL Team S04E13 - Do No Harm

Viernes 7

Grey's Anatomy S17E14 - Look Up Child
Jupiter's Legacy S01E01 - By Dawn's Early Light
Jupiter's Legacy S01E02 - Paper and Stone
Jupiter's Legacy S01E03 - Painting the Clouds With Sunshine
Jupiter's Legacy S01E04 - All the Devils Are Here
Jupiter's Legacy S01E05 - What's the Use?
Jupiter's Legacy S01E06 - Cover Her Face
Jupiter's Legacy S01E07 - Omnes Pro Uno
Jupiter's Legacy S01E08 - How It All Ends
Manifest S03E07 - Precious Cargo
Manifest S03E08 - Destination Unknown
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E01 - Titans Rift
Mythic Quest: Raven's Banquet S02E02 - Grouchy Goat
The Mosquito Coast S01E03 - Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

Sábado 8

The Blacklist S08E16 - Nicholas Obenrader

Domingo 9

Final Space S03E08 - Forgiveness


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